Funny And Relatable Memes That Have Taken The Internet By Storm

By Ridwan S

This modern era of working non-stop to maintain our lifestyles comes with a heavy load of stress. Humans engage in various activities, including exercising, meditation, or going out with friends to relieve some of it. And for some, that means scrolling on the internet mindlessly. They are scrolling to find something that will make them laugh out loud, such as crazy and relatable memes. There are thousands of memes out there, but there are some that stand out from all the others. We tend to also send these to our friends and family to help put a smile on their faces as well. Would you like to see some of the most hilarious memes to destress and take some time to crack yourself up? Here are 40 memes that people are going crazy over right now.

Plan your funeral!

Sometimes, Google takes things too far, such as a common cold. You might think you are only suffering from a headache until Google says it might be more than that. Trying to find your diagnosis on Google will only make you more paranoid.

Image courtesy: majesticmandi13/Imgur

Someone needs to investigate how Google arrives at these diagnoses. If you have no plan to scare yourself, you shouldn’t look up your symptoms. In our opinion, checking your symptoms on Google should be included in the list of 1000 ways to die, if there even is one.

The smart learner

Education, they say, never ends. Interestingly, one of the best ways to master what you learn is to put it to use. It’s no wonder we try to use newly learned phrases in a conversation, for example. Our friends and family can testify to that.

Image courtesy: majesticmandi13/Imgur

New phrases make it possible for you to school other people who might not know the meaning and maybe make for a funny conversation starter. But if we use it too much, we might get made fun out. Choose your battles.

The adulterers’ caterer

In this world where many people find having an affair unforgiving, finding a caterer that buys the idea is rare. Were you also thinking the same thing? Thankfully, this is no longer the case. This deli is ready to cater to your affairs, and they believe all you need is sandwiches.

Image courtesy: majesticmandi13/Imgur

What we don’t know is the kind of sandwiches they’re offering. Is anyone else thinking it might be club sandwiches? We believe club sandwiches are best for adulterers. When you finally let this deli cater for your affairs, do us the honors and confirm our speculations. 

I am busy, please

Comprehension is the most important goal of communication. If the person you are speaking to isn’t comprehending your message, you are not communicating. We think this next meme is a case of miscommunication between two co-workers. They are not talking about the same thing.

Image courtesy: majesticmandi13/Imgur

This can happen to anyone, like when your employer cuts your honeymoon short because there is a lot of work to be done. Now, you are at work against your wishes, but all you can think of is chilling with your spouse. We blame your boss for any of these cranky replies.

No sleep for the wicked

We have a toxic relationship with Google and, it affects our sleeping patterns. Even when we promise to go to bed early, we always find ourselves checking something on Google. The annoying thing is that the things we check are honestly irrelevant and born out of pure curiosity.

Image courtesy: majesticmandi13/Imgur

This curiosity can keep us awake until early in the morning and have us going to work with swollen eye-bags, which is always a situation we find difficult to explain to concerned colleagues. Or, how are we going to explain that we were searching for the height of Jesus?

Don’t settle for less

No matter what you are going through, never relegate yourself. Take a hint from this vehicle owner. Despite the poor condition of their vehicle, they won’t sell it. We know so many people are curious, but it’s not up for grabs.

Image courtesy: majesticmandi13/Imgur

Here is an illustration of the saying, “When life throws you lemons, make lemonade.” The owner of this vehicle has chosen to make lemonade from their situation. Whenever you need the motivation to love yourself the way you are, remember this vehicle owner won’t sell it no matter what.

Ageless Paul

These pictures look exactly alike except for the beards and the smile. Either Paul took these pictures the same year, or he truly doesn’t age. Either way, this is admirable and worth thorough investigation or maybe a gentle plea to Paul to let us in on his beauty secrets.

Image courtesy: majesticmandi13/Imgur

When we finally find the secret to Paul’s ageless look, expect tons of pictures on our social media pages. We are going to be showing off our young and radiant skin at age 60. Please, Paul, leave a comment down below if you are reading this!

Facebook needs to stop!

While we are grateful to Facebook for helping us preserve our memories, we would also like to call their attention to the “let sleeping dogs lie” saying.  Sometimes, it is better to let what is in the past stay in the past, especially selfies.

Image courtesy: majesticmandi13/Imgur

We think Facebook and its team should seek consent before bringing back to life pictures we took years ago. These pictures remind us of how naïve we were. While such memories could be beautiful, they can sometimes be embarrassing. 

Adulthood is a race

Life tends to pick up the pace once you become an adult. The formally long twenty-four hours in a day becomes insufficient. You start having sleepless nights and sagging skin. Most of the adult years are used for chasing deadlines.

