40 Times People Did Something Foolish And Got Caught Red-Handed By The Internet

By Aakash M

Everybody has their own share of really embarrassing moments. It could be a misinterpreted handshake or high-five, or it could even be something like walking into a glass door or pushing when you’re supposed to pull! So, to make peace with all of that, we have selected a set of funny pictures of some very hilarious shortcomings and embarrassing moments that were caught on the Internet! This collection of images is also more than enough to assure any person that nobody is perfect. We are all imperfect and full of flaws, so looking at our failures with a little less embarrassment could go a really long way! If not, it could at least distract you and make you forget it!

Team miscommunication

Now that was embarrassing. We don’t know what the occasion was, but, yes, the guy was informed about his team being dressed as dominoes, with an ‘E’ in the middle of the ‘O’ and ‘S.’ Technically, they’ve all dressed appropriately.

Image Credits: Reddit/ Stuck_in_a_depo

Maybe the guy didn’t emphasize the spelling of the word. You see, dominoes and Domino’s are two different things. This person probably mistook the homophones for one another and wore a pizza slice. He does not look all that mad, to be honest. The women, however, are getting a good laugh out of it.

Dealing with terminators

Well, so, it seems like people are concerned about terminators taking over humans. That’s the only sensible reason we can come up with when we see this image, and we know that it is not at all a reasonable excuse.

Image Credits: Twitter/ marcirobin

There is no online purchase involved here. It’s a physical purchase, and the buyer was in front of the people at the dealership. Yet, the buyer had to tick the “I’m not a robot” checkbox with a pen and paper—the sheer irony.


This man accepting his award with kids is one of the funniest things we have seen today. It’s almost as if the guy is showing children how things are supposed to be done! It’s only understandable if the person signed up for the contest unknowingly.

Image Credits: Twitter/ trevorgrogers

If the guy knew that this competition was for kids but signed up for it anyway, that would’ve been weird because we don’t see the point of participating in that case! Nonetheless, this one is amusing. Way to stick it to those children!

Sean Connery?

Before we say anything, may the late great Sean Connery rest in peace. Now, apparently, this person’s sister had gone to Paris. She then saw Sean Connery clicking pictures with people. Next thing you know, she went in as well.

Image Credits: Reddit/ khelektinmir

She muscled her way in and asked to click a photo with Sean Connery as well. Well, that’s that. You can see their image. It’s quite an excellent click, but there’s something wrong with this picture, isn’t there? That man isn’t Sean Connery.

Very concerned

Take a look at this image. Here’s what happened. A customer had called these guys asking if they were all following the social distancing rules with the customer’s sandwiches. Surprisingly, the guy told her that they were, but they were running out of space!

Image Credits: Reddit/ lachary1234

First things first, the lady shouldn’t even think of ordering sandwiches if she’s that concerned about social distancing. Social distancing was something that we were supposed to follow, right? We haven’t heard of food items practicing social distancing. We know what she meant, but with all the stress in the world, sometimes you just have to laugh a situation off.

What a waste

This story is an unfortunate and embarrassing one. This guy has been living in this flat for two long years, but not once did he realize there is a dishwasher. All this while, the poor guy had been doing the dishes manually. That’s indeed a lot of time wasted.

Image Credits: Twitter/ tommyhale91

Although that’s a heartbreaking thing, there’s one question that’s giving us quite the itch in the brain. If the person thought it was a cupboard, why didn’t he ever pull on the handle to determine what was in the drawer? Not even once?


First of all, this one screams “big brain time.” The power indeed went out, so instead of lighting the burner with the lighter, these guys decided to burn many candles and make tea. We can only imagine how long it must have taken.

Image Credits: Reddit/ lemonsarethekey

Honestly, something like that is exactly what happens when we use our brains to their fullest extent (just kidding). The person’s reply to the tweet below the image lays it all out pretty clearly! That’s a lot of embarrassment now!

The amount of frustration

So, this person, Jordan, got his braces removed today, and those with braces know how amazing it feels. Since he got his braces off, his friend was excited to hear about it. The friend also asked for an image of Jordan without the braces.

Image Credits: Imgur/ oldirtyjack

Jordan did precisely that. Jordan sent an image of him without his braces, but it’s not what the friend wanted to see! It’s obvious. Why would somebody ask for a pic of yours after you remove your braces if they don’t even get to see how your teeth look now?

Something’s wrong

Well, that’s an opportunity wasted. We don’t know how the guy who sent that dumb image must be feeling. We’ll get to Venom’s teeth later on because there are other matters at hand, like, this guy’s dumbness. Have a look.

