Notes From Kids That Left Parents In Stitches

By Aileen D

Ever found a crumpled paper with cute misspelled words and a heartfelt note? It’s like peeking into a world where everyday stuff turns magical—the world seen through kids’ eyes. Little ones have this magical knack to see things with pure wonder. From sorry notes for crayon walls to cookie pleas, these quirky messages show a world untouched by grown-up logic! They remind us amidst adult chaos, there’s a whimsical simplicity we forget. Words may not be perfect, but they’re honest—full of real feelings. Here are some of our favorite notes written by kids.

Classroom Rules

Image courtesy of orchid_breeder / Reddit

“Engage your entire brain or something.” What does that directive even entail? Our protagonist, seizing the cue, adorns her notebook with whimsical brain-shaped stick figures, determined to exercise her mental faculties. Should she excel in fractions, credit will undoubtedly be owed to her “whole brain” approach.


Image courtesy of sadiedoesscience / Reddit

This kid has the potential to be a principal or a lawyer! She has set her opening remarks with an implied request: she knows how to set boundaries—just ask her stuffed animals. The note even concluded with a straightforward request.

Another way of Looking At It

Image courtesy of Adog-75 / Reddit

Thanksgiving just passed, and the turkeys were catching their breath. But hold up, there’s this imaginative kid with a radical concept: pigeons! They’re all over the place. It’s a time to flip the script on tradition. This little prodigy proposes a shift—let’s all embrace pigeon appreciation instead. Step aside, turkey; it’s the era of the pigeon feast!

You Sure That’s Right?

Image courtesy of Earthbound_Misfit / Reddit

“Hey, sweetie, what are you up to?” Mom’s voice floated into the room. The daughter looked up from her desk, a hint of mischief in her eyes. “Just writing.” Intrigued, Mom approached, peeking at the notebook. Her eyes widened as she read the title.

Something to Say

Image courtesy of avid_life / Reddit

Sitting at her desk, Lily picked up her pen, her brows furrowing in concentration. She had something important to say, something she had been wanting to reassure her mom about. “Dear Mom,” she began; her handwriting was neat and deliberate.

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