Image courtesy: majesticmandi13/Imgur

At the end of the month, your boss hands you a paycheck that won’t last more than five days, and you’re looking at it in shock.  For everyone trying to be an adult, we know exactly how you feel. Living life in the fast lane is no joke.

Breaking news

YouTube content creators don’t mess around because they tell us everything about their lives. If they meet up with someone, they have to tell their subscribers about it. If any of your co-workers is a Youtuber, you might find a story about you on their channel.  

Image courtesy: majesticmandi13/Imgur

Imagine watching a narrative about a scenario that involves you and not knowing what happens next. That’s what YouTubers do to their stories. You might never be able to lay down claims that they are talking about you. We think some of them should pick up a career as scriptwriters.

Polonius isn’t scared of the law

Shakespeare’s lovers will understand this without any explanation but, it will be unfair to the non-Shakespeare lovers.  So, we have volunteered to give a little explanation. Hamlet is a character in Shakespeare’s Hamlet play. He unknowingly kills Polonius, a counselor known for his busy-body nature in the play.

Image courtesy: majesticmandi13/Imgur

Hamlet had once described Polonius as a “tedious old fool” in the play. So now you will understand why he was elated, having killed Polonius even though it was by mistake. Our primary concern now is the law. Won’t Hamlet be charged in court for murder?

The dumb co-worker

Sometimes, co-workers can decide to stress you with questions that make you second guess the authenticity of their employment status. As colleagues, we believe you should know some basic things and not bother your colleagues with dumb inquiries. Don’t be surprised if such a question turns into a headache. 

Image courtesy: majesticmandi13/Imgur

No one deserves to be asked dumb questions at work because it slows down your thinking process. For those like us, who would want to give an equally dumb and sarcastic answer, replying might be tiring. However, we believe it will be easier now that we have a thought-out answer like the meme above. 

We want free services

Adulthood is a scary phase with lots of responsibilities, such as bills. You get one credit alert and twenty debit alerts. Sometimes, we wonder how sweet life would be if we didn’t have to pay for goods and services. We have definitely thought about organizing a massive protest against paying bills.

Image courtesy: majesticmandi13/Imgur

We want our money to grow like grass, and paying bills won’t let that happen. A bill-free life is our goal, and until we achieve that, we will keep mourning any debit alert we get. Anyways, if you have anybody looking to adopt a fully grown adult, please contact us.

Tales at moonlight

The saddest thing that can happen to anyone is someone telling them a boring story with no end in sight. It is more painful when this extra time eats deep into your sleeping hours. We would never agree to such a request, not when our comfy beds are calling.

Image courtesy: majesticmandi13/Imgur

We sympathize with these kids that have to deal with this boring story during our bedtime. It might be difficult to get out of these boring tales, but we hope they will never fall victim again. Next time, choose your boring sleepover tales about something other than having free minutes after nine.

The inner adult

Everyone claims they have an inner child that comes out to play once in a while. But that’s not the case here. This person has an older inner lady who makes them behave differently. It might be hard for them to relate to jokes or anything funny for that matter.

Image courtesy: majesticmandi13/Imgur

Imagine a sixteen-year-old letting her inner forty-year-old out at a senior prom. That would be hilarious.  Thankfully, we belong to the group of people whose inner human is a child. Even at eighty, we will still have an inner child who prefers sweets over anything else.

The big baby

We wonder what the family did when they saw this picture. There are two people to blame for this picture. The first is the person who dressed the child in that gown, and the second is the photographer who took the picture.

Image courtesy: BlueBearDays/Imgur

This baby looks like it has the legs of a full-grown adult! However, it only appears as hers because the child is wearing an oversized gown. We can’t think of any reason why the baby needs to wear such a long dress, but then again, what do we know!

It’s my world

The people that ask for reasons why you block them are troublemakers. It is your world, and you have the right to choose who gets to enjoy it. If they didn’t make it to the list of inhabitants, they should reapply and not ask obvious questions that further disqualify them.

Image courtesy: majesticmandi13/Imgur

The reactions we get from imagining our block contact asking us this question is too hilarious. We have half of our family members on our blocked list – please keep it a secret. They never mind their business and give us headaches.

Monkey bars

Thomas clearly doesn’t understand what monkey bars are for, but we commend him for thinking out of the box. He is thinking it is the literal meaning, meaning a bar made for monkeys to drink.  If that were the case, we would also think that it’s unbelievable. 

Image courtesy: BlueBearDays/Imgur

Monkey bars are structures made for children to climb on and have fun at the playground. They must have gotten the name “monkey bars” because monkeys like to climb and jump around, contrary to what Thomas thinks. But he definitely made us laugh.

The cats are in denial

Cats don’t believe that their owner dies – at least, these cats don’t believe so. It might also be that they don’t care if their owner might be dead because all they want is food. You might think it is inappropriate for them to demand food instead of mourning their owner.

