45 Times Kids Taught Us About Life With Their Wholesome Quotes

By Larissa C

If we had to list why children are so adorable, this article would be so long that one could turn into a full-length book. Maybe it’s their innocent take on the world or how pure they are overall, but kids are just too cute to be true sometimes. When you’re a parent, your child loves you with all their heart (and you love them right back). One of the things that make our hearts swell is when children say wholesome things that get you wondering how they even came up with it in the first place! Luckily for us, an NYC school teacher decided to create an Instagram page just to post quotes from her young students, who never fail to say the most incredible things ever. In case you feel like smiling today, you will certainly like this article. There is no way you’ll make it through it without grinning from ear to ear. We guarantee that your spirits will be lifted as you read these 45 hilariously wholesome and relatable quotes from children!

All quotes courtesy of @livefromsnacktime on Instagram.

Same, Bonnie, same!

You know those days when you just want to leave work and go back home so you can take a nice shower and sleep until the following day? Well, it looks like those days affect even the youngest of children!

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Look, Bonnie, don’t worry — we feel you, girl! When we, adults, have “too much day,” we also feel like crying. Unfortunately, we don’t always have that luxury, or people would start asking us all kinds of questions we don’t need to deal with.

That’s the best idea ever!

Sometimes, we just want to keep to ourselves and ignore everyone around us. It is not wrong to want to have some time to yourself, so don’t feel bad if you feel like this. Children certainly are unapologetic about it!

Image courtesy of livefromsnacktime/Instagram

This 5-year-old kid already understands the ways of the world better than lots of adults. Oh, if only we could tell our boss and co-workers that we are allergic to people so that everyone would leave us alone for a day!

I want to have fun too!

It is not a secret that one of the worst parts of being an adult is that we have lots of responsibilities and we need a job to have a good life. It’s no wonder that children don’t want to grow up!

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Why would anyone actively choose to grow up and work, consequently giving up on any available time to have fun? In our defense, adults do have some time for fun — but we’re usually too tired to do anything during that time!

Say it louder, queen!

What is the point of navigating through life if we are not looking gorgeous all of the time? You don’t even have to put on a lot of makeup or wear a fancy outfit to look fabulous — you just have to be confident in your own body!

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Do you know what the best way to help a human being feel confident is? It’s simple: you have to instill this sense of self-worth and confidence in someone from a very young age! Elli certainly knows that that’s true.

Snacks are life!

No matter how hard we try to follow a strict diet, it is tough to give up on snacks. Snacks give us energy; snacks provide us with life! They should be eaten in moderation, but Bridger is totally on-point with this great quote:

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Whatever you do, you should probably ask yourself if you really won’t need any snacks. You never know what life has in store for you, so maybe you should start following Bridger’s advice: always carry a snack, for you never know what may happen!

Those were my last two brain cells

If there is one thing that adults do all the time, that thing is thinking. We are always thinking about things — sometimes even overthinking them! Some days, we just want to chill and wear a sign that lets other people know that we’re closed for business (business meaning small talk)!

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As Bradley cleverly puts it, we could put up a closed sign on our foreheads to let other people know that we’ve already used our last two brain cells — and that we’re not taking any more questions for the day!

Friday should be a holiday

If we asked you to state the most beloved and awaited day of the week, we bet that you would probably say Friday. There is no other day that people look most forward to than the last day of the business week!

Image courtesy of livefromsnacktime/Instagram

Fridays are so beloved that they should certainly be considered holidays. Then, everyone would be able to get off work and school and have fun until Sunday evening. Until then, we’ll just keep on grinding and counting down the minutes until our Friday shift is over!

I’d rather be a different princess, please

Every little girl dreams of becoming a princess. Unfortunately, most of us are not royalty, so that princess dream remains a dream for the rest of our lives. But if we had to choose a Disney princess to be in real life, we would undoubtedly consider Lilly’s words.

Image courtesy of livefromsnacktime/Instagram

If you stop to think about it, Cinderella had one of the toughest upbringings of all princesses, so it’s not a surprise that Lilly doesn’t want to be this particular princess that has lots of housework to do — even though we’re pretty sure she was just being sassy here!

