Company Creates Doggy Doppelgängers And The Results Are Adorable

By Aileen D

If you’re a fur parent, then you know that dogs are pretty much furry children. You have to make sure they’re healthy and well, feed them, bathe them, and even play with them. Just like human children, fur kids love to play with toys. Some take pleasure in tearing them up, while others happily curl up with them for years on end.

Many pet owners try to find plushies that look like their furry friends, but it’s almost impossible since every cat, dog, and bunny has unique markings. Worse yet, most toys are made in factories and therefore aren’t stuffed with love.

Luckily for discouraged pet owners, there’s a company (Petsies) that makes custom stuffed animal versions of their lovable pets. Scroll down to see some of the sweetest pets twinning with their stuffed doppelgänger.

“But I’m Not”

Not that this fur dog needs one, but his parents thought that he might do well having a buddy by his side. His new bud could show him around the house and make sure that he wouldn’t bump into sharp corners or walls…what with him being blind and all.

Image courtesy of @petsies / Instagram

But after seeing this plush toy, we’re inclined to think that it’s his buddy that will need the house tour. With X number of years under this dog’s belt, he knows the ins and outs of his home, whereas this plush dog doesn’t have a clue.

Tough Luck

This boy’s parents had trouble making a baby; it was even a miracle that he was born. So, when he begged his folks to give him a baby brother, all they could do was bring him to the pet shelter and have him pick a four-legged friend.

Image courtesy of @petsies / Instagram

Of course, it wasn’t enough for this young boy to have just one sibling. He had to have two. It helps to have two furballs he can wrap his arms around. Now, his parents don’t hear him complain about being an only child anymore.

Who’s There?

There have been numerous reports of robberies around the neighborhood, except for this house. That’s because this secure home is guarded by this terrifying doggo and his equally scary friend. Look at them making their rounds, scoping out potential threats.

Image courtesy of @petsies / Instagram

Who’s there?” This dog’s ears twitched. He lay still, making sense of the noise he heard inside the room. He knew his dad was out at work. He gruffs to tell his friend, “you take that side. I’ll take this.” They find out it was just a bird pecking at the window.

To the Spot

After seeing this masterpiece, many fur parents sought the services of the toy plushie company Petsies. All you have to do is message them on Instagram, including a picture of your favorite homeboy/girl to replicate. Within a month, your pup will have a younger photocopy of themself.

Image courtesy of @petsies / Instagram

Look at that! Petsies got every spot down to a tee. It is almost unbelievable what they can do with some embroidery floss, fabric markers, beads, and stuffing. And plenty of love, of course. Do you think Flapjack gave his Mini-me a name?

Burst of Energy

Joggers know better than to catch their breath in front of this house. Once they pass the blue mailbox, they know there is no turning back. They might have made the mistake once, and they were chased down by these two unforgiving critters.

Image courtesy of @petsies / Instagram

Just when they thought that there was no breath left in them, they were startled to find that they had the energy to run an extra kilometer away. These dogs had come so close to leaving a mark on their ankle, the thought of it only made them sweat more.

“Feed Me First”

You can expect this Husky to make a lot of noise around mealtime. She keeps on howling the same requests to her fur mom. “Feed me first!” And when her fur mom does, she howls yet again, minutes after “second round, please!

Image courtesy of @petsies / Instagram

Ever since her fur parents have gotten her this pet plushie, she has gained gusto in eating the meals they prep for her. Might it be that this Husky thinks that pet plushy will empty her bowl when she isn’t looking? It seems like the likeliest reason.

Safety First

This fur mom was so excited to give this gift to her dog. When the big day came, she called her pup to the living room and showed him his copycat. Instead of rushing toward it, her fur baby did the most unusual thing…

Image courtesy of @petsies / Instagram

He sniffed its butt. Well, that might sound rude, or downright odd for us sensible humans, but in the dog world, that’s just a way of knowing whether another dog is a friend or foe. Once this fur baby found out that this dog was not a threat, he licked its face.

Seeing Normally

This fur mom was worried that her dog would never be able to adjust to life with just one eye. He had lost one in a freak accident with a stray dog. So, she got him this plushie to cheer him up and make him feel like he belongs.

Image courtesy of @petsies / Instagram

Do you think this mom made a wise choice when she ordered a pet plushie made in this furball’s likeness? At first, he was hesitant to approach it, what with his fear of stray dogs, but over time he realized that this pet plushie was harmless.

Which is which?

In case you’re wondering why so many pet owners are having this toy company make pet plushies of their pets, look no further. They do such an awesome job at it that some owners can’t tell which is a toy and which needs to go on a walk.

Image courtesy of @petsies / Instagram

We’ll give you five seconds to figure out which is which. In case you want to know the answer, all you have to do is call out “here, boy,” and the real one will scramble to greet you. How about giving it a try?

