Brain-Fart Chronicles: Times People Made A Crucial (But Entertaining) Mistake

By Jishnu B

Humans may have been designed to be superior to other creations. However, the fact remains that humans are still simple mortals. Our brains are greater than the others, albeit not flawless. Just because we have a history of innovation and greatness, it does not take away from the fact that we, too, can make petty mistakes—very frequently, actually.

There is no such thing as a perfect human being (Keanu Reeves does not count. He is an angel). We are all just mere mortals who sometimes mess up. For this listicle, we have compiled 45 hilarious photos of people forgetting things and suffering from the repercussions later. After reading these, you might want to check up on all of your home appliances.     

If The Shoe Fits

This is probably a very common mistake. Admit it; you have done it too. Getting shoes wrong is very easy, especially if you are in a rush. If you are in an informal setting, you will probably get away with this. People around will most likely have a good laugh at your expense. 

Image Credit: feltonpbeaver

However, this man seems to be in quite a pickle. He put on both shoes so that his wife could give him opinions on which looked the best. Smart man, he knows that wives know the best. Except he wasn’t as smart when he forgot to change and went to work like this. 

Impossible Burger

We hate to pull a Karen; however, we need to speak to the manager. Such an atrocity should never go unanswered. That ‘McChicken’ stamped on the wrapper seems to be mocking us with invisible chicken. If we wanted a salad, we would have gone to Sweetgreen. 

Image Credit: Wellthatsucks

This poster ordered a burger for their kid. The only problem is the lack of meat. Not a very happy meal, we’re afraid. They were generous enough to put seven slices of pickles, though. Feel free to complain and get a new burger. This time it’ll come with some meat and a dollop of spit. 

Bread With Some Crunchy Bread

Sometimes your worst enemy is yourself. We don’t have any underpaid Mcdonald’s employees to blame this time. This dude clearly angered a deity that morning. He was supposed to make a hearty PB&J sandwich. Instead, it ended up being an “idiot sandwich.”  

Image Credit: Wellthatsucks

As if things couldn’t get any worse, the bread is wheat bread. Yuck! We know that the cheez-it sandwich is going to be as dry as the desert. We hope the OP prepared a lot of water. They will need the liquid to gobble down this atrocity.

Let It Go. Unless You Are Norwegian. 

No, this is not from Frozen. This is just a representation of what happens when you make poor life decisions. When mothers refuse to take their kids to the movies because they said, “we have Frozen at home,” perhaps this is what they meant.   

Image Credit: Kjakan

This disaster happened because of a silly yet fatal mistake. When you live in an icy nordic country, you have to take certain precautions every day—like making sure you close all the windows at night. When you don’t, this will happen. 

Cool Bedroom. Who Designed The Interior? 

If you take something away from this listicle, just know that with great snow comes great responsibility. That responsibility requires you to close the doors and windows at night. If you don’t play by the rules, you will pay for it.

Image Credit: ValueMaverick

From our observations, this happens quite often. Therefore, let us offer you some advice: do not close the windows and let the snow melt. Get a vacuum with the wet setting and suction it all away. If you do that, maybe you can save your electronics and furniture.


In the wise words of King Aerys II Targaryen, “BURN THEM ALL!!!”. That’s all we have to say. If we saw that in our clothes, we would have to set fire to the house. To make matters worse, this man found this scorpion in his underwear. 

Image Credit: animasci_

There are many reasons to check your underwear. Whether it’s to check for a tear or for basic hygiene, inspecting your undies is a must. However, checking for a venomous scorpion is not a warning we would have thought necessary until now. Just imagine that thing stinging your privates! 


We would have laughed at this farce had we not suffered from the secondhand embarrassment. Currently, we are facepalming and sighing. This guy took a calculated risk. But, goodness is he bad at math. Lying is an art. If you don’t do it right, you’ll humiliate yourself. 

Image Credit: nikkimcr

He can attempt to distract us with his chiseled biceps and cigars all he wants. However, nothing ever escapes the watchful eyes of Twitter. If you mess up, you get canceled. Now he might actually go to Israel and go into hiding. 

Pizza From Hell

Look what they did to this poor thing. This pizza looks like it traveled through the pits of hell and lived to tell the tale. Frozen pizza in itself is an unrivaled abomination. However, this person hit rock bottom and somehow managed to dig lower.  

Image Credit: daddysnakeboi

Food is a blessing from the gods—you have no right to torture it. This poster tortured this poor pizza in the oven for 8 hours. Now it looks less like a pizza and more like a flat brownie. We’re surprised the house wasn’t on fire. 


