Right Place At The Right Time: 40 Unplanned Hilarious Moments That Made Us Believe In Serendipity

By Jishnu B

It’s undeniable that the internet has made our lives a lot brighter with billions of memes (and hilarious cat videos). The world is a funny place, and all of us have been in situations where we wish we could save the laughs for posterity’s sake. Thankfully, the internet has limitless storage, so we can always go back to whatever funny video or meme we saw and share it with friends and family whenever, wherever.

When these funny moments happen unintentionally, it’s somehow even more hilarious. Wondering where you can find such content? Well, there’s a subreddit called “Accidental Comedy” that has more than 800k members who have dedicated themselves to compiling all the accidental fails they can. We picked 40 of our favorites to share with you, and we hope you laugh your hearts out!

Cat In A Box

Look at that sweet little kitty and its pretty eyes! If you’ve ever lived in a household with a cat, you know that boxes are their absolute favorite thing. If you bring one home, it’s game over. It doesn’t matter how small it is; the cat will find a way to ‘melt’ into the box.  

Image Credit: @AccidentalComedy/ Reddit

This cat owner and their furbaby found themselves in such a predicament. The kitty crawled into the carton as soon as it saw it. Little did it know that it was lending its eyes to the lady on the box! We can’t help but think of cat eye makeup every time we look at it!

A Foreseen Disaster

This is an ‘Oh no’ situation indeed. Just imagine ordering a nice, quirky mug enthusiastically online, waiting several days for it to get to your hands, paying for the shipping and additional charges, and then you’re presented with this tragedy. Your mug is in pieces, just like your hopeful heart. 

Image Credit: @AccidentalComedy/ Reddit

Most people who shop online have come across this painful occurrence plenty of times. It sucks when the seller doesn’t wrap the products with bubble wrap. However, there is something very ominous and hilarious about this particular broken mug. It’s almost as if it foresaw its future! 

Cookie Monster

If you grew up watching Sesame Street like us, you definitely know this guy. He has been on the silver screen since 1967, so there’s hardly anyone who wouldn’t recognize his blue fur and googly eyes. Despite his obsession with cookies, he makes sure to inspire healthy eating habits among kids. 

Image Credit: @AccidentalComedy/ Reddit

It’s only fitting that he would reside in a kitchen cabinet. Imagine the kids sneaking out at night to smuggle some snacks, and instead, they are confronted by the judgmental gaze of the cookie monster! If someone broke in here, they’d probably faint in shock. 

Panorama Cams

Oh, panorama. You are so wonderful, yet so disastrous. Those who have smartphones probably have a panorama option in the camera. It can be quite a helpful feature. You just have to move your camera in a straight line, and you’ll be rewarded with a wide-angle photo.   

Image Credit: @AccidentalComedy/ Reddit

However, catastrophe occurs when you don’t follow the instructions. If you keep moving during a panorama shot, be prepared for a deformed visage. This guy was getting some scenic photos during a hike, but sadly, he ended up looking like a randomized Sims character. Treat this as a PSA and stay still during panorama.    

Food Is Good 

Getting a job is a crucial part of everyone’s life. It doesn’t matter if it’s small or just not prestigious — employment teaches you how the real world works and makes you develop many skills that are required to survive. A job is more than just financial security.

Image Credit: @AccidentalComedy/ reddit

Of course, this guy is deserving of praise. However, the situation became hilarious when another user made a typo. No wonder his username has biscuits in it. It’s also serendipitous how ‘good’ was replaced with ‘food’ because a job is a means to ensure you have food! Cheers to you, OP!

Status: Running

We’re sure most of you are familiar with the DC superhero, “Flash.” He was designed all the way back in 1940. Since then, he has been making appearances in comics, cartoons, and movies. In case you didn’t know, “Flash” can defy the laws of physics by running and thinking inhumanly fast. 

Image Credit: @AccidentalComedy/ Reddit

The Flash franchise is on the rise these days. Not only can you see him in the new Justice League movies, but there is also a TV show about him. One netizen started to watch the movie online, and when they checked the status, they witnessed a laughable double meaning. Of course, Flash is running!

Pixar’s Attempt At A Joke

By this point in life, we have all heard of “Yo Mama” jokes. Depending on where you grew up, you either love them or you just can’t stand them. Some are effortlessly funny, while others can be a bit more crass, even bordering on offensive. Still, they’re quite popular. 

Image Credit: @AccidentalComedy/ Reddit

Who knew Pixar would also jump on this bandwagon? We have all cried at their gut-wrenchingly beautiful movies, like Toy Story. However, they decided to shed their wholesome image to make a mom joke on Mother’s Day using “Buzz Lightyear’s” iconic catchphrase; ‘To infinity and beyond.’    

Ironic Architecture

This is either the best or the worst college for architecture. It all depends on whether the design was intentional or not. As you can see, the college claims to teach planning. But the question is, did they actually plan this or not?

Image Credit: @AccidentalComedy/ Reddit

If they did this on purpose, then the university’s administration are absolute comedy geniuses. However, if this was an accident, it’d most definitely raise questions regarding the quality of the institution. We were unable to find where the college is, so many people insisted that the photo was simply Photoshopped.

Eat A Clock

It’s quite hard to function when your friend does not share your sense of humor. It’s even worse when they don’t snack on clocks like you do. The fellow on the left side of the conversation was probably going to make a banging eight o’clock pun. However, luck wasn’t on their side. 

Image Credit: @AccidentalComedy/ Reddit

Sadly, this poor soul was prevented from delivering the punchline, which is a strange kind of heartbreak in itself. We hope this fellow is okay. Hopefully, they found another friend who likes to eat clocks. That way, they could happily deliver their punchlines together.   

