Stop And Smell The Roses!: 40 People That Found Easter Eggs In Their Daily Routines

By Daniella C

Throughout the day, we usually follow a script of what to do: wake up, get ready, go to work, have lunch, work some more, come home, maybe go to the gym or watch tv, have dinner and go to sleep. But is it possible to find fun in a hopeless place? Sometimes our days are busy and stressful, and all we want is to reach the end goal: comfortable in our bed at the end of the day. Still, if we stop to try and see the small details in things — like an act of kindness from a co-worker or a beautiful landscape that’s always been around and we never realized —maybe we will find something that makes us smile and improves our day. Unexpectedly finding an Easter egg may sound silly, but it’s fun to be surprised and caught off-guard now and again. Maybe this article will inspire you to wake up and smell the flowers!

Pancake batter.

Pancakes are one of the most traditional American breakfast foods. We have lovely memories from our childhood of waking up early on a Sunday morning and making them with our siblings. And even though we always eat pancakes, sometimes we miss something:

Image courtesy of Pinterest

This mother used to make pancakes every day for her children and always bought the same mix. And then one day, by chance, because of the lighting, she discovered this unusual design of a house with a garden hidden in the package.

World map.

Imagine a situation where you have nothing to do and decide to go for a walk. However, while you’re on this walk, you notice many things you have not seen before. That is what happened to this boy, who started noticing every detail of his daily life, and the result was frightening:

Image courtesy of

We are used to seeing maps in geography and history classes, but not in the middle of the street. We don’t know if this was the work of time and deterioration or if some artist took their time to make this. What we do know is that it turned out remarkable!

Hello, kittens!

Managing a business is one of the most challenging tasks there is. You have to solve everything, no matter how many employees issues you have. Owners even have to work in maintenance when something breaks, and there’s no one else to fix it:

Image courtesy of TheOriginalFluff

Upon seeing that someone broke the underside of the shelf, the owner of this pet shop had a brilliant idea to fix it. He decided to put a picture of Jerry to scare his customers’ cats. Whether it worked or not, we have no idea — but no one can deny his excellent sense of humor.

Moms know everything!

Let’s face it, we rarely read the instructions manual when we get new items. Whether it is an appliance or even an IKEA manual, there is never enough time to go through the manual extensively. But no matter what it is, our mother always knows the right way to use it. With that in mind, this brand had a brilliant idea to show their appreciation for mothers:

Image courtesy of Reddit/IRLEasterEggs

This is undoubtedly the most honest marketing strategy of all. It doesn’t matter if we know how to do something or not; our mother knows how to do it better than we do. We’re pretty sure the person who came up with this genius idea was a woman and, above all, a mother.

Blood test.

When we were children or teenagers about to start the new school year, we always wanted the best stationery items. We want the best pencils, erasers, notebooks, and more. That’s mainly because there’s a silent competition between the students to see who has the coolest pencils.

Image courtesy of Reddit/Pinterest

This pen has undoubtedly raised the bar when it comes to creativity. Without context, we would never guess that this is a pen and would be confused if we saw someone with one. Heck, even as adults, we still want this pen!

A rose or chocolate?

When a company launches a product, even if it is not new to the market, the marketing team is what really drives it home. To promote its latest release, this brand decided to focus on the design of its chocolate.

Image courtesy of JayOhEe91

Cadbury launched their newest product in the shape of a rose. To honor the brand’s logo, they put the “C” in the center of the rose on the box and the chocolate itself. We must confess that we would never have noticed this. It was undoubtedly well-thought-out work.

Hidden beauty.

A neon light lightbulb is something that almost no one has at home, but it has some interesting functions, such as decorating parties and game rooms. So, in case you have one at home, and you’re not using it, please start lighting random things with it to see the result.

Image courtesy of L1l_Debby

This person lit up their passport, and the result was incredible. The document, which already had a beautiful design, gained new elements because of the neon light, like fireworks, the sun, a compass, and the drawings at the bottom of the pages.

A night of rock ‘n roll.