At first, we thought a baby had a bad diaper blowout in the kitchen. Thankfully, that is not the case. This is actually a baked spaghetti squash dish gone wrong. The poster forgot to poke holes in the vegetable before baking it.

Image Credit:

When they tried cutting it, this is what happened. Their squash blew up and made a mess of the entire kitchen. Apparently, you have risks of explosion with hollow vegetables. Hence, you poke holes to let the air escape. It’s a good culinary lesson. We just feel bad for the wall painting. 


Instant noodles are instant for a reason. They are cheap, tasty, and, most importantly, very easy to make. If you mess up making a cup noodle, the fault is most likely yours. All you have to do is pour hot water. How can you mess that up?

Image Credit: superleo42

As it seems, you can indeed mess it up. This creation has a special place in hell. Ramen is a fine thing. Coffee is a finer thing. However, they do not belong together. Also, please find better methods to boil water.  

Cheat Sheet

All we can say is, “RIP.” Cheating is an art form. If you get away with it, you win in life. However, if you don’t, you get into embarrassing and highly dangerous situations like this. It’s safe to say that this cheat sheet fail will gain this student an ‘F.’  

Image Credit: Bigbluefartmachine

Though, we still think this unlucky student deserves an ‘A’ for effort. Look at how much they crammed into that paper. Besides, biochem exams are notorious for being painful. We all cheated in biochem during high school. Albeit, we didn’t leave the cheat sheet behind. 


Get it? Passedport? Because the passenger passed without taking their passport? We deeply apologize for the tasteless joke. We simply feel bad for the person who lost their passport. Who knew responding to the call of nature could lead them to miss their flight?

Image Credit: czmax

It’s especially tragic since their flight left two hours before their passport was found. If you were unlucky enough to lose your valuables like this, immediately contact the police and airport authorities. If you find a missing passport, you should also do the same.  

Cool Ride. Literally. 

What in the world happened here? Did this poster give Jack Frost a ride? Or maybe, perhaps, they took a ride in the Himalayas and ran face-first into an avalanche. We will never know. All we can say is a solemn “RIP” to that car—that’s going to cost a lot of money to repair. 

Image Credit: Wellthatsucks

The Redditor claimed that it was his neighbor’s car. However, we are inclined to believe that it was him, and he was too embarrassed to admit it. It’s okay, Mr. Redditor. This isn’t the worst mistake in this listicle. Things are going downhill from this point on.   

Death Of A Gamer

If you listen carefully, you might hear gamers all over the world wailing in anguish at the sight of this photo. If you are what you eat, perhaps this is what gamers have for breakfast. However, any true gamer would rather choose to swallow poison than bake their consoles. 

Image Credit: _Dahl_

This is a photo of a disciplinary action gone wrong. A mom had to hide two gaming consoles from her online-addicted children. So, she chose a very unexpected (and hazardous) spot—the oven. She would’ve gotten away with it if only the oven wasn’t on. 

The Driver Will Be Mad

Imagine being an Uber driver and finding this in your backseat. We would be furious. Those lipsticks and foundation stains will be hard to wash off. Thankfully, it’s not our car. Thus, we can happily poke fun at this situation. In our humble opinion, this is art worthy of the museum. 

Image Credit:

We wouldn’t wash it off. It would be a nice conversation starter between the driver and future passengers. However, that’s not a hygienic option. If you are traveling with heavy makeup, put on the seatbelt. Transfer-proof foundations are also a good option.

Coke Slushy

Since people learn the best from mistakes, allow us to give you a science lesson that you will never forget: water expands when it turns into ice. Hence, when you put a bottle in the freezer, you should leave some space for the ice to grow. Or else the bottle will break.  

Image Credit: Wellthatsucks

This car owner left cans of Pepsi in the backseat and forgot about it. When the temperature in the night hit -16, disaster struck. The compact cans had liquid and carbon dioxide inside them. With no space to expand, the cans burst open. Their first mistake was choosing Pepsi instead of Coke.

Minions Would Cry

There is a firm distinction between super ripe and fossilized. This bunch of bananas sadly falls under the fossilized category. Those who like to bake will definitely see the true value of softened, blackened bananas. That’s the liquid gold you need to make some bomb banana bread.   

