Meet The New Social Media Sensation In Montreal

By Divya G

Most people will hide the truth if they say they don’t have a favorite social media influencer. We are all guilty of being obsessed with fashion and beauty influencers. Ogling the screen all day to explore their content is one of our favorite hobbies.

Image Courtesy of @rene-terp-280921 / Pexels

Recently, a fashion blogger in Montreal gave tough competition to other influencers. His Instagram photoshoot made fans go ga-ga over him. Everyone will love the style and authenticity of the little star.

Are you wondering what’s remarkable about this fashion blogger? Well, Alexei, our rising star, is only two years old. Alexei is a refreshing change on social media with his infectious charm.

Image Courtesy of @rickyrecap / Pexels

He has a lively energy that will make you admire him instantly. The cute little kiddo has a photogenic side that even the best of us will envy. His endearing smile will warm up your heart.

The adorable kid has immense love for the spotlight. He has all the wow factors it takes to look splendid in front of the camera. Point a camera at the adorable boy, and you can’t stop him from saying “cheese.” 

His smile and energy are truly contagious. It’s evident from the photo gallery that his parents have a love for fashion. Sometimes in a co-ord set, shorts and hoodie, the boy will bless your feed in different outfits.

Looks like we all found a new favorite fashion blogger, and we can’t get enough of the squishy goofball.