Image courtesy: BlueBearDays/Imgur

Truthfully, we don’t think the cats should stop eating because they lost their owner. They have to eat to survive. After all, only survivors can mourn. The only thing we think is wrong here is that they want to eat at 3 am. That’s way too early if you ask us.

The meme lord

Sometimes, you don’t have the strength to reply to your messages, but if you find a meme that’s funny, you always find the time to share it. If you belong to this group, we have some hints for you. Try to send them when they’re not online.

Image courtesy: majesticmandi13/Imgur

Post the memes at this time and watch your inbox get flooded with messages like “you haven’t replied to me.” We don’t enjoy ignoring people, but work makes us forget to check our phones sometimes. By the time we do, the messages are too much to reply to. 

We don’t need this

We believe everyone has had to attend a physical meeting that could have been an email. Honestly, anyone who invites us to a physical meeting for something we can discuss over emails should be ready to listen to us ranting afterward.

Image courtesy: BlueBearDays/Imgur

What’s even worse is that the meet could be about punishing you for something like reduced productivity. Anyways, if you find yourself in such meetings, you should suggest the subsequent meeting will be online when they ask for your suggestions.

The calm before the storm

They say, “it is always calm before a storm.” This is what comes to our minds when we see this next meme. We impulse buyers can relate to this picture perfectly. We look calm before buying unnecessary items at the supermarket, even when we are with a list at hand.

Image courtesy: majesticmandi13/Imgur

The storm only starts when we get home, and the debit alerts start rolling in. This is when we realize we neglected our list. We will make a promise to never do that again. And then we will do the same thing on our next shopping trip. It’s a vicious cycle.

That’s a lie

Many will agree that the terms and conditions for most things are way too long. We think they intentionally make it long, so it gets boring if you try to read it all. Despite the numerous warning that you should read terms and conditions, we find it tedious.

Image courtesy: majesticmandi13/Imgur

The dangerous thing is that we go ahead and agree to these terms anyways. We hope that one day we don’t agree to something disastrous because we didn’t read the terms. Someone needs to start a business that shortens terms and conditions for the average joe.  

Blessed memories

One slight glance of circus memes might have you laughing hysterically. Suddenly, the universe decides you don’t deserve to laugh that hard and refreshes the feed. Nothing is as painful as this! No one deserves such a heartbreak – not us and definitely not you!

Image courtesy: majesticmandi13/Imgur

After all your attempts to retrieve the meme, you will retire. Then, you will conclude that the little time you had with the meme will forever be cherished. To console yourself, you might keep laughing about the little you saw and try to imagine the rest.

The sinking life

We’re always telling people that everything is great when in reality, we’re sinking. Life is throwing punches. Although you are following all motivational advice, nothing is working. You want to stay afloat by all means, but the weight of the blows is sinking the boat.

Image courtesy: majesticmandi13/Imgur

We can’t help but laugh at this meme because it describes the lives of so many of us. Especially after work has been hectic and we haven’t had time for ourselves, we may definitely feel this way.  The ship of anyone’s life will be sinking after a rough week at work.

The best man

When some people get in a conversation about sexual fantasies and expectations, they may say that their religion restricts them. And some people love to compare their significant other to something that only God was able to create only for them.

Image courtesy: majesticmandi13/Imgur

However, we wouldn’t understand why this writer is talking about Connor’s favorite food being toast. Toast being your favorite food isn’t something to be ashamed of. What we won’t support is someone who thinks “taking off your bra” is adequate foreplay.

A 96hours break

Four days is not a long time to continue a conversation, but people rarely comprehend the meaning of “break.” We all deserve to take breaks occasionally for clarity and, picking up from where we left shouldn’t be hard. But people may act strange when you reply to their text 96 hours later.

Image courtesy: majesticmandi13/Imgur

Okay, we agree ninety-six hours is too long for a break. However, we are allowed some idiosyncrasies after all. We are not by any means justifying our actions. We would do well to put up a notice that says we might reply 96 hours later – that should be enough of a warning.

Will you stop, please?

People need to learn to take clues from expressions. Better yet, we will suggest that there should be a class on this. It is tiring when every fiber in your body is retiring, but someone expects you to listen to them. It makes you wonder if your expression betrays you.

Image courtesy: BlueBearDays/Imgur

The funniest thing to us about this meme is not the words but the picture. It looks scary, funny, and equally overstimulated. The cheeks and the eyes make us giggle. We wonder how the person who created this meme discovered this image.

Alright, buddy, I will watch it

You know what they say about supporting your friends’ hustle? This is what we think you need to do when your friend doesn’t stop talking about a movie. They might get discouraged if you disagree with their recommendation, so encourage them. Tell them you will watch it. 