Policy Exchange

Unlike other fur moms, this woman wasn’t satisfied and wanted a refund. She thought that the pet plushie she had ordered did not resemble her furball. For one, the pet plushie’s fur color was a shade lighter than her dog’s. Can you spot more than one difference?

Image courtesy of @petsies / Instagram

It looked years younger than her beloved furball. Third, both its ears stood alert for any noise in the environment, whereas her dog always had one ear all scrunched up. Do you think she deserves a 100% refund or not?


This furball is the gentlest dog you will ever meet. But the neighborhood dogs don’t know that and refuse to play with him. Do you wonder why? That is because the other dogs find his differently shaded eyes odd. “What’s up with that?

Image courtesy of @petsies / Instagram

That is why his fur mom got him another friend — one who looks just like him. The other dogs don’t treat him as a stranger anymore. Now, it’s almost like they want to have differently shaded eyes too. “Hey, where can we get those lenses?

Wrong Move

If you ever plan to get your own toy plushie for your furball, we would suggest that you first have them groomed at a salon. Otherwise, your pet plushie may look every bit as disheveled, albeit adorable, as this doggo.

Image courtesy of @petsies / Instagram

Now, this fur mom has to pay double when she has her furball groomed. That is the only way for that pet plushie to mirror the real pup. That would mean twice the expenses. So think twice before sending in a picture.

Got to Have Both of Everything

One other thing we might have forgotten to tell you is that you should be prepared to buy two things of item. You wouldn’t want that pet plushie to howl or bark in jealousy upon seeing your real pupper sporting a bandana around his neck, would you?

Image courtesy of @petsies / Instagram

And we have heard reports that there are some dogs who throw a fit at seeing their toy plushie not sporting the same attire as they are. Don’t say we didn’t warn you. These puppers are pretty protective of their plush buddies.

Who Would Have Thought

This dog’s fur parents had a small fight about spending money on a plush toy. On one hand, mom was sure this German Shepherd would hate it. “She’ll only tear it to bits! What a waste of money.” On the other hand, he knew what their dog would do.

Image courtesy of @petsies / Instagram

This fur dad guessed correctly saying that this German Shepherd would take kindly to the toy plushie. Just as he foresaw, this furry dog gently carried the toy plushie by the scruff of its neck to enjoy the summer warmth in the backyard.

In An Alternate Universe

These fur parents couldn’t imagine life without this cute one in a happy mood. They might even say the dog doesn’t know how to bite. If an intruder came into the house, this fur ball might be the one to flee!

Image courtesy of @petsies / Instagram

So to balance the odds, they had this pet plushie created just like him, except that it’s the exact opposite in temperament. Whereas their real furball is a scaredy dog, this pet plushie is always growling and his brows are knit in aggression.


This dog spends his time looking at photo albums, seeing how cute he was as a pup. He can’t believe his eyes. He looks at his fur mom and presses his paw against the album. “Is that really me?” But of course, all his fur mom really hears is, “woof woof.”

Image courtesy of @petsies / Instagram

He thought his barks had fallen on deaf ears, when one day, his mom gave him this toy plushie. It looked just like the puppy he had seen in the photo albums. “Is this really me?” he exclaims. He couldn’t believe how much of a cutie he was… and still is!

In Stores

With her gorgeous looks and healthy mane of hair, this dog had always known that she would become a model one day. Just two months shy of her birthday, she was chosen to become the muse of Petsies. Here’s a prototype.

Image courtesy of @petsies / Instagram

We can’t say that this dog looks every bit as glamorous as the real pupper, but Petsies was able to capture that, too, in no time. Soon they were producing dozens, if not hundreds, of these pet plushies to line the shelves of every household.

Seat of Honor

Everyone in this household knows better than to occupy this seat of honor. This dog makes sure you won’t make the same mistake twice. He will growl at you until you move to give him some space to sit on his favorite couch cushion.

Image courtesy of @petsies / Instagram

But ever since he got this toy plushie, he has forfeited the best seat in the house to let his plush double sit on it. “Here you go, buddy.” This dog’s parents never thought he had a shred of generosity in him. But it’s nice to know that they were proven wrong.

What Gives

Without knowing why, this fur mom often finds her dog growling in the living room. When she checks in on him, she will see her dog and the plush toy laying on their belly like this. Guess he’s getting frustrated that this plush toy keeps mimicking him.

Image courtesy of @petsies / Instagram

He covers his face with one paw, and just as quickly, the plush toy does the same. He stands on all four paws, and the plushie jumps to mirror him. He chases his tail and the toy does an equally good job of getting dizzy.


We don’t know about you but this picture seems like a page out of a ’90s sitcom. You have got the pastel white colors in the background, the shrill voice of a housewife, and the 100-dollar grooming job spent on these furballs.

