Bizarre Bowls: 30+ Wacky And Wild Toilets That Defy Logic

By Ayomitide F February 8, 2024

Toilets! Now, we choose to ignore them or don’t talk about them that often. But the thing is, toilets deserve more props than they get. We head there multiple times a day for a combination of reasons: dealing with nature’s calls, scrolling endlessly on our phones, maybe flipping through a magazine, getting away from our nagging wives and girlfriends, or even brainstorming the next big idea. After all, great thoughts don’t just happen in showers.

Funny enough, you might even read this while chilling on your porcelain throne. Studies say we’ll spend around six months over our lifetime seated on our trusty toilets. Now that’s just wild, isn’t it? If you want to see more bizarre stuff, chill with us as we go through these wacky toilets with threatening auras.

Taco Bell!

Oh man, a Taco Bell-themed toilet? Now, that’s a spicy twist on bathroom decor. Imagine walking into a restroom and stepping into a Taco Bell wonderland – the ultimate homage to late-night munchies. It’s like the lost city of El Dorado but for fast-food enthusiasts.

Alex Pappas/Facebook

Let’s just say this particular one belongs to the one and only Emperor of Crunchwrap Supremes. All hail, the supreme porcelain throne! You gotta wonder what else is in store: “Does it play ‘Livin’ Más’ anthems when you flush?” or “What if it dispenses hot sauce packets instead of toilet paper?”

The Horror

This one takes the crown for the most bizarre bathroom setup ever – a crochet-themed bathroom. We’re talking about everything from a crocheted toilet seat cover to a crocheted rug that looks like it’s seen better days. It looks like a yarn store exploded in there.


Just look at that toilet seat cover, man. It’s like sitting on a fluffy, pastel cloud. And don’t get us started on the tank cover. It’s like a sweater for the toilet! What else is in there? A crocheted soap dispenser? That’s what you get when grandma gives your bathroom a makeover.


Would you ever want to visit a toilet-themed playground? Certainly, a concept you don’t hear every day. Anyways, welcome to the land of toilet-shaped swings and slides that empty into the toilet bowl. This is just insane. If somebody told us a decade ago that this would happen, we wouldn’t have believed them.

Dave Saliscente/Facebook

Wait till you see the urinal climbing wall next door. Of course, for hygiene, let’s hope they don’t mix the real toilets with the play toilets. We wouldn’t want any ‘accidents.’ Do you want to guess what the playground is called? Potty Park!


Someone included everyone from men, women, and folks with disabilities to aliens in a hand-washing reminder. That’s one small step for hygiene, one giant leap for intergalactic inclusivity. And if, sometime in the future, aliens come to Earth, they’ll blend in nicely. Genius!

Cat Crystyl/Facebook

You can almost picture it: a little green guy floating in, giving a respectful nod to the sign, and scrubbing those extraterrestrial fingers. Maybe he’s even humming a tune from his home galaxy while he’s at it. The future is here, people!

A Cushion?

So, let’s paint this picture: you’re at a friend’s house, maybe it’s a party, a dinner, or just hanging out. Nature calls, and you excuse yourself to the restroom. You expect the usual – some towels, maybe a quirky bath mat, the standard toiletry fare. 

Forest Trees/Facebook

But what’s this? A cushion cover? It’s like Alice got lost in Wonderland all over again. And now, we’ve stumbled upon the curious case of the cushion cover in the loo. Yes, you heard that right. Not a fancy soap dispenser, exotic plant, or cushion cover.

On Tape

Oh boy, black tape holding a toilet together? That’s what we call a sticky situation, literally! Imagine you walk into the bathroom, maybe a little groggy in the morning at the homie’s apartment. You’re expecting the usual porcelain throne, but surprise! 

Karl Reinke/Facebook

It’s plastered all over in black tape. Sure, we’ve all been there with DIY fixes, right? A little duct tape here, a bit of super glue there. But the toilet? That’s some next-level stuff. And funny enough, the toilet looks fine. It’s going to hold up for another three decades.