Image Credits: Twitter/ joezus_

Now, this one is pretty funny, and it’s nice that we’re ending things with this one, but there’s something really weird about Venom’s teeth. For some reason, Venom’s actual teeth, no matter how gross it looks, suit him better, don’t they?

Grease everywhere

Seriously, when are people going to stop experimenting with fryers, plastic buckets, coal, and other such things? Firstly, it’s dangerous, and you don’t even need to experiment with things to find that out. Next, it creates a really huge mess!

Image Credits: Reddit/ walskov

Grease is really thick, and it’s a pain to clean everything up! Even a tiny oil spill can ruin your day. Well, to the person who emptied the fryer grease into a plastic bucket of all things, good luck cleaning it up and life in general!

Bad job

This girl did a really bad job at censoring the guy’s face. No offense, but even a kid could do a better job than that. When everybody can see his face in the mirror, what’s the point of editing it with that emoji?

Image Credits: Reddit/ maxedlp2

Honestly, a second emoji would have helped, or even if another emoji is too much, she could’ve cropped the mirror out. Well, everybody who edits photos in this manner to post them on their social media should take a lesson from this image.

Makeup problems

This lady thought of doing her whole makeup routine in her car, and from the looks, we can easily say that it was an awful decision. She got her makeup done, just a little too done. It’s all over her dress, and also, cleaning the car would be a tough job.

Image Credits: Reddit/ peperoni_dog_farts

The moral of the story is to either be cautious while doing your makeup in the car, or it’s straightforward. Don’t do your makeup routine in your vehicle. Take some time out, and do it peacefully in the comforts of your home.

Do not try this at home

The person who posted this image captioned it by saying that they now know how being dumb feels and they’ve never done something as stupid as that. They could’ve burned the entire house by putting a plastic cover on the food in the oven.

Image Credits: Reddit/ hacks_exe_exe

That image looks ugly. The food inside it must have tasted amazing, but the plastic cover destroyed everything. It’s a really dangerous thing to do. So, guys, get the lesson, take notes. No plastic inside the oven, at any cost.


Wow, so this post is bizarre, and we don’t know what we’d be doing if we were in either of the situations. Will Smith’s expression fits really appropriately to this particular situation. This one is really funny. Have a look.

Image Credits: Twitter/ BlkMamba Facebook/ Red Table Talk

Um, we can’t figure out what’s happening here. How is a microbiologist an anti-vaxxer? IF that’s not enough, how is a flat earther working at an airline? This shows how people believe in one thing and do the complete opposite of that. Weird.


That container is Tupperware. All Tupperware users must know by now that this is what will happen to their containers as well if they use it to put their steak in the oven and heat it at 300 degrees Fahrenheit.

Image Credits: Reddit/ CrookFumDaBrook

Honestly, not just Tupperware, but no other container would be able to withstand that amount of heat as well. Also, what’s the lime doing besides the steak? Why would somebody think of heating that up as well? That’s really strange.

Smoke alarm is not functioning

The roommate of the person who posted this image had jammed multiple AA batteries in the smoke alarm. Anyone can tell by looking at the picture that it only has space for a single 9-volt battery. Did they think that somehow it would just magically start working?

Image Credits: Reddit/ Amy_Bell97

Now, here comes our question. What’s the point of jamming multiple batteries when one battery would work just fine? Cramming two of them serves no purpose! It won’t even work that way. Well, we can never understand the reason behind doing such things.


After looking at this image, we can only say one thing, which is that “common sense has now left the conversation.” This image is also one of those you could say, “big brain time!” Have a look at what’s happening here.

Image Credits: Reddit/ meiriceanach

So, until now, so many people have bought this mask, but nobody even thought of removing the protective coating? Also, the most competent person’s review is in the image. The guy literally said that the product came with a “blurred cover.”

Can’t relate

These images are adorable, and giraffes are, of course, really amazing creatures. But we can’t really seem to figure out what the caption or elephants have to do with the image. Twitter user @alawiabdul took our breath away with this response.

Image Credits: Twitter/ alawiabdul

Considering that, the question that has been asked here is a significant one. We can’t see an elephant in the image, and obviously, the animal in the photo is a giraffe. So, who’s the elephant? That’s a rhetorical question, guys.

Bay leaves

Here’s another incident where a person realized something about his surroundings after living there for a long time. Happy realization, dear friend. Honestly, that could be a lot of money waste that the guy spent on bay leaves when he had a better solution.

Image Credits: Reddit/ Gustifer05

This guy had been living there for a year, and all the time, there was a bay tree right out the front door. Had he looked around just one time, he would’ve saved himself from buying all those jars of bay leaves. But the jars do look fancy, don’t they?