Kicking The Author

This book is not only a New York Times bestseller but also the best unintentional joke of the month. Many don’t know how to navigate the spine of the book. Because of our reading habits, most of us tend to read things horizontally. It’s not in our instincts to read vertically.

Image Credit: @AccidentalComedy/ Reddit

We are sure that by now, you have seen that apathetic white cat meme with the screaming blonde lady. This book would perfectly fit into that meme format. It depends on how you interpret things. If you see it the fun way, you’ll read “The Girl Who Kicked Steig.”

Logan Paul

If you were active on Youtube around 2017-2018, you are probably familiar with the shenanigans of the Paul brothers. Logan Paul, the older of the two, went viral in 2017 when he filmed a deceased man in Japan’s Suicide Forest. He received heavy backlash for his lack of sympathy toward suicide victims.    

Image Credit: @AccidentalComedy/ Reddit

Logan Paul has matured quite a bit since then. His podcast ‘Impaulsive’ is doing well. He also dabbled in boxing and owns a hydration brand. However, even Netflix couldn’t forget his past. It’s incredible how the posters for the films Logan and Paul managed to express so much!

The Mysterious Face Cast

You have probably seen this chubby blonde boy on the internet, even if you do not watch King of the Hill. Meet “Bobby Hill,” the son of the protagonist of the show. He tends to overeat and get sick. Despite his average looks, “Bobby” is quite famous and is often seen in various memes.   

Image Credit: @AccidentalComedy/ Reddit

Finding a lookalike of your favorite cartoon character in real life is an uncommon occurrence. Can you imagine running into a “Homer Simpson” look-alike? However, you can easily note the resemblance between “Bobby” and the cast pictured here. Someone with “Bobby’s” face is probably walking around in the real world!  

‘Frog’ Cake

It’s hard not to chuckle when you see this cake. However, the customers were less than happy with this creation since it wasn’t what they ordered. The disgraceful cake was even shamed online. There is nothing remotely frog-like about this cake (except for the green color). 

Image Credit: @AccidentalComedy/ Reddit

Let’s just give the decorator an A for effort. It could have been worse. We could also choose to be thankful they didn’t put actual frogs in the cake. At least they drew a cute smiley face. We just hope the parents fixed the cake in time for their three-year-old. 


In case you haven’t noticed, Gen Z tends to intentionally butcher spellings for recreational purposes. Just scroll through any teenager’s feed; you’ll see what we mean. You’ll discover words that aren’t in a dictionary. For example, the term ‘boi’ is quite popular these days.

Image Credit: @AccidentalComedy/ Reddit

Who knew dignified airports would also adopt such vocabulary? After disembarking from your flight, you’re usually greeted with electric signboards like this one. BOI was probably the name of the aircraft. However, we prefer to think the operator was just feeling extra friendly and informal that day!

Game Crush

The world of gaming is a wild place. Bizarre things are destined to happen whenever you interact with strangers anonymously. You cuss at your teammates for messing up a shot, and sometimes, they’ll ask you odd questions. Often, anonymity is a good thing, but sometimes it’s really toxic. 

Image Credit: @AccidentalComedy/ Reddit

If you are into online gaming, you likely also have your fair share of tales to tell. This soul sadly had a bitter story to recount. They gained a stalker while playing a casual round of Overwatch. Despite her trying to avoid this lovesick individual, he kept on finding and irritating her.   

The Shirt Says It All

Never have we related so much to a piece of clothing before. Nobody is perfect, much less us. Forget perfection — our existence straight up sucks sometimes. At least this man is aware of it, unlike most people. Knowing your imperfections can lead to improvement. 

Image Credit: @AccidentalComedy/ Reddit

This person’s top is either the worst or the best attire to wear in a nightclub. Honestly, it depends. If you are an introvert, you might put it on to keep people away, but if you are the kind of person who likes to live on the edge, you could use it as an icebreaker.  

Missing Daughter

Such few words, yet they say so many things. It’s amazing how three lines can contain a saga of stories. This is the perfect thriller prompt for a book, wouldn’t you agree? It leaves endless space for imagination, and we expect a Netflix film adaptation in the near future. 

Image Credit: @AccidentalComedy/ Reddit

In the first headline, a parent is posting about their missing child. Then there’s a post that says someone wants to sell their child. Naturally, the CSI also got involved. From the looks of it, a parent pretended their child was kidnapped, but the plot twist suggests that perhaps they are the real perpetrator…     

Disastrous Movie Theater

Whenever you pass by a movie theater, you see the recent films advertised outside on the billboard. That’s a marketing tactic to garner more viewers and ticket sales. However, these advertisements can sometimes go awry, and this photo is a prime example.

Image Credit: @AccidentalComedy/ Reddit

The movie titles are usually displayed to the public. However, these three were enough to create a disaster. If you read all the titles together, it says “Little Women Do Little Bad Boys.” Whether it was intentional or coincidental, the marketing was a hit since the innuendo went viral.  

Another Day, Another Panorama Disaster

We have already established how the panorama function works. It’s safe to say that it will either be your best or worst photo; there is no in-between. You can tell people what to do. However, making an animal understand the limitations will be difficult.

Image Credit: @AccidentalComedy/ Reddit

As we all know, dogs are hyper animals. If you release them in an open space, it’s game over. The furry gremlins will run around until they drop. Thus, trying to take a panorama photo of a dog is a nice thought in theory, but it’s not practical. Your photo is just destined for damnation.   

Accurate Advertising

We have all seen products that differed from what was advertised