Iron Throne

It looks like someone leaned into their Pirates of the Caribbean fandom a little too much. Imagine you walk into a bathroom, expecting the usual, run-of-the-mill porcelain throne. But wait, what’s this? A skull-themed toilet seat staring back at you with its hollow, bony gaze.

All Thing About Skull/Facebook

This is the kind of toilet seat you display at a heavy metal concert for aesthetics and then sell to the highest bidder afterward. You can bet Halloween gets even more twisted with this one. Of course, this is the biggest, baddest, most hardcore toilet on the block.

Living Loo!

A toilet in the living room is one of those ideas that’s so out there it circles back to being kind of genius, in a very peculiar way. Imagine visiting a friend, chilling on their sofa, popcorn in hand, and right next to the TV stand—voila!—a porcelain beauty stands in all its glory. 

Ni Vorde/Facebook

The practicalities (or lack thereof) are hilarious to consider. Hosting a party? “Oh, don’t mind the toilet next to the coffee table. It’s just there for… convenience. You can never tell when someone has to do their business while in the middle of a very interesting conversation.


Ah, the old scooter-toilet hybrid. This is one of those inventions that jumped straight out of a cartoon or the fever dream of a bored plumber. But, yeah, we can see the point, you know? Massive improvements in multitasking and personal mobility.

Albert Almazan/Facebook

You’re on the go, anywhere and anytime, with this porcelain special. Just scoot over to a discreet corner (legal and moral implications are a fuzzy area here, so let’s glide past those), do your business, and you’re back to the bustle in no time. If you’ve got no time to spare, this is the way to go.

The Melt

A melted toilet? Did someone decide to test out a flamethrower in the bathroom? Or maybe there was a science experiment gone wrong, like using some lava as the ultimate bathroom cleaner. The seat’s slumped over like it’s trying to escape, and the tank sighs in defeat. 

James Harris/Facebook

The plumber didn’t do this, that’s for sure. Is this a DIY gone wrong, or perhaps a new trend in eco-friendly bathroom solutions that misunderstood the meaning of “melting away your worries”? From over here, it looks like the signature move of the Ghostbusters.


Imagine walking into your bathroom, sleepy-eyed, flipping the light switch, and being greeted by an octopus chilling in your toilet bowl. By the looks of it, we can confirm it’s just rented the place and loves to spend spa days in this cool porcelain pool.

Jonathan Byrel Moore-Northrop/Facebook

The next step is figuring out how to evict your eight-armed guest kindly. Now, what do you do? First, resist the urge to flush. That’s an octo-no-no. You might be tempted to snap a selfie with your new cephalopod roommate because, let’s face it, who will believe this without proof?!  

Secret Santa

A Santa Claus-themed toilet? Now that’s taking the holiday spirit to a whole new, er… level. Because nothing screams “Merry Christmas” quite like ol’ Saint Nick greeting you during your most private moments, right everyone? Have you been naughty or nice all year?

Ryan Hoy/Facebook

The toilet seat cover? A fluffy, red hat with the iconic white trim and pom-pom. But why stop there? Let’s not forget the little details: reindeer antlers for the toilet paper holder, because why not? And for the truly dedicated, a motion sensor that plays Christmas jingles every time you walk in. 


So you’re minding your own business, maybe whistling a tune or scrolling through your phone, and you reach for the toilet paper. Lo and behold, there’s a spider just chilling there like it’s booked a five-star hotel room on the plush, white landscapes of Toilet Paper Land. Now, that is a sticky situation. 

Matt Prickett/Facebook

Do you scream? Do you negotiate with the spider? “Excuse me, sir or madam, would you kindly relocate to a less… personal space?” Or maybe you’re brave, ready to gently escort the eight-legged intruder to a more appropriate location, like outside, where it can weave its webs in peace.

Garage Sale

The old “outdoor toilet in a garage” scenario is a plot twist in the sitcom of home design, isn’t it? It’s as if they started building an outhouse and thought, “You know what? Let’s just slap a roof over this bad boy and call it a day.” 

Jayson Snorlax/Facebook

It’s the ultimate luxury for those who hate deciding whether to spend their time tinkering with their car or taking care of business. Let’s say it’s the only place you can ponder over a car manual or an old sports magazine, all while keeping an eye on your oil change.


