Philadelphia Barber Gives Back To The Community

By Stephen M

Photo credit: @empoweringcuts_ / Instagram

The act of kindness has no bonds or limitations. Therefore, you don’t need to have millions to give back to society or the people around you. All you need is the desire and eagerness, and you’ll go really far and help a lot of people. This is precisely what Philadelphia barber, Joshua Santiago, is proving.

For about six years now, he has been giving children, the homeless, and veterans free haircuts. His act of kindness has also been extended to those who don’t have money to pay for his services. He has so far rendered such services to more than 8000 people and more to come.

Photo credit: @empoweringcuts_ / Instagram

Santiago’s kind act is now known thanks to the @Goodable Twitter page. The page known for echoing good deeds by people in a recent post celebrated the barber for his kind work. The reaction to the post was massive, and here are a few of them.

What a wonderful thing!

This is just beautiful.

God bless you for having an understanding heart!

Joshua Santiago is more proof that Angels are moving among us. Bless You

You do not have to be rich to be able to give back to society. Ppl like Joshua have proved it over and over again. You just need a big heart not always a biggg bank balance!

We have one in Manchester too!

#JoshuaSantiago Barber Extraordinaire!”

If you are able to give back to your community in any way, we can assure you they’ll appreciate it!