Kindness at Work: Examples of Compassionate Leaders

By Jana I

Working means showing up at the workplace on the days you are expected to and always being on time. It also means dealing with colleagues and your boss. The latter is easier said than done because not all managers are a pleasure to work with. Some are slave drivers who delight in being a nightmare to their employees. We’re happy to tell you that the prevalence of poor bosses is relatively low. Plenty of wonderful people are admirable leaders, concerned with their employee’s welfare and always going above and beyond to ensure their staff feels valued and appreciated. Scroll below to explore some remarkable instances of exceptional bosses, as recounted by contented employees from various corners of the internet. These stories highlight the bright side of leadership and show that there’s no need for unkindness to run a successful company.

Christmas Thank-You Card

In the spirit of the holiday season, a boss spreads warmth and gratitude by purchasing a stunning Christmas thank-you card for their dedicated employees. The card, adorned with festive designs and heartfelt words, conveyed the boss’s appreciation for their hard work.

Image Courtesy of CptnSmash / Reddit

It served as a touching reminder of each team member’s value to the company, fostering a sense of camaraderie and goodwill. Such thoughtful gestures go a long way in creating a positive, uplifting work environment. This makes the office a place people look forward to spending time in.

A Very Open Approach

An inspiring poster gracing the office walls celebrates the employees while also serving as a protective emblem of their well-being. The poster, adorned with an uplifting message, recognizes the hard work and dedication of the team. Surely, the staff feels great knowing the company has their back.

Image Courtesy of Mimis Page / Facebook

It’s a visual reminder of the company’s commitment to its employees, promoting a safe and nurturing environment. This motivates and boosts morale and also signifies that the workplace prioritizes the welfare and success of its staff. Customers deserve respect, but so do the staff. If you think you can do better, you’re welcome to apply.

Boss That Appreciates Hard Work, and Actually Rewards It!

In a gesture of immense gratitude and recognition, a generous boss awarded an employee with a bonus for their commitment to working during Christmas. This act of appreciation not only acknowledged the sacrifices made but also celebrated the employee’s dedication. A thank you is always welcome, but cash goes a long way for folks who earn only the minimum.

Image Courtesy of MadeMeSmile / Reddit

The bonus was a tangible expression of the company’s commitment to valuing and rewarding its hardworking team members. We’re sure this made the staff’s holidays brighter. A simple thank you warms the heart, but monetary rewards go a long way, especially for workers who earn only the minimum.

Manager Of the Year!

Emergency sweets! This should be a requirement in all offices. Heaven knows this won’t go to waste because we can think of many occasions when a packet of sweets can do so much to uplift a staff’s mood and make them feel better. Bless the heart of the considerate manager who came up with these.

Image Courtesy of ByroniustheGreat / Reddit

An office should not be a place where people get stressed about deadlines and perform tasks. It should also be a place where everyone looks out for one another and ensures their peers are doing fine. Even something as small as chocolate or candy can make a person smile and feel better.

A Boss That Understands

A truly exceptional boss recognizes the importance of downtime and celebrates their employees’ free days and long weekends. We are sure millions of employees worldwide wish they had a boss who understands the significance of work-life balance and encourages their team to enjoy well-deserved breaks.

Image Courtesy of _Mikey_Boy_ / Reddit

The boss reinforces their commitment to employee well-being and happiness by valuing personal time and relaxation. Such celebrations of free days and long weekends will give the staff the time they need to recharge so they can return to work energized and motivated! They’ll be able to achieve more when they’re well-rested.

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