Imagine entering a bathroom and being greeted by a toilet that looks like this. It has seen better days; we can tell you that much. But sometimes you gotta wonder, “There’s got to be an epic tale behind this.” We want details, but sadly, we must settle for this picture.

Wendy Miller/Facebook

First, let’s address the elephant in the room: toilets are generally sturdy. They’re designed to handle, ahem, significant loads and frequent use. So, a lot had to happen for a toilet to be broken and shattered like this one. Did Hulk have to do a number 5 here?


We have to wonder about the backstory. Was someone out there thinking, “Hmm, this log looks lonely, let’s give it a swim”? Or maybe it was an avant-garde attempt at plumbing repair—”Who needs a plunger when you’ve got a log?” Did they think there was always a DIY solution to everything?

Richard Snede/Facebook

Open your eyes to possibilities, people. They are endless. The next step? Figuring out who the lumberjack is in the household. Because, let’s face it, flushing a whole log down the loo isn’t your everyday DIY project. It’s got to take some serious dedication.

We got the Keys!

Imagine this: you stroll into your bathroom, ready for a routine pit stop, and BAM! There it is, a classical piano right next to the toilet. Who in their right mind thought, “You know what this bathroom needs? A touch of Beethoven!” Someone might suddenly want to play wonderful music while doing their business.

Mick Perryman/Facebook

On the flip side, it’s the perfect setup for a bathroom concert. Forget reading magazines or scrolling through your phone; now you can enjoy some live piano tunes. But take it easy; you wouldn’t want to accidentally drop some notes in the wrong key.

Red means Stop

Picture this: you’re stumbling through your house in the middle of the night, half-asleep, desperately needing a bathroom break. You push the door open, flick the switch… and BAM! It’s a scene from a horror movie, all thanks to a toilet glowing ominously under a red light.

Kristina Lee Steinbruck/Facebook

It’s like the bathroom is saying, “Welcome, weary traveler, to the lavatory of doom!” From the looks of it, they were aiming for “chic and modern” but landed on “Dracula’s lair.” The whole setup is so bizarre you can’t help but laugh and be a little frightened.


Nature calls at the construction site. No biggie, right? You’ve handled porta-potties before. But wait—there’s a twist. Your comrades in construction have decided to redefine “elevated bathroom experience” by hoisting the loo a whopping 50 feet into the sky. Yes, you heard that right. 

John-Paul Wallcraft/Facebook

We’re not talking penthouse views; we’re talking crane-hoisted, defy-gravity, might-need-a-parachute-after type of high. So, there it is: a porta-potty perched up in the air like some bizarre bird nest, except birds are smart enough not to do their business where they might need an elevator. Let’s go!

For Santa

Imagine Santa’s face cruising down from the chilly skies, his reindeer squad in formation, ready to deliver some holiday cheer, and then the unexpected happens! There’s a toilet just chilling (literally) in the cold; now that’s one heck of a welcome mat for Father Christmas.

Vilimi Ville/Facebook

Yeah, sure, Santa, a seasoned traveler of chimneys and rooftops, has seen it all. Naughty, nice, and everything in between. But a toilet? That’s a new one even for him. It’s like someone said, “Here Santa, have a go at it!” But this might come in handy if the cookies and milk make his tummy ache.


Woah, a field of toilets. It’s almost like someone decided to sprinkle the whole land with a motley crew of porcelain thrones, as if they’ve all marched there for their final salute. Yes, you’ve just envisioned what could be dubbed a “graveyard for toilets!”

Mick Circeo/Facebook

It’s as if each one, from the sleek and modern to the quaint and vintage, has a story to tell. Maybe one was part of a grand old mansion, another in a tiny apartment. It tickles the imagination, doesn’t it? We can’t help but wonder what lives these toilets led before they ended up in this dump.

The Hotel

Who said anything bad about New York hotels? They are all-timers that never cease to surprise with the quirkiest designs too. Like this ol’ pigeonhole wedged between the bedroom and the toilet sounds like a scene straight out of a sitcom, doesn’t it? 