Image Credit: Wellthatsucks

If you’re wondering when the banana is bad enough to call it rotten, you have your answer in this photo. If your banana looks like it was dehydrated with the fires of hell, you throw it away. Just make some muffins before it’s too late. 


Sometimes your mistakes can also cost other people. The car owner was notified that the parking lot would be paved. Hence, they were asked to park elsewhere on that day. The car owner clearly forgot. Thus, we have this abomination of a paving job.  

Image Credit: Wellthatsucks

This photo gives us mixed feelings. Don’t get us wrong—it’s hilarious. We are just surprised the car wasn’t towed. If we were the pavers, we would immediately call a tow truck. We would never let silly tenants get in the way of our job. 

Your Mother Should Call The Divorce Lawyer Again

We don’t know if we can call this a simple mistake. This is pure and utter tomfoolery. Why make an easy task so cumbersome? Boiling eggs is the easiest task in the world. If you manage to mess up that task, it’s no one’s fault but yours. 

Image Credit: Wellthatsucks

This person’s stepfather had shoved the boiling pot of egg in the freezer to cool it down. That in itself is a crime. However, he had the audacity to forget about it and let it turn to ice. Just run the eggs underwater. Life is already hard. Don’t make it more complicated. 


This photo is foul on so many levels. Tiktok has promoted a myriad of stupidity. However, dyeing expensive shoes in food is among the worst things. Dipping Nike shoes in coffee is dumb. First of all, they don’t look good. The color looks like you had a long day in the fields. 

Image Credit: Wellthatsucks

Secondly, the Nike Air Force is expensive. A pair costs around $150. We understand the appeal of painting them. However, boiling them in coffee makes no sense. This person took it up several notches. They forgot they dyed their shoes. Due to not drying them, they became nasty and moldy like this.  

Roasted Spatula

Don’t show this to Gordon Ramsey. The poor guy will have a stroke. Speaking of Gordon Ramsey, this person should be featured on Hell’s Kitchen. We would happily pay a thousand dollars to watch Gordon roast this person like they roasted this poor spatula. 

Image Credit: jonek1999

We are also wondering how the poster plans on getting rid of the smell. There is no doubt that the slice of lasagna is beyond inedible. If you have ever smelt burnt plastic, you know how horrid it is. There is no doubt the house will smell for the next week. 

Washed Up

There is a reason why we refuse to share earphones with others. Many don’t understand the importance of cleaning their ear electronics, and it is infuriating. Who wants to look at a bunch of earwax clogged up in the ear socket? It’s important to maintain hygiene. 

Image Credit: No-Self7717

This person had the right spirit. However, the execution was disastrous. It is safe to say the AirPods will never play any songs ever again. This is especially painful as they cost around $150. Apple is also at fault for this. At such a price range, why did they not make their product water-resistant? 

Fueled Up

Normally, when crimes happen, you go to the police and ask them for their assistance. However, what if the police themselves were the ones to cause mischief? Who do you report to when the police themselves are the criminals? This photo is raising such questions in us. 

Image Credit: QuasarsRcool

As you can see, the fuel hose was still in the tank when this police car drove off. That’s theft, right? There is probably a worker in the gas station wondering where the hose has gone. Little do they know, it was taken by the law keepers. 

Frozen Broom

Not all mistakes are abominations. In the wise words of Bob Ross, these are just happy accidents! This broom had disobeyed the laws of gravity and stood still on its own. Perhaps this is the real broom of a witch. 

Image Credit: Charles_W_Morgan

The poster had leaned the snow broom against their car after cleaning up the driveway. The broom was there in that position for quite a while. Hence, the winter solidified its stance. Even when the car drove away, the broom stood tall. It doesn’t intend to take the fall for their mistake.

Extra Waffles!

This is yet another instance of a happy accident. The poster must have done something good that week; hence, the divinity had rewarded them. It’s like finding 100 dollars in your old, abandoned jeans. You did not expect it. Nevertheless, you are overjoyed to have it.  

Image Credit: FrustratedLemonPrint

The poster’s mother had made waffles for them that morning. However, the plate tragically disappeared even though the mother had sworn she had made a waffle. The poster was given another one to compensate for the lost one. When they tried grabbing a fork from the drawer, the lost waffle miraculously appeared.  


It really is your own people who betray you. This unfortunate person was stranded upstairs due to their father’s mistake. Their home was being renovated. That fateful day the stairs were torn apart for reconstruction. Unluckily, the stranded poster woke to see this catastrophe.