A lot of confusion

We have seen many hilarious images of people doing stupid things online or in real life and then being caught and trolled on the Internet. But, this one is unlike all of the images that we have seen till now. Have a look.

Image Credits: Reddit/ TruStoryz

Well, there is one resemblance: it is still really awkward and embarrassing. This lady has been caught doing something really foolish at the gas station. But we really can’t seem to understand one thing here. What is she even doing?

Not that 70s

This kid took things too far on the 70s day in school. Now, when we say the 70s, we mean the 1970s, right? And that’s exactly what most of you and we would think of as well when somebody talks about the 70s.

Image Credits: Reddit/ masterpingu1

Well, that’s just for us, and not this kid. When referring to the 70s, for some reason, this kid thought of the 1770s. That pretty much explains his get-up. We wonder if he’s a class clown trying to get a rise out of his peers or sincerely thought it was 1770s day.

The moon

Take a look at this image before we tell you what happened. So, the mom of the person who posted this image said that the moon looks beautiful tonight. And, if you look at the first image, the moon does look really pretty!

Image Credits: Reddit/ mommaunfiltered

Other than looking lovely, the moon also looks a bit closer than it usually is in the first image. So, after zooming in on it, the guy realized that it was not the moon! It was a Burger King sign. Well, the mom isn’t at fault here. She just needs glasses.

Not quite getting it

You can see a cute couple’s costume in this image. We believe the man chose an odd outfit, however, to wear to the party. The woman told her husband that she was going as Belle, so he needed to get a matching costume.

Image Credits: Reddit/ CrazyDrakes

Now, it’s good that the husband listened and went to get a matching costume, but we do have a question here. How is the guy’s costume anywhere near matching what his wife is wearing? Oh, wait, Taco Belle. That was clever, sir.

Who’s doing the stupid thing now?

This dad posted an image and told his son that Google was doing this peculiar thing where they have been blurring the top left part of their results. He also said that Facebook was also doing the same stupid thing.

Image Credits: Reddit/ unidentifies

We don’t know why Google and Facebook would be doing this thing… Okay. Let’s stop playing along. What actually happened is that the dad melted the left side of his screen. So, Google and Facebook aren’t really at fault here.

Green dog

All those who own furry dogs, this is a lesson you guys should learn from without having any bad experiences yourself. Also, the answer to all the weird questions is no. The dog didn’t take a bath with a spinach shake or anything of that sort.

Image Credits: Reddit/ sunshinyanny

Here’s what happened. This dog’s dad had just mowed his lawn. Right after that, he let his white dog out to play. The results are in front of you. So, if you have a white dog, don’t let it out on the lawn after you mow it.

What’s happening here?

Let us stop you right there before you get any thoughts about what is going on. This image isn’t that of a gruesome crime scene. No murder has happened here, and no murder scene has been shot here either. The story is entirely different.

Image Credits: Reddit/ bootsmegamix

All of this mess results from an experiment that nobody asked for. The person behind all this was also trying to see what would happen if they drained a deep fryer into a plastic bucket. Well, that’s what you get. It’s not blood. It’s grease.

So wholesome!

That right there is Pikachu. We all loved Pokemon ever since we were kids. On TV, Pika looked really cute, and it looks all the more remarkable in real life as a soft toy as well. So, great job there!

Image Credits: Reddit/ Beautiful_Fishing569

But, this photo has quite the cute story behind it. The aunt of the person who posted this image gifted it to their nephew because she thought it was an “Easter Bunny!” Well, now that’s funny and cute as well! She obviously hasn’t watched Pokemon yet.

Put in that effort

There are a lot of misconceptions regarding many things, and that includes effort. It is always said that your work ethic, effort, and other such things matter more than your talent, which is true. Anyways, have a look at this image.

Image Credits: Reddit/ lolumadbr0

Everything is alright, and we know such messages motivate people, but we can’t get the hang of one thing, and we’re sure that most of you can’t. How does effort not require effort? It’s written that effort is a thing that doesn’t require effort. Come again?


Before you look at this image, we need to warn you. Viewer discretion is advised. A girl told her date that her favorite kind of pizza is blue cheese. The guy didn’t say much to that until he saw what blue cheese pizza was.

Image Credits: Reddit/ Imatworkgoaway

You could assume that this pizza is strange just by hearing its name. We have seen blue cheese on pizza, but that was a few small crumbles at best. This girl is on a whole new level. Does she know that blue cheese is not just cheese you leave in your fridge for a year? We regret seeing this image.


Here is another weird experiment that was not needed at all. All of it is just unnecessary chaos. Apparently, some stupid neighbor put hot charcoal right into the trash can from his grill. The results are in front of you.