That’s just perfect

You know when people say that children are the future of our world? Well, after you read the following quote, you’ll realize that this statement is the real deal. Children are indeed the future of the planet, especially when they come up with things like this:

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Night pajamas and day pajamas? Sign us up! If we could, we would wear pajamas all day long and never worry about wearing formal clothes and heels. Maybe that’s why working from home wasn’t nearly as bad as we thought it would be — at least we could spend all day in PJs!

Act naturally!

There is no shame in admitting that, sometimes, we feel just like our high school selves. Remember when you were a teenager and life was easy and laid-back — until you developed a crush on someone from school and you’d turn into a pile of nerves whenever they were around?

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Well, turns out that when we have a crush as adults, things are the same. We don’t always know how to act naturally around them, and even if we did know how to act, we wouldn’t pull it off because we’re too nervous. All we want to do is scream and run away, just like this wise child!

I should be the one getting things today!

Celebrating our birthday is not just about commemorating another year of our lives — it is also about receiving gifts and other things from those who love us and want to celebrate us. Birthdays are mostly about presents and parties!

Image courtesy of livefromsnacktime/Instagram

Remember when you were a kid and your birthday happened to be on a school day so you would have a celebration in class with your friends? Those were the days! Though Colton is right — if it’s our birthday, other people should bring food to the celebration, not the birthday gal/guy!

That’s the way to go

Every year, the number of people getting married decreases. It’s not that people don’t believe in the institution of marriage any longer; it’s just that marriages (and long-term relationships, in general) require a lot of time and effort that lots of people don’t have.

Image courtesy of livefromsnacktime/Instagram

For some of us, growing old with our pets is the best outcome possible. Who needs a husband or a wife when you can adopt 100 hamsters, buy a vineyard in Italy, and live the rest of your life in pure bliss?

Sorry, could you repeat that?

Is there anything more embarrassing than not being able to listen to someone properly and asking them to repeat themselves multiple times? We have all been there, so don’t feel alone on this. Adults may not be bold enough to state that they didn’t get something, but children have no such restraint.

Image courtesy of livefromsnacktime/Instagram

It’s like when your teacher or professor asks you to read a text passage and then asks you to explain what you just read. If we were bold enough, we would just quote Max’s brutally honest words and say, “I read it, but I forgot to understand it!”

Show your mama some love!

No matter how old you are, you will always love your mother. We may be living miles away from our mothers, but they never leave our thoughts. Even if we don’t need their help with most things anymore, we’ll always need them.

Image courtesy of livefromsnacktime/Instagram

Ruby’s quote is so relatable and wholesome that it makes one’s heart melt right away. Once we start doing things ourselves, we don’t need their help that much anymore, but that doesn’t mean we love them any less! We can always use our moms!

It’s always time for cake

Who said that we couldn’t eat cake in the morning? Sure, there are healthier foods that we can eat for breakfast, but if there is a leftover cake in the fridge, it should be perfectly fine to eat it early in the morning. Right?

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If you have a leftover birthday cake in the fridge or maybe just a regular cake, don’t feel ashamed if you want to eat it for breakfast. As Caylee said, any cake can be considered a breakfast cake, as long as you eat it in the morning!

Let’s change the measurement system for this

While the United States uses the imperial measurement system, most other countries use the metric system. If you’re in the US, you’ll probably get confused by the units; if someone from the US is in your country, they’ll get confused by the units.

Image courtesy of livefromsnacktime/Instagram

To stop all the discussion regarding the different measurement systems, let’s just end both the imperial and the metric systems and use the quesadilla system instead. Does someone want to know how many miles you run a day? Just answer in quesadillas!

This one is for all the singles.

Finding someone to love is not an easy task, but it’s also not something to be sad about. Loving yourself and being self-sufficient are the two best things you can do! But if you still feel bad about being single, here’s some great advice:

Image courtesy of livefromsnacktime/Instagram

While it is okay to be single (yes, even if all your friends are settling down with their significant others), you should always keep an open mind. Feeling alone? Do as Alejandro says and find yourself a mop to dance with!

No time for real food today.

It’s funny to think how our entire lifestyle is affected by our eating habits. If you only eat junk food, it is safe to say that you will have to deal with the consequences sooner or later. But if you only healthy food, there are some days that we just want to indulge in some delicious snacks!