We all dream of visiting somewhere, whether it’s a beach, an amusement park, or even a specific hotel. This couple, for example, really wanted to stay in one of the hotels of the famous Hard Rock Cafe restaurant chain. After they spent a while saving money, their dream came true.

Image courtesy of Jorger707

The experience was certainly worth every penny. Everything in the hotel was reminiscent of rock ‘n roll, from the wallpaper to the bed covers. Though the bedsheets look like a simple white pattern, whoever created it was thoughtful to add the guitars.

Thinking about the future.

Most of us have seen one of the movies distributed by 20th Century Fox Studios. Their logo is a giant number 20 on top of “Century Fox.” Both are colored in a shade of gold, and they appear at the beginning of every movie they produce. But, if necessary, it is possible to make changes, right?

Image courtesy of

It is always possible to adapt that famous logo when the film asks for it, as was done for the Futurama franchise. They decided to change the logo from 20th Century to 30th Century, in reference to the name and time the show is set: the future.

This is for good luck.

Luck is something most of us definitely don’t have, so we don’t even expect to find a single coin on the floor or win any prizes in the games that happen at family gatherings. But this next person was certainly the luckiest of all.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

She managed to find the one pebble with the Nike symbol among thousands of rocks. But the question is: was this the work of time and nature, or was it someone who decided to spend their time painting the stone? Honestly, we don’t know the answer, but we hope this person keeps the pebble to symbolize their good luck.

A different kind of homage.

When someone we admire passes away, the feeling is awful. If it’s a singer, an actor, or some famous person, we at least get to share our pain and talk about it with other fans. And sometimes, we can even plan to honor the person who passed away with various tributes, like sending flowers to the place where the person lived or their grave.

Image courtesy of JonSolo1

But this beer brand found a much “happier” way to honor guitarist Eddie Van Halen, co-founder of the band Van Halen. They wrote on the bottom of the tin, “Rest in Power, Eddie.” Now, when any fan drinks the beer, they will be able to remember the beloved guitarist.

Studying for the test.

Most students hate taking exams, especially considering that an exam is a paper that will determine how your school life will be for that semester. The biggest problem with tests is when the content is pervasive, and we must memorize several essential points. With that in mind, this girl created a curious way of studying for an upcoming test:

Image courtesy of

She figured that the best way to study would be to write down the main topics on paper so she could read every night until she memorized them. But what she didn’t realize was the amount of information that could fit in one piece of paper.

A shot from the back.

Have you ever seen a sphinx? These creatures are present in different mythologies, and they’re described differently every time. In Egyptian mythology, a sphinx has a human head and a lion’s body. But have you ever wondered what a sphinx would look like from the back?

Image courtesy of

Whoever built this tried to be as faithful as possible to what they were reproducing, despite the limited architecture of the time. But not only that: they also added details that most people don’t notice, like the spine, the tail, and even the lion’s paws.

It’s lunchtime.

Cooking is an art that not everyone masters – and we include ourselves in that group. Usually, when “newbies” attempt to cook, we try to use partially-ready products while using the same seasoning on different foods. However, unlike us, this next girl feels very comfortable in the kitchen:

Image courtesy of

For her, none of her meals can miss an essential vegetable: pepper. But she was pretty surprised to find a bird in her pepper, especially because she uses this ingredient almost every day and had never noticed anything like it before. It certainly made her day and made the food much more enjoyable!

Lost and found.

Going to the market is a difficult task for a lot of people. You have to come up with a shopping list, look for products through the aisles and shelves, and at the end of the trip, it’s not rare to realize that we missed something. And let’s not talk about those times when the product is costly in a particular grocery store, and we need to go to another one to get the best price.

Image courtesy of JonSnowRocks1987/Reddit

But, there are things other than products that we may not find — or rather, miss! Like our husbands or wives. To help its customers, this grocery store had the brilliant idea of creating a “lost and found” for spouses. If you lose your partner, just go to the meeting point made by the establishment.

A piece of art.