William Green/Facebook

Imagine, you’re there, maybe on vacation or a business trip, expecting a cozy, peaceful stay. You unpack, get settled, and then you discover this unexpected architectural “gem.” This is a full-on pigeonhole, in all its glory, the kind that seems like it was designed for delivering secret messages in a medieval castle or something similar.

Fire in the Hole

Imagine you’re a plumber, and you’ve seen it all – or so you think. You’ve dealt with the usual suspects: hair monsters that look like they could star in a horror movie, the mystery of the vanishing earrings, and the classic toy car races down the toilet speedway. 

Ciaran Steele/Facebook

But nothing prepares you for the day you find a whole denture staring back at you from the depths of a sink. First off, there’s the initial shock. You’re there, tools in hand, ready to conquer the clogged abyss, and bam! Granny’s chompers are grinning up at you! This thing belongs in one of Stephen King’s novels.

Noodles on tha Loo

Noodles over the toilet? Why? Now, that’s a scene straight out of a sitcom. Imagine walking into the bathroom, tired after a long day, only to be greeted by a cascade of noodles draped over the toilet like some pasta waterfall. Are they supposed to be edible art?

Vasilisa Greyland/Facebook

The noodles, in their starchy glory, hang limply over the sides of the toilet bowl, maybe even dipping into the water like they’re testing it out for a swim. Did someone mistake the toilet for a pot of boiling water? Or maybe a mischievous pet decided to redecorate the bathroom with leftovers.

Mo Paper!

Why settle for a regular pack when you can have a MEGA, colossal-sized tissue roll that could probably double as a bean bag chair? It is so big that you’d half expect it to have its own zip code and weather system! We wonder how much this massive roll is worth.

Domeena Fiedler/Facebook

This is the tissue paper you find in doomsday shelters – for Apocalypse and beyond. But like the popular saying – “Go big or go home!” It’s the kind of thing you’d buy not just because you need it, but because it’s 2 AM, and we’re rolling in the deep.

Welcome back

Prison toilets shine like a beacon of stainless steel resilience. It’s not just a loo, folks; it’s a statement piece. It says, “Welcome to your new digs, enjoy the ambiance, but remember, this ain’t the Ritz!” Look at all that slick steel. Nothing says jail quite like it.

Michelle Hansen/Facebook

These toilets are so shiny you could almost use them as a mirror to fix your hair – if you’re into that glossy, metallic look. Ever tried making a gourmet meal with just a hot pot and the top of a toilet? Baby daddies will love this one.


What can old water tanks do these days except chilling, collecting dust, probably reminiscing about when they were full of fresh, clean water? And then, boom! Someone has this lightbulb moment, “Hey, why not give these tanks a second life as urinals?” 

John Nisewonger/Facebook

This is comparable to watching an episode of “Pimp My Ride,” but for bathrooms. The advantages? It’s eco-friendly, innovative, and a conversation starter (though maybe not in the way you’d want at your next dinner party).

Higher, higher

This is a setup you don’t see every day—someone decided to elevate the bathroom experience quite literally by tying a toilet, 100 feet up in the air, to a tree. You don’t see a toilet hanging out with the birds every day, so this surely takes the cake where creativity is concerned. 

Michael Robert Dayton/Facebook

Let’s talk logistics. Getting up there is one thing—maybe there’s a ladder, or perhaps they’ve installed the world’s most unnerving elevator: a rope and a prayer. But the view must be breathtaking once you’re up there, perched on your aerial loo.


Where do we even start with this one? Imagine walking into a bathroom, expecting the usual, you know, toilet, sink, maybe a cheeky little rubber duck here and there. But it’s as if grandma unleashed her entire craft arsenal on the poor, unsuspecting toilet.

Jhordan Hanlon/Facebook

We’ve got a shrine of knick-knacks, crochet covers, and possibly every toilet accessory known to mankind – and then some. Nothing says “contemplative bathroom visit like reading “Live, Laugh, Love” in looped yarn while doing your business. Well, well, it’s the thought that counts, right?