Image Credit:

Luckily for us, we are introverts. If we were given an opportunity to stay in our room for an entire day, we would not complain. This person may not feel the same, and that’s understandable. We are only wondering if there is a bathroom upstairs.    

Buckle Up!

Improvise. Adapt. Overcome. This fellow must have been a Bear Grylls fanboy. He made a mistake by forgetting his belt at home. However, he knew how to make proper use of his brain. This genius young man made a 200 IQ move by making his own makeshift paper belt. 

Image Credit:

While his situation is hilarious, we must condemn schools for this ridiculous belt policy. The school officials should not concern themselves with how the students keep their pants up. There is no point in giving students punishment for something so trivial. 

Oh No

When you see this photo, everything seems okay at first. People by the river are enjoying themselves. They are laughing and soaking in the beauty of NYC fireworks. However, it starts going downhill when you see the person in front ‘recording’ the fireworks. See how nothing is actually recording? 

Image Credit: vanderpumptools

That’s because they never pressed the record button in the first place. The poor man stood like that for fifteen minutes, yet there was no video of the fireworks. In their defense, the goal was to live in the moment and savor the beauty. They were so immersed they forgot to press the button. 

Something Is Missing

At first, we thought this person was using the coffee maker like a griddle for pancakes. In actuality, the OP forgot to add something important to their morning coffee that day. That vital item is a coffee mug. We’re just grateful that this wasn’t a dumb life hack. 

Image Credit:

Honestly, we get it. Mornings are hard. Many of us cannot properly wake up without a dose of good caffeine. Everything seems blurry before a sip of coffee. Hence, we are not too surprised this happened. Judging from this listicle, it could have been way worse. 

Plain Cookies

It’s like taking the magic out of Disneyland. How could they make chocolate chip cookies without any chocolate chips? This person must have been drunk while making these cookies. This is no plausible explanation for why they could do this over and over again without realizing that something was wrong. 

Image Credit:

It is a mystery that has no answer, and it is keeping us at night. They rolled about 50 cookies on that parchment sheet. Not once did they stop and wonder if something was missing. The only way to fix this is to melt chocolate and coat the cookies in it. 


No, we are not talking about the Disney movie. We are talking about literal tangled wires. This is why we prefer wireless devices. Sure they have a higher risk of getting lost. However, at least they don’t require us to spend hours untangling cords. 

Image Credit:

These earphones are as good as gone. The poster unleashed their rumba on their home while these poor things were on the floor. You can imagine what happened next. Just thinking of untangling these is giving us anxiety. Just buy a knockoff pair of AirPods. 


If irony could be visualized, this photo would be it. It seems like a harmless pack of purple wristbands, right? Well, these are actually meant for patients diagnosed with Alzheimer’s—a form of dementia that leads to loss of memory. It’s a tragic disease.  

Image Credit:

Ironically, this clinic worker forgot to distribute these wristbands among the patients. Do the symptoms seem familiar? It seems like someone is on the wrong side of the desk. Jokes aside, if you have the funds, you should donate to Alzheimer’s research. 

The Dopest X-ray

Any visit to the doctor is nerve-wracking. It is even worse when you have to go to the dentist. That is rarely a pleasant experience. Tooth pain is among the worst pains you can experience. The dentist will, of course, heal you, though it will come with some pain.

Image Credit: maggiemoocorgipoo

This man, however, had the best experience. If you have ever taken an X-ray, you may recall being instructed to take you off any metal or plastic objects. Those get in the way of scanning. This person forgot to take off their glasses. Hence, we have this masterpiece. 

An Unwanted Paint Job

We wonder if this could be called vandalism. Poor lady did not have the best day, clearly. Her home was going through a renovation. When she tried climbing up the ladder, a forgotten bowl of paint dropped on her. As you can see, her hair was covered in white paint.   

Image Credit: JosephKirwan

We must applaud her for taking this so well. We probably would have freaked out. This could have easily gone downhill. She could have severely hurt her head. Though, we are certain her hair and scalp and hair took some damage. We recommend that she visit a hairdresser.  

You Mama’d Your Last-a Mia

A word of advice for this poster: if you see someone of Italian descent on the streets, run for the hills. After the way you tortured this unfortunate plate of pasta, do not expect the Italians to greet you nicely. We all know how Italians do not mess around with their food. 

Image Credit: yanbochen

First of all, this person had the audacity to microwave good mushroom pasta. They crossed the line when they forgot about it for a whole week. The mushroom pasta remained in the microwave and grew mushrooms of its own. This person belongs in Alcatraz.  