Image Credits: Reddit/ TheCubeZero

Now, we don’t know if that was an experiment or just plain carelessness, but it is embarrassing, and that’s for sure. To everybody who asks, “what could go wrong?” In such situations, the image is the answer for you guys.

Completely clueless

This one is titled “completely clueless” because that’s precisely how we are all feeling after looking at this image. Someone posted that they bought a new rice cooker, and they had no idea how to use it. They were genuinely overwhelmed by their new appliance.

Image Credits: Reddit/ popularloser

She did not take half a second to realize… “Oh, wait. It’s all printed in an inverted manner.” She spent too much time thinking about what “XAM” is. Don’t get us wrong, the company made a mistake, but it does not take a genius to realize what happened.


Every customer shopping at Menard’s needs to take a good look at this image. This one is just in case you have any faith left in humanity. Take a look. It’s issued in the public interest. We won’t lie; we’re guilty of spraying the air freshener can in the aisle to smell the scent. But spray paint!

Image Credits: Reddit

The message reads that their spray paint lids are of a color that is similar to that of the finished product. Therefore, they humbly request that everybody shopping there not spray those on their aisle. Well, that’s a request now.

Well played

We all can see the huge mess that’s captured in this image. Let us tell you how it all started. The person who posted this image couldn’t move his old mattress down a flight of stairs. Looking at that, his dad suggested taking the bed apart.

Image Credits: Reddit/ ohlookmoretrash

The son did exactly that and asked his dad if it was alright now. You can see what’s happening in this image, and it’s pretty clear that it’s not alright! The dad later revealed that he was only joking about taking the mattress apart. Duh!

Big error

This time, somebody installed a door stopper without checking to see the height. Now, we’re no experts, but isn’t the first thing you’re supposed to do while installing a door stopper is check the size? Are we right, or are we right?

Image Credits: Reddit/ SilverHawk1719

We can never understand why people even do such things. Are they, like, doing it for fun, or are they so unaware of how certain things are supposed to be done? This is just plain stupid. So close, but not quite close enough.


The boys’ mom works at a bank. One day, an elderly couple came to the bank with a problem they needed to solve. The pair gave the teller money that was burnt and ruined. Can you think of the reason behind that?

Image Credits: Reddit/ ronderon

According to them, they microwaved the money to clean it from Coronavirus. Because they’re an elderly couple, this story sounds really wholesome, cute, and funny, but nonetheless, we’re out of words. We don’t know what to say other than that.

Well well

This is precisely the kind of things, well, experiments, people end up doing when they don’t think things through properly. We so badly want to know the thought process behind deciding to do something like that. If only that was possible.

Image Credits: Reddit/ CTRexPope

Buying a cute vessel to hold your oil or other food products is common. However, sometimes you end up having to still store your original bottle with just 1/4 cup of olive oil that could not fit. Why this woman did not stop pouring when she realized it did not fit is beyond us.

Casually forgetting things

Do you see a weird pattern in this image? On the floor? That’s because the person who posted this image was getting his house remodeled, and the painters over there forgot to cover the ground with plastic. Have a look.

Image Credits: Reddit/ JosephKirwan

The results of that are in front of you. That pattern is weird, but sadly, that’s the only clean part. Everything other than those few strips, the rest of the floor is a big mess that needs to be cleaned up, and trust us, that’s not an easy task.


Now, this moment is embarrassing for the parent and kid, but it’s not too bad! It is an adorable image, and it must have been a really wholesome moment in real life as well! This dad indeed stands out from the crowd.

Image Credits: Reddit/ MrNoodleIncident

But, from the image, it also seems as if other parents simply don’t care about the costume that this dad was wearing. They all seem utterly unbothered, which is also a genuinely remarkable thing. Sometimes, things aren’t as embarrassing as you think they are!

Free driveway

Apparently, this person didn’t order a driveway, let alone a concrete driveway. So, when the person laying the car park down returned to see if the customer was happy with the job, he realized that the address was wrong. Have a look.

Image Credits: Reddit/ purple-circle

Now that’s a lot of money and resources wasted on the wrong person. The guy at the correct address would’ve been furious because nobody’s there working on his new driveway! But at least the other guy got nice concrete pavement for free?


Well, this post is something that could spark a massive debate between two sides. That’s the UK Parliament, and this tweet basically consists of a collage of images where you can see the senators having a quick power nap while on the job.

Image Credits: Reddit/ thebusiestbee2

Well, but it’s also not like they’re always sleeping. Anyways, let’s keep that aside. What we can say is that the whole thread is really hilarious, and the comparison that this Twitter user has brought up is really something, isn’t it?