We usually don’t notice things much when we are wandering, especially when we are on vacation. We are so amazed by everything around us and so concerned with taking pictures and memorizing every detail that we miss some very peculiar sightings:

Image courtesy of Paedino

This person was wandering around Pompeii when he noticed that there was an odd shape on the floor. Is the natural erosion of rock responsible for this…key? Or did someone honestly ruin a famous city for their own Freudian pleasure?

How to concentrate.

When we go to the bathroom, many tend to take our phones with us. This way, we can distract ourselves by playing a game, texting someone, or watching a video. And if you’re like this, you probably feel empty when you forget to take your phone to the bathroom.

Image courtesy of toothie23

This boy forgot his phone, so he started observing more things around him. To his surprise, he found something interesting where he least expected it: in the vent. It must’ve taken significant concentration and time for him to see Pac-Mac and the little ghosts.

A new dress.

Fashion is a tricky subject. Sometimes we like a piece of clothing, but the price is too high, so we can’t afford it. Or sometimes we can’t find a particular item in our size. So, when we finally manage to find clothes that fit our budget, taste, and measurements, it is almost a crime not to buy them.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

This girl managed to buy a dress that fit her perfectly and wanted to share how good it turned out with her friends. But when she tried to take a picture and send it to them, the result was not what she expected. While her friends didn’t notice how good she looked in it, they certainly noticed how the colors of the dress created an optical illusion.

The bar at the bar.

Usually, when “regular people” become the owners of something, they are very proud of themselves. It doesn’t matter if the newest acquisition is a car, a house, or a business. What matters is that they raised the money and never gave up until achieving their dream goal.

Image courtesy of turocedo

After several years of saving money, this man managed to open his own business: a bar. He was so happy with his achievement that he went ahead and paid an artist to create a miniature version of his bar so he could put it on display!

Useless help.

Street signs are beneficial, especially the ones that help us get to our destination places. And let’s be honest, we’d be nowhere without those signs. Can you imagine being lost, without access to the internet, no battery or no cell phone, and not having street signs to guide you either?

Image courtesy of BasterMaters

This sign was merely a confirmation that you arrived at the correct location. The designer, however, took it to another level by creating a post that was best seen through the reflection of the pond. No, it is not backward. We know what you did there!

Let’s take a picture.

Taking pictures is complicated — we may spend hours just to get ready for the photo and a few more just to find the perfect pose or the ideal angle. When somebody takes a candid photo of us, and it turns out really good, it’s a huge relief because it means we have something good to post. But this girl certainly can’t say the same thing:

Image courtesy of

She was certainly very unlucky to have fallen down the stairs in the middle of a costume party. But it’s even worse that she fell right when this couple took a photo. On the other hand, the photographer was quite lucky to capture this hilarious moment!

Wrong side!

Shopping is not easy, especially when we are the ones who need to bag the groceries. It’s pretty tiring to do that after walking all over the grocery store and spending hours looking for the products we need. And if you had to open one of those grocery store plastic bags, you know how hard it can be.

Image courtesy of scam_radio/Reddit

This store decided to help its customers and came up with the impressive idea of adding a message at the bottom of the bag. The tone of the message may not be necessarily friendly, but this kind of humor is quite hilarious.

Let’s shine!

Who doesn’t love shopping for clothes? We certainly do. But can you imagine buying an outfit that you think is just another regular outfit and then discovering that it is unlike anything you’ve bought before? This man certainly had the best of surprises when he found the ulterior appearance of his newest acquisition:

Image courtesy of

He just wanted a raincoat, so he decided to buy this set online. Much to his delight, it was much more than just protection from the rain. It served as a “signal” for traffic! So, when he needs to ride a motorcycle, bicycle, or even just walk at night, cars and other passersby will certainly not miss him!

Ireland rocks!

Each country has its specific passport, and it is fascinating to see the different designs that exist. While there are specific requirements that all passports must follow, every country can design and create interesting formats outside of those requirements.