Someone Just Became Homeless

It’s a painful thing to admit; however, we have all done this. For introverts like us, going home is the highlight of the day. Nothing can ever offer you the same comfort your bed can. That excitement is often hazardous as it causes security hazards like this. 

Image Credit:

This person took it up several notches. They left their car and house keys in public. We are happy for the person that took the picture, though. They struck gold. Now they have a free car and a house. We predict the owner of the keys will definitely come back—on foot.  

Candle Disaster

We will make another prediction, and this time it’s definitely accurate. This person will probably go bankrupt from plumbing bills. This mysterious glue may seem like alien blood at first. However, it’s actually a candle that has been burning overnight. It melted and clogged the drain. 

Image Credit:

To be fair, they got off way too easily. This could have easily escalated into a deadly situation. What if the house went up in flames while everyone was snoozing? Clogged drains should be the least of their worries. People could have died. 


Pirates need dental care too! If we were the dentist, we would have treated this handsome man free of charge. How else do you honor a man with the confidence to walk around in a pirate costume? Who knows, maybe we would even take a picture and use it as an advertisement. 

Image Credit: Possibly_

This adorable situation occurred when the man in a pirate costume forgot about his dentist appointment. He was already in the pirate costume and didn’t have enough time to change. Hence, he fabulously arrived like this. This mishap is not so bad. In fact, it is kind of cute.

Divorce Lawyer 

The wife of this man probably has the divorce lawyer on speed dial. If Satan met him, he would say, “Well, I just wanna say that I’m a huge fan.” The husband belongs in hell. However, he deserves to go to heaven for making us laugh so hard.

Image Credit:

This menace-to-society man pulled the cleverest and cruelest prank on his wife. She forgot to pass him the car seat for his fussy baby. When she asked how he planned on carrying him, the husband sent her this photo. After that, he turned off his phone for four hours.   


We apologize. We have no suggestions to salvage this problem. We can only give this guy a solemn “RIP” and wish him luck. You should know that we once forgot to thaw the frozen chicken. Our mother was not happy, and neither were we.  

Image Credit:

If you don’t know how to make that crockpot miraculously cook all the food before your wife gets home, you need to leave. Move to Mexico and change your name. If not, order the most delicious takeout and make your wife forget this ever happened. 


Remember that guy who burnt their frozen pizza to a crisp? We hate to say it, but we found another guy who outdid the previous fellow. If people could be sent to jail for food crimes, this person would end up in solitary confinement. 

Image Credit:

He had the audacity to forget his pizza in the trunk of his car and let it rot for days. We will never understand people who forget where they left their food. People like us think of food 24/7, forgetting it is not an option. 

Too Hot

A turkey died for this, can you believe it? Thanksgiving is going to smell like burnt plastic. Good luck explaining it to the guests. Grandma will definitely give you the stink eye and lecture you about how real men don’t need such pesky devices in the kitchen. 

Image Credit:

And you know what? She would be right about that. Why would one need a meat thermometer anyway? If the oven is hot enough to melt plastic, your turkey should also be cooked. This oven possibly radiates hellfire. We’re surprised the bird wasn’t cremated. 

Free Floor Remodel

You have our condolences. Or should we congratulate you? Honestly, we have no idea. This person hired renovators to remodel their doors. Little did they know the remodeled doors came with a free remodeled floor. Albeit, the former floor was perfectly good hardwood floors. 

Image Credit:

This looks like someone took some firewood and randomly scattered them on the snow. The renovators forgot to put a protective mat over the floor, which is why this happened. We hope the renovation company has insurance to pay for this damage. 


We have so many unanswered questions. If we can’t solve this mystery, we probably will not be getting any sleep tonight. What in the world happened here? How could there be a random set of teeth left on the sidewalk? 

Image Credit:

The poster claimed the owner of the teeth ran off after stealing their air pump. That does not explain why they forgot their teeth. Redditors theorize that there must have been a fistfight between the two parties. Some say the other person may have been intoxicated.  

Ice Ice baby

Remember that Tom and Jerry episode where they made an indoor ice floor with their refrigerator? Well, this is the same fridge. Just kidding, it’s not the same one. However, it is very believable. This ice maker is cold enough to trigger a second Ice Age.  

Image Credit:

This person has nothing to worry about during summer days. They could switch the air conditioner off and still stay cool during the hot days. This person should also consider throwing a fun liquor party. That much ice is perfect for beverages and gatherings.