Image courtesy of livefromsnacktime/Instagram

Let’s be honest; Carter is representing all of us right now! Is it that wrong to want to ignore our diets just for a day so we can eat whatever we want? Surely, there must not be a problem with doing that.

Wait, that’s my idea of a perfect day!

As we become adults, we start losing interest in some things and gaining interest in some other peculiar things, such as grocery shopping. We are sure that you know exactly what we’re talking about. Maybe you’ll even relate to this next quote:

Image courtesy of livefromsnacktime/Instagram

It’s interesting to think that, when we were children, we were not so fond of going grocery shopping. And then we grow up and have the time of our lives shopping at Target. Just like this 5-year-old kid, we think spending three hours walking around a store makes for the perfect day!

This will hit you in the feels

Dogs are our best friends, and there is no arguing with that statement. We may have human friends who are always there for us, but nothing tops having a dog to support us through our most difficult moments and to rejoice with us in our happiest moments. 

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If we had to choose one adjective to describe dogs, we would use the word “perfect.” And that’s why it’s so hard to let go of them when the time comes. As Jude said, it really is dumb that dogs aren’t immortal — imagine how much better the world would be then!

Yep, we agree!

Without family, we are nothing. And we’re not even talking about the family you were born in — if you consider your friends to be your family, that’s okay too. We are sure that you agree with us that you’d be sad without them.

Image courtesy of livefromsnacktime/Instagram

There’s nothing better than having a loving family to share the good moments of your life and to support you through the bad stuff. Ben may only be six years old, but he already knows that families and tacos are the real deal!

Free hugs, anyone?

Do you enjoy physical contact? For lots of people, hugging or maybe just holding hands with someone is kind of uncomfortable. But for other people, especially children, there is nothing better than showing their affection and warmth through hugs!

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If you, like Astrid, have a lot of hugs in your body and want to get them out, we are sure that your significant other will be more than happy to be on the receiving end of those hugs. If you don’t have anyone, maybe offer free hugs in your neighborhood — we’re sure that you will make a lot of people’s days much better!

That’s some good logic.

Let’s be honest: nobody likes going to school. And even if you did, we are almost entirely sure that there were some days you wished you could stay home. Still, we have to encourage our kids to go to school and enjoy going to school.

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In case you’re having a hard getting your children to like school, maybe you could use this quote to motivate them. Tell them that they can use what they learn in school to argue and debate things with you. How fun!

Let’s read more often, everyone!

Books are the source of one of the world’s longest-lasting debates: should we read books or just watch movie adaptations? In some cases, the movies are better than the actual books — but, most of the time, the books are just way too good.

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Children sometimes spend too much time watching TV, and maybe you want to get your child into reading. In this case, you can try using this quote from Miguel and tell them that, when they read, they can create entire scenarios inside their heads!

Don’t we all?

Cheese is perfection (sorry for saying this, folks with lactose intolerance). Even if you don’t like a particular type of cheese, there are multiple other types for you to try, and we’re sure you’ll fall in love with at least a couple of them.

Images courtesy of livefromsnacktime/Instagram/christianpost.com

This anonymous quote perfectly sums up the way we feel about cheese. This food is just so good that we lose all common sense and control around it. The only difference here is that, as adults, we can’t exactly go crazy in public whenever we see cheese. Enjoy while you can, kids!

Well said!

One of the hardest parts about growing up is that we can no longer count on our parents to take care of us. We have to work in order to provide for ourselves, but we also need to keep ourselves fed, bathed, and healthy.

Image courtesy of livefromsnacktime/Instagram

Taking care of yourself is not an easy task, but maybe we should try taking a more positive outlook. Instead of complaining about adulting, just look at it as a part-time babysitting job. Your reward for babysitting yourself is that you’ll live a long, happy life!

Wait, that’s not how this works…

If you have kids or if your siblings or friends have kids, you know very well how some children are a bit too energetic. Parents often have to spend the entire day running around, making sure they don’t do anything potentially dangerous.

Image courtesy of livefromsnacktime/Instagram

Adults know that children are a handful, but it seems like children themselves are aware of this fact as well. Or Lillian seems to know that, at least. She just wants to be a grandma (grandmas have fewer responsibilities, in her opinion).

You’re not alone, Clarissa!