Image courtesy: majesticmandi13/Imgur

There is no need to turn down your friend’s suggestion. Just tell them you will watch it.  Although we understand that this is why there is a phenomenon like “individual differences,” some people might not understand that. After all, when you discourage your friend, you might have to listen to their rants. 

Relaxation time

After working for so long, you need to relax. Many will agree that the best relaxation method is with their favorite snacks. There is a rule that says there is never too much when it comes to your favorite snack. On your day off, fill your tub with this snack and enjoy.

Image courtesy: BlueBearDays/Imgur

If you think deeply about that saying and realize you haven’t heard it before, then you are right – we made it up. It is just a saying we came up with just to support our craving for a large pizza. We were just playing. However, we will be recreating this next weekend, and you should too.

Enjoy the party, its an order

You know that feeling when you organize a party, and everybody at the party looks like they don’t understand their roles? You have invited them to a party to have the best time of their life, but they aren’t.  Wait a moment. Maybe they don’t understand the efforts you put into organizing the party.

Image courtesy: majesticmandi13/Imgur

It is your job to make them understand that your only request as their host is for them to have the best time. We would also be concerned if our guests refused to enjoy themselves at our party. Anything outside of this at one of our parties will be a sin. 

The Shakespeare joke

Jokes about Shakespeare might be hard to defend, and we believe you have to be a fan to understand them. Lieutenant-sapphic thinks that fans of Shakespeare are the pretentious ones. For someone who is a part-time Shakespeare fan, we believe the claims are just born out of hate. 

Image coutersy: majesticmandi13/Imgur

When you consider the homosexual character claim, you will understand their thoughts. Feel free to oppose if you think otherwise, whether as a Shakespeare fan or not. The good thing about such jokes is that there are a few ways to hash them out.

Special interest or obsessions

We have a habit of turning our new interests into obsessions even at the expense of our finances. The last thing we had an interest in was luxury bags, and it took a large percentage of our paychecks. It took a while before we snapped out of this obsession.

Image courtesy: majesticmandi13/Imgur

We are used to our minds getting obsessed over different things at different times. The obsession is so strange and strong that we are considering seeing a shrink. Imagine someone who hates cooking like we do acquire different colors of pots. Although it is strange, that is our struggle.

Fitfam is not our thing

Everyone should be allowed to choose their struggle, and running early in the morning isn’t our forte. A good rest will always win the argument, and you can’t change our minds. However, this will not make us discourage someone who has chosen running as a struggle.

Image courtesy: @TheMotherOctopus/Instagram

It is their choice, and if we can’t join them, we will encourage them. It is the humane thing to do. So, if you are ready to run at 4 am, we give you a thumbs up. We only hope that you would never try to convince us to join you in a race.

Sorry, I don’t mean that

The code of the game is that you should never forget who you are. You should own your craft and stay focused. When you say this to yourself, you will understand that whatever the case, you should never be sorry, especially when it is about your feelings.

Image courtesy: majesticmandi13/Imgur

Let the other person know how you feel without trying to downplay your feelings. Your feelings are valid, and you should communicate them effectively. We would never take anyone seriously if they feel sorry for loving us. Thankfully, this human realized their mistake on time. 

The Rehab story

When your addiction is dated back to your childhood, your counselor might want to hear about it. In such a scenario, you tell the story like this: “It started as a child’s play, and now it’s an adult battle.” A battle that is now drilling a hole in your finances and needs to be eliminated. 

Image courtesy: majesticmandi13/Imgur

We don’t know why your counselor will insist on knowing the root cause, but it might be connected to your recovery. Once you agree to see a shrink, you have to let them in on everything – both the bad and the ugly, and that means telling them how you used to stick those smelly pens up your nose.

Mr Sketch is the origin

Sanford knew what they were doing when they made these scented watercolors. The different fragrance idea was a marketing strategy Sanford adopted. However, this was the root cause of addiction for children. They wanted to inhale the lovely scent continually.

Image courtesy: BlueBearDays/Imgur

The “non-toxic” claim is cracking us up, they must have speculated that children might try to consume the markers. Its non-toxic nature is why parents didn’t find out that their children are addicts already. Anyways, we hope the therapist will be able to find a lasting solution to this addiction.

Death by eating

The looks on these guys’ faces are hilarious and tell us that they are regretting their decision. Look at that guy with his fingers in his mouth. He must be thinking, “oh no, that’s a big challenge.” The other guy is probably thinking, my dietician won’t like this.

Image courtesy: BlueBearDays/imgur

Although we know this is unhealthy, we can’t guarantee that we won’t indulge if we find ourselves in this position. The best we would do is put our diet on a break for the day. Our slogan would be, “A little craving satisfaction won’t spoil the plan.”