Image courtesy of Keithd102/Reddit

Some passports are more patriotic than others, like Ireland’s, for example. In this passport, even the most minor details represent the country’s flag, like the string that holds the sheets together. This is undoubtedly an intricate and well-thought-out detail.

A secret room?

Depending on where you live, it’s not unusual for houses to have a basement or an attic. For some people, the basement is not just a place where they can store items that they’re not going to use anymore. If you have the money, you can turn it into something extraordinary!

Image courtesy of

This basement, for instance, has been turned into a fantastic thing that surpasses all expectations. It goes far beyond its original role: it is a secret passage too! The whole thing is well hidden that we wouldn’t have noticed that the stairs doubled as a passageway to the basement without context to this image.

A trip to the ocean.

Many people consider the airport one of their favorite places — both because of the beauty of the place itself and the energy that the environment carries. That’s because it is a space filled with emotions, where many people come and go and where there are many meetings and farewells. But above all, when we think of an airport, we think of our luggage.

Image courtesy of FaxCelestis

The Seattle Airport decided to honor all the people who run through its corridors every day in fear of missing their flights. They had an artist create small fish carrying suitcases and scatter them on the airport floor. This way, maybe people won’t get lost or have some fun while rushing to hop on their flight!

A surprise package.

When we buy a delicate product online, we usually receive a package with protection, such as bubble wrap, cardboard, or even newspaper. But now imagine that you sell a fragile product and run out of material to ship the goods — what would you do?

Image courtesy of

This salesman had a brilliant idea: he used peanuts. We have no idea if it was out of necessity or by choice, but it certainly had the same effect. The product arrived at its final destination in one piece. On top of that, the customer got peanuts as a bonus!

A secret QR code.

Let’s think of a product that we always buy but never notice anything different. If there were anything distinguishable about this product, you would never realize it. Thinking of that, Johnson & Johnson decided to hide a QR Code on their product, which is only possible to see under a black light:

Image courtesy of Pinterest

The best part is that the QR Code takes you to a website where you can buy the product online, which is certainly clever. We’re just curious to know why the brand decided to hide this QR code, particularly if it would help customers spend more money to buy their products online!

Panoramic view from my apartment.

Paris is a beautiful city — and even if you haven’t been there, we are sure that you feel very positive about this city. Despite having several incredible places to visit, like the Louvre Museum, Notre Dame, and even a Disney park, the city’s highlight is the Eiffel Tower. But did you know that there’s an apartment at the top of the tower?

Image courtesy of

Don’t worry — neither you nor most Parisians know about this. And that’s because this fact was not supposed to be known by the public. Gustave Eiffel, who is the genius behind both the Tower and the apartment, did this so that he could have some privacy while admiring his most incredible creation.

Round Two!

Nowadays, it’s not unusual for people to feel anxious or to have nervous ticks. Life has been pretty chaotic for the past few years, and it doesn’t seem like it will slow down anytime soon. Luckily, we have different ways to try and relax, and this brand decided to create a design that touches upon this topic:

Image courtesy of Pinterest

In addition to the label already on the can, they decided to put a second one underneath that you reach after scratching off the label. The bottom label has a message for all the people feeling anxious — though we’re not sure how effective soda is in this case.

How may I help you?

If you’ve ever gone shopping, which you certainly have, you know how salespeople come up to you and offer help. This is not helpful for some people, for they feel uncomfortable under the pressure of telling the salesperson that they’re good and don’t need assistance.

Image courtesy of Chhathedral/Reddit

With that in mind, this store decided to pull customers out of their misery and created two types of shopping baskets. If you grab the black one, the salespeople won’t approach you, for the color means you’re good. If you take the pink one, they’ll understand that it’s okay for them to come up to you and offer help!

The beautiful sunset.

Who doesn’t love to watch the sunset? Maybe it’s because it is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful moments of the day. When people travel, it’s not unusual for them to look for places with a panoramic view so that they can admire this beautiful moment. And this couple was not any different:

Image courtesy of Pinterest

They were fortunate enough to witness one of these moments during their vacation. However, to their great surprise, the sunset turned out to be a little different than expected. The sun looked like a giant cat head, or was it being blocked by something somehow?