Image courtesy of @petsies / Instagram

You could expect daddy to come home just shy of 3 pm, after playing golf with his colleagues, or after flying home from a cross-country trip. This dog and its plush toy will eagerly welcome the man of the house as he enters.

Dearly Missed

These parents thought it was too early for their kid to understand the concept of death. So to ease their kid into it, they asked that the company create a plush toy that resembled their dog who had just recently passed away.

Image courtesy of @petsies / Instagram

While this boy’s parents have gone a long way in explaining where the dog went and just how long their beloved dog will be away, he has got this plush toy to spend the afternoons with. Of course, no one, or nothing can ever take the place of the real pupper.

Favorite Position

Anytime anyone mentions this dog’s name, an image of this furball comes to mind — poised, calm, and elegant. This dog knows where to lay her paws and people can’t imagine her doing anything but. Just look at her, sitting like a princess.

Image courtesy of @petsies / Instagram

Of course, her fur parents had to create a pet plushie as poised as she was. If it failed to show her finesse, then they would demand a full refund. But seeing how this plushie turned out, they couldn’t have been happier.

Forever Remembered

Whereas the young boy had a hard time understanding what happened to his pet dog, this young girl cried…a lot. She had lost her grandma at a young age and had come to grasp that gone, meant forever. And while she wasn’t ready to say goodbye to her dog just yet…

Image courtesy of @petsies / Instagram

…she had this plush toy to remember him by. She takes the critter with her on the way to the park, tries to prepare a bowl of treats, and even combs his fur when it gets too frizzy. This girl makes sure to whisper a prayer for her dog just before she sleeps.

Look Twice

Of all the pet plushies on this list, this one seems the most realistic. We even had to look twice to make sure that we would put the collar on the right one. You wouldn’t be able to tell by just one look. Go ahead, try!

Image courtesy of @petsies / Instagram

Now is that a masterpiece or what? We guess that is what consistent effort brings you. This company’s plushies have evolved from being mere toys to becoming realistic keepsakes of their fur babies. They’re great companions for both the two- and four-legged family members.

Fourth of July

They only had a couple of minutes to spare before going out the door. You could smell the excitement in the air. This dog barks at his fur dad as if to say, “quick! Get my coat and tie.” Dad gladly obliges and puts the tie on.

Image courtesy of @petsies / Instagram

He lets the furball choose what color of ribbon he and his toy plushie will wear. Then dad rummages through the closet to find them the right shade of coat that will go with either one. In less than a minute, both are out of the door.

Two Snobs

This fur mom regrets getting a toy plushie for her little furball. If any, it might have made the latter act worse. She had always known that the critter was snobby and even temperamental, but she hadn’t expected the same from this toy plushie, too.

Image courtesy of @petsies / Instagram

Now, this toy plushie growls at their fur mom as if he can’t recognize her. The nearer she gets to the pair, the slower she walks. “Hey now, I’m just going to hand you a bowl of treats. Here you go.” Then the real furball rushes to empty the dish.

For Halloween

With Halloween around the corner, these two discussed what creatures they would dress as. “How about Dracula?” “Ew. I prefer mine to be a little more complex.” “Okay then, how about Santa?” “Oh come on, you can do better.” “Well, how about crocs?

Image courtesy of @petsies / Instagram

That did it for these two. They asked their fur mom if they could drop by the nearest store to shop for a croc costume, and she gladly obliged. Now, all that’s left to prepare is a murky pond and some mud to put those toys and treats in!

“Bring Him To Me”

Talk about bad timing. Just when these fur parents brought the toy plushie home, this furball had gotten himself into a mess. They decided to show him the toy plushie but kept it away from him until the end of the week.

Image courtesy of @petsies / Instagram

This furball couldn’t do anything but look at it from afar. He cried for his fur mom. “Bring it down, please?” She ignored him and even cast a sharp look. “Think about what you did.” This furball licked his lips and promised never to tear the pillows up again.

Peas in A Pod

This fur ball has always felt like he was different with his unique pair of eyes. Humans would shoo him away, and dogs would fight him to get off the property. But since getting this plushie, he hasn’t felt as lonely.

Image courtesy of @petsies / Instagram

Now, he can see himself in a new light. And he has become more confident when going out of the house, and even approaching humans. Whereas before he would hesitantly approach them, tail tucked in between his legs, now it was wagging frantically.

Outta the Box

This dog’s fur parents tried so hard to keep this toy plushie their little secret… at least until their furball’s birthday. But they couldn’t hide it for long when their dog sniffed his way to their room and found this petsie who looked just like him.

Image courtesy of @petsies / Instagram

Now that the secret was out of the bag — or, box — his fur parents couldn’t do anything but introduce him to the new addition to the family. He was excited about the gift, but he was doubly excited to be seated inside the carton box.