Do you know those days that you feel irritated by everything and anything? And the worst part is that sometimes we don’t even know why we are stressed out in the first place! If you’ve ever felt like, that you’ll certainly relate to this next quote:

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Imagine this: you feel stressed out, and you lash out at someone close to you, and they ask, “what is your deal?” Instead of getting even angrier, you could try reenacting this quote by Clarissa and tell them that you do have a deal, but you can’t quite pinpoint it.

And that’s enough!

If you are trying to lose some weight to show off your body next summer, you are probably following some type of diet. Most diets include eating salad and other healthy food, but nobody ever said it was easy following them!

Image courtesy of livefromsnacktime/Instagram

Young children are the only ones who can get away with eating salad and nachos. If we could, we would be just like Cooper and only salad once in a lifetime — and only if a delicious main dish accompanied it!

Ruby gets us!

When we’re young, we basically have no worries. When we were six years old, the biggest concern of our life was whether we’d get our homework finished in time to catch our favorite cartoon on TV. And that’s why this following quote is hilarious:

Images courtesy of livefromsnacktime/Instagram and footfiles.com

What could Ruby possibly be going through that she oh, so urgently needs a bubble bath? Regardless of her reasons, we sure relate to this quote. There’s nothing we would love more than to come home after a long day’s work and go straight into the bathtub!

What a small world!

Children are the cutest, and there is no arguing with that. Sure, they may get on our nerves sometimes (and there is absolutely no problem in admitting that), but that doesn’t mean that we think they are any less adorable.

Image courtesy of livefromsnacktime/Instagram

When we read things like this, our affection for children grows exponentially! Robyn is an innocent four-year-old child, and the fact that she is just realizing that her aunt is her mother’s sister is fascinating to her. So darn cute!

We wish we could be like that.

If you stop to think about it, adults seem only to have two different moods: neutral and angry. Maybe it’s our daily routine and job that makes us feel that way, but we sure would love to throw in at least a positive mood here and there.

Image courtesy of livefromsnacktime/Instagram

And yes, we see that he kept the “angry” mood there, but what can a 4-year-old possibly be angry at? At least his other three moods are positive. Imagine how much better the world would be if everyone were like Ezekiel!

Mom, I hear you!

If you have children, you know how hard it is to do the simplest things when your kids are around. It’s hard to keep the house clean, it’s hard to cook meals without interruptions, and it’s hard to work (from home). 

Image courtesy of livefromsnacktime/Instagram

But do you know what is the hardest thing when you have children? You have to share your precious snacks with them! We’re not talking about sharing once or twice — but every single time you. No wonder Gracie’s mom waits until the girl has gone to bed before she gets her snacks out of their hiding spot!

I mean, you don’t have to wait until then, sweetie!

Kids are so adorable and pure that we can only wish that they would stay like that forever. Lots of people become bitter as they start growing up, while children are always pure and content. They have different concerns, like Kai:

Image courtesy of livefromsnacktime/Instagram

Instead of worrying about paying the upcoming bills, Kai is more concerned with which types of nuts she will carry in her bag. Cashews are a great choice — but we would also recommend bringing some peanuts. Though, we hope Kai knows that he doesn’t have to wait until she’s 18 to carry snacks in her bag!

She knows what’s good!

Gone are the days when people would marry out of duty. But the days that people would only have relationships with people they found physically attractive are also going away. These days, people also look at other factors, like humor.

Image courtesy of livefromsnacktime/Instagram and fizkes/Shutterstock

What is the point of getting married to a beautiful person who doesn’t make you laugh? Addison may only be a child, but she already knows that funny guys are the best. If you don’t agree with us, just take a look at Pete Davidson and all the girls he’s been dating!

So do we, Elena!

If you are single, then you would certainly relate to this next quote. Dating has been made much less complicated with the creation of apps like Tinder, but that doesn’t really mean that finding The One has gotten any easier.

Image courtesy of livefromsnacktime/Instagram

Sure, you can text five different people at the same time on dating apps, but does that mean that any of them will give you butterflies? Not at all. And it doesn’t mean that they’ll take you on the perfect date either — especially if you want a “real” date like our friend Elena!

You tell them, Elin!