The best of all.

Having a post office in town is extremely necessary. When we want to send a package to some distant place and be reassured that it will arrive at its destination, we rely on the services from the local post office. But what do you do when there are different post offices in your city?

Image courtesy of

This brand decided to improve its services to attract potential customers, and it started with the logo. While it may look just like another logo, you’ll notice how there’s an arrow hiding in there if you’re attentive enough. Did you find it? If not, look at the letters E and X, and you’ll see it!

Do you see what I see?

Vases are essential for any decoration, whether indoors or outdoors. Even if the artifact itself serves as an ornament, regardless of whether it has a plant inside of it or not. The best part is when in addition to the vases presenting their natural beauty, they also have some hidden messages, like the ones below:

Image courtesy of

If we look closely at the spaces between the vases, it is possible to see that they all create the shape of women looking at each other. Also, anyone looking at them might think they were carved in the form of chess pieces, which is not true. They are both optical illusions that were made on purpose.

The multiverse of video game joysticks.

Camouflage has a clear objective: to help a person or a thing blend in with the background. And that is precisely why the military wears clothes with these prints. But the military is not the only one using camouflage. These days, anything can have a camouflage design, from regular clothes to video game controllers.

Image courtesy of Pine_Apple_Boat/Reddit

When this person bought a controller for their video game, they chose one that had camouflage. Because he was attentive, this guy noticed how there were miniature versions of his Dualshock controller hiding in the guise! One thing is for sure: this person has a good eye for detail.

Well, you’re lucky.

Companies often use different marketing strategies to attract new customers and boost sales. Nowadays, if a product goes viral, the company behind the product is certainly going to increase its profits. With that in mind, this company decided to take a suggestive yet funny approach:

Image courtesy of Pinterest

You can bet that the second this person saw the “lucky you” hiding over there, they took a picture and posted it online. And that’s exactly what this brand wanted when they decided to put that phrase in that specific location. We have to say: they did a great job with the wordplay!

Marge, is that you?

As children, we’ve all spent hours watching cartoons that we liked. And when we love something, we don’t forget it even as the years go by and we become adults. If you’ve watched The Simpsons, you’ll immediately think of someone when you see this pole:

Image courtesy of akumamustdie/Reddit

How this plant grew on that pole reminds us of Marge Simpson’s hair. And someone probably felt the same way, considering that they took the time to leave, print her face, come back and hang it on that spot. Now, another artist has to stop by and put her dress in there as well!

That’s so interesting!

Humans can be extremely unlucky, as we all know. But we don’t ever stop to think that animals can be quite unlucky as well. This little animal had the misfortune of being in the wrong place at the wrong time when this toilet paper was being manufactured.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

It’s kind of sad that this bee ended up being pressed into the toilet paper during its manufacture. But it’s pretty awkward to think that the people responsible for quality checks didn’t notice this! Imagine how surprised the person who took this photo must have been!

Let’s fly!

It is not unusual for adults to feel bored from time to time, especially when it’s the weekend, and we have nothing to do. And when we’re bored, most of us tend to grab the nearest object and start playing with it.

Image courtesy of Reddit_banter

With that in mind, this company printed instructions on making a paper airplane with the letter inside of the envelope. This will undoubtedly make life easier for the bored people who don’t know how to make one decently! We don’t need bills, airplanes are the way of the future!

This is really creative.

If you are the kind of person who tends to walk around distractedly, you may miss lots of things. And that’s especially true if you live in a city like New York, for instance. There is so much that goes on in the streets of the Big Apple that you should pay attention to.

Image courtesy of 3erqfr/Reddit

If you don’t, you might miss the opportunity to see things like this. When an artist saw that there was an old street post bent this way, they decided to grab two miniature figures and glue them against the damaged post. In case you don’t understand what they did, that’s Ant-Man, a Marvel superhero that is as tiny as an ant. Now you get the gist, right?