For the Win

Saturday evening is family game night. This week, it’s charades. Everyone takes turns acting out a phrase or a word for the opposing team to guess. This doggo is certain that he and his toy plushie will guess it in 60 seconds or less.

Image courtesy of @petsies / Instagram

And just as he had hoped, they were able to guess the word in 20 seconds. They didn’t break a sweat. They were sitting like this, poised the whole time, cool as cucumbers at barking the right answer. The winner got treats.

“Just Let Me Boop Him”

These fur parents are about to teach this dog a valuable lesson. “You should play nice with strangers.” They put this toy plushie on the container and that was enough to pique this dog’s attention. He sniffs this toy plushie and asks his parents…

Image courtesy of @petsies / Instagram

…”please let him down. Just let me boop him.” His parents don’t give in so easily. Each day that he acts friendly towards this plushie, they put him an inch closer to the edge of the kitchen top. Eventually, this plushie meets the dog eye-to-eye and they become the best of friends.


This fur mom swears by how well the toy company has crafted their plushie. There are times she turns to the toy, throws a ball, and then yells at it to “catch!” The ball lands center of the plushie’s eyes and it’s only then that this fur mom realizes her mistake.

Image courtesy of @petsies / Instagram

Meanwhile, her furball hears the commotion and peeks around the door just to see what is going on. This fur mom breaks into a laugh and then invites the dog for an embrace. She pats at the space next to her and the dog occupies it.

“You Do This Shift”

It was difficult for both of them at the beginning. But over time, this dog and his pet plushie were able to agree to a common schedule. “I’ll take the mornings and you take the graveyard shift.” The plushie didn’t say a word. “Silence means yes!”

Image courtesy of @petsies / Instagram

The dog laid his head on the couch and then closed his eyes. He heard a noise in the next room and then grumbled to the plushie next to him “your shift, remember?” He fell into a deep slumber and then woke up to the plushie manning the house.

Paw-fect Family

Just like some human couples, this canine pair was never able to conceive their own pups. No worries, though. Their fur parents ordered a duo of plushies to take after their photogenic looks and good-natured character. Here they pose for a family pic.

Image courtesy of @petsies / Instagram

These two were trying to order the two plushies to stand by the side. “Stand tall. Remember to let your tongue out as the man says cheese.” The plushies follow without question and they get this paw-fect family photo printed within the hour.

Mind the Bite

Admit it; there are some dogs that look way cuter than others. This dog was pretty much frowned upon for his underbite. But wait until you see his pet plushie. That toy makes that unattractive underbite so cute, it’s to die for.

Image courtesy of @petsies / Instagram

When asked, this furball tells us, he has grown into his underbite. It’s not like you can see that many dogs sporting the same look. So it’s one defining feature. He may not run as fast. He may not be quick on his feet. But he is unforgettable.

Seltzer Water, Please

Everyone knows this diva. She only eats Ultimate Nutra Complete, bathes in purified water, and has her fur done by a professional. Photographers pay double just to get her to model dog accessories. She’s basically the Kim K in the canine world.

Image courtesy of @petsies / Instagram

Here you will see her poised perfectly with her pet plushie acting as a cushion. She knows all her best angles and changes accordingly with each frame. These pictures cost a whopping $50 each, or worse, auctioned to the highest bidder.

“Who, Me?”

This fur mom is at her wit’s end. She has been so ever since she got her furball a plushie. Every time she asked her furball a question, the dog would raise his ears, cock his head and then ask, “who. Me?” Mom had no choice but to say, “Yes, you!

Image courtesy of @petsies / Instagram

She was so tempted to throw that plushie out, or tell her furry baby, “there’s no one else in the room except you and me, so yea, I’m speaking to you.” But she couldn’t bear to shout at her furball who was looking at her like this.

Teaching A New Dog Some Tricks

Once a dog welcomes you into his pack, you reap the benefits and the protection the alpha will give. Just look at this pet pitbull right here, being taught tricks by the old dog. They’re at the park eyeing some bothersome squirrels.

Image courtesy of @petsies / Instagram

“Easy does it.” This pitbull tells the toy plushie. “Wait for them to close their eyes and then that’s when you make a mad dash. I suggest that you go for the fat ones. They’re too heavy to scram, or to claw at you as you take offense.”

Best Gift

This young mom prides herself on being frugal, but every once in a while, she splurges. She carefully considers what she’ll buy herself — a car, a phone, or a keepsake. She finds herself staring at the collar her dog once wore.

Image courtesy of @petsies / Instagram

This plushie might have cost her a couple of extra bucks (she wanted it delivered quicker than usual), but she has no regrets. Now, she can pet this plushie whenever she remembers her favorite furball. “Rest well pupper. Mommy misses you.”