We’ve been talking about diets and losing some weight, but we have also been trying to make sure you know that eating snacks once in a while is okay. And it’s safe to say that you are allowed to eat whatever you want on your birthday!

Image courtesy of livefromsnacktime/Instagram

If you don’t have children, you probably think that kids aren’t that smart. But parents know very well how children are brilliant from a very young age. We mean, look at what Elin said! Salads are not meant for birthdays, so keep Elin’s words in mind!

We’ll be following this advice

If you are having a stressful day or maybe even a stressful week, this article is likely making you feel better. Children’s innocence never fails to make us have more faith in humanity, after all. But if you’re still not feeling lighter, here’s an idea:

Image courtesy of livefromsnacktime/Instagram

Vince sneaks chocolate into his bed and feels much happier, and so should you. Not just because it is scientifically proven that chocolate has the chemicals to make us feel better — but also because eating chocolate before bed will make you feel giddy like a child all over again!

Where do we sign up for this?

One of the hardest questions we have to answer when we are younger is, “what do you want to be when you grow up?” We are confident that most people don’t have everything planned out until much later — sometimes your whole life changes after you’ve graduated college!

Image courtesy of livefromsnacktime/Instagram

Though this question doesn’t sound as threatening when we are only three years old. Children around that age want to be everything and anything — astronauts, doctors, ballerinas, and even fruit! Annagrace wants to be an avocado, but we would have liked to be a watermelon. What about you?

At least you’re honest about it!

It’s funny to think that children feel frustrated and stressed out just like adults do. They have no responsibilities (other than doing their homework and keeping their bedrooms organized), so what exactly makes these children so grumpy? Probabaly because they have the same feelings we do.

Images courtesy of livefromsnacktime/Instagram/cnn.com

Well, we are sure that, even if you ask a kid, they won’t be able to give you an answer. Sometimes, children themselves don’t know why they’re stressed. But at least children are honest about their moods, unlike adults, who love bottling their feelings!

Best idea ever!

If you stop to listen to a child for about five minutes, you will see that they are smart beyond their years. While we’re not saying that every child is a prodigy, we are saying that they often have the best ideas.

Image courtesy of livefromsnacktime/Instagram

Nolan, for instance, just gave us the best idea ever. To have an eating party in bed? That’s just marvelous! Though we are certain that having chip crumbs on the bed before going to sleep is not ideal, we’re still down to try it!

Listen to your kid, Daddy!

Not everyone wants to have children, and that’s fine. Women don’t have to be mothers — unless they want to. If you do want to have your own kids someday, always keep in mind that you need to take some time to play with them.

Image courtesy of livefromsnacktime/Instagram

As much as we love our kids, it’s hard to find the time to play with them. Even when we’re not working, we’re usually too tired to have the energy to run around and play. Thankfully, children can be very understanding, like Noah. Maybe it’s good to listen to them sometimes!

That is the life!

Have you ever wondered what your life would be like if you didn’t have to work? And we are not talking about imagining being a billionaire. We are talking about being an animal (like a dog or a cat) and not having to work.

Image courtesy of livefromsnacktime/Instagram

Well, we sure hope we reincarnate as a dog in the next life — preferably a dog that belongs to Paris Hilton or something like that. The kid who said the sentence above wanted to be a pillow, but if you stop to think about it, pillows have to support a lot of weight, so maybe that’s not the best idea!

Hey, you’re right

If you repeat a word half a dozen times, you’ll see that it’ll start to sound weird. Even your name will sound weird if you keep repeating it! But do you know what a weird word that we don’t talk about nearly enough is? Earth.

Image courtesy of livefromsnacktime/Instagram

Who in the world came up with that word? We are pretty sure that they could have invented a word that was easier to pronounce. Earth sounds like someone just put a bunch of random letters together and decided it was good enough.

Just a little drama to spice up our days

Let’s be honest: we all love drama. If we didn’t, there wouldn’t be so many reality shows. Well, the truth is that we love drama only when it doesn’t revolve around us. When we’re in the middle of it, it does not feel good.

Images courtesy of livefromsnacktime/Instagram/oprahdaily.com

This kid may only be seven years old, but it is clear that they already know that a bit of drama is a perfect ingredient for a good day. It gives you something to talk about with friends and colleagues, but it doesn’t give you a headache. Perfect, right?!