Skulls n’ Bones

There is no bigger flex than having a Jon Bone Jovi hand over your toilet paper. Not just any skeleton, though. This one’s got style, it’s got flair, and it’s presenting your toilet paper like it’s the royal decree. It’s as if he’s saying, “Your butt napkins, my liege!” 

All Thing About Skull/Facebook

All you need to complete the vibe is a skull potty. We can already imagine the synergy. You’ve got a skull-themed toilet, grinning ear to ear, ready to take on its noble duty. This setup is not just for Halloween but for those who love the darker side of decor.

The Glass

When you thought toilets were the final frontier for privacy, here comes the magnifying glass toilet scenario. Imagine you’re minding your own business and seeing a magnifying glass strategically placed to give you a, let’s call it, an “enhanced” view of your personal proceedings.

Ann Dc/Facebook

Of course, that is just what we need, isn’t it? Let’s set our priorities and address the elephant in the room: Why? Just why? Was someone out there thinking, “You know what bathrooms have been missing all this time? A closer look!”

Breakfast in Bowl

Imagine waking up groggy and blinking away the remnants of sleep, dreaming of coffee and maybe some eggs. But instead of the usual kitchen aromas, you’re met with this. And it comes with a sweet note. Would you want to dig in?

Dawn Jasmann/Facebook

“Made you breakfast with the biggest bowl I could find!” So there you have it: Fine dining in the toilet – Your meal, floating like a ship lost at sea in the porcelain harbor. Now, the real question is: What would you do? 

For Kings!

This breakfast trend is surely getting out of hand. You have to wonder who even set it off in the first place. What happened to getting a decent meal in bed with a few kisses and a freshly brewed cup of joe? The universe has gone to the dogs.

Alexandria Danielle Mckinney-Scott/Facebook

For funny reasons, folks want to stuff it in the toilet bowl. One thing, for sure, is that this isn’t meant for the gram in any way. As a matter of fact, you can call it a vendetta-fueled prank. Well, that’s one way to file for a divorce!


Imagine you and your significant other sitting knee-to-knee in the most vulnerable moments. This setup could be the ultimate test of a relationship. Forget about long-distance challenges, meeting the parents, or deciding what Netflix show to binge next. This is the real deal.

Markus Doehr/Facebook

You’ve hit peak companionship if you can share a toilet session with direct eye contact. It’s like, “Do you, dear, take this person to have and hold, in sickness and health, and in synchronized bathroom breaks?” Imagine the conversations, too. There’s no escaping the tough questions now.

Game of Lactose

Look who decided to throw the ultimate milkshake party. The sun is shining, the blender is whirring, and the toppings are plentiful.  Lactose intolerance used to be an ish, but not anymore with this game plan. They came strapped with toilets to the tee.

Sonny Alexander Ham/Facebook

You can do it too. Enter the ring of toilets. That’s right. It’s a glorious circle of porcelain thrones strategically placed in your backyard. It’s like Stonehenge but for dairy rebels. And there, amid it all, your lactose-intolerant friends can sip on their frosty treats without a care. Yay!

Love Handles

The idea of a toilet equipped with plastic handles for “extra booty space” is hilariously considerate. It’s like someone sat down (pun fully intended) and thought, “You know what? Every booty deserves a throne that truly accommodates its majestic presence. Let’s add some handles.”

Julio Cesar Reyes/Facebook

These handles are not just handles; they’re a symbol of inclusivity. A declaration that says, “No booty left behind!” They’re giving you a reassuring pat (or grip), saying, “Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered—literally.” And let’s not overlook the potential for an entire range of bathroom accessories inspired by this.

Night of Flowers

This bathroom is fully decked out in so much floral glory that it looks like nature called – pun intended! Just look at this masterpiece – It’s wrapped in a vibrant bouquet of designs, perhaps with petals around the seat that make you feel like you’re about to sit in a flowerbed. 

Tonya Jividen Clay/Facebook

Every time you go in for a moment of privacy, it’s like stepping into a secret garden. And the design is only the tip of the iceberg. Wait till you smell the floral scents of the air freshener. And the accessories? Toilet paper holder with little leaves and floral towels.

Winter Cold

A lone toilet, standing proud and chilly amid a winter wonderland – now this is what you call the throne for the brave, right? It’s as if saying, “Forget your cozy, heated bathrooms; let’s add a bit of adventure to your daily routine and risk hypothermia!”

Louis Labonté/Facebook

Is it for Santa? Well, think about it – even Santa might appreciate a quick pit stop on his global delivery route. And what’s more magical than finding a loo in the middle of nowhere? It’s like the ultimate gift for the man with everything, including a tight schedule.


Oh, the joys of winter! When you think you’ve seen it all, nature says, “Hold my icicle.” Imagine waking up on a frosty morning, shuffling to the bathroom in your cozy slippers and fluffy robe, only to be greeted by a full-on icicle casually hanging out of your toilet. 

Bosco Burns/Facebook

Yep, it’s not just the outdoors getting in on the winter wonderland action; your plumbing wants in on the fun, too! It’s a clear sign that winter isn’t just coming; it’s here and brought its interior decorating skills with it. What do you say?


In your brand-new sneakers, you are about to brave the wilds of a public restroom. But fear not; this urinal comes with a dedicated protector for your precious kicks from the unpredictable hazards of the splashback. Not all heroes wear capes; some install shoe guards.

Pato Aguirre Lopez/Facebook

We know how much urinals beat up your footwear. But lo and behold, this is different. It stands like a beacon of hope, boasting a shoe guard that promises to shield your footwear from splashy woes. Rise and shine, youngins! The day is yours to conquer.

Guitar time!

Look at that – a guitar that somehow transforms pee into music. Just imagine this: someone striding up to the urinal, and instead of the usual unremarkable sounds you’d expect in such a setting, you get the melodic strains of “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star.”

Chas Evans/Facebook

Let’s not forget the audience. Can you imagine walking into a bathroom and being greeted with a pee-produced serenade? It’s a mix of a privacy invasion with a public concert vibe. And for those shy bladder folks, this might be their worst nightmare or their moment to shine.

A Director

Where do we even start with this masterpiece of engineering and ambition? It’s a director’s chair perched majestically over a latrine hole. They make quite the merry couple, don’t they? Why pause the action when you can keep rolling? Time is gold and shouldn’t be wasted.

Dana Tyler Berkis/Facebook

So there you are – feeling like the king or queen of your porcelain empire. The sun is shining, birds are chirping, and then you decide to lean back, embrace the moment, and soak in the ambiance of your outdoor lavatory-cum-directorial seat. Well, it was not such a good idea, was it?

Hold Up!

Imagine you’re at a dinner party; you’ve had a few glasses of wine and nature calls. You excuse yourself and saunter off to the bathroom. After taking care of business, you scan the room for the trusty roll of TP only to find a stack of washcloths staring back at you. Uh-oh.

Jerica Rossi – Izzy B – Family Vacation Specialist/Facebook

First thought? “Is this a test?” You’re looking around for hidden cameras because, surely, this is some prank. But no, it’s just your friend embracing the eco-friendly, tree-saving, ultra-sustainable lifestyle. Admirable? Absolutely. A bit awkward for guests? Oh, absolutely!


Imagine being out and about, maybe on a road trip or exploring some far-off, quirky little town. Nature calls, and you face what can only be described as the Frankenstein of toilets. This kind of toilet makes you consider holding it in until the next solar eclipse.

Sarah Foster/Facebook

It has a vibe that says, “I was designed by someone who never had to use me.” It’s like a horror movie set, with peeling paint, mysterious stains, and a single, flickering fluorescent light that couldn’t decide if it wanted to give up or throw a spooky disco.


Toilets can be a real trip sometimes, especially when designers get a bit too, let’s say, “creative.” You walk into a bathroom expecting a toilet that makes sense. But sometimes, things don’t go as planned, and we find things we dare not imagine.

Hjalti Árna/Facebook

Some wild, artsy throne that looks like it was designed by someone who’s never had to clean a toilet! You’re standing there, scratching your head, thinking, “How does this even work?” Cleaning this thing must be like playing a game of Twister. It’s like they handed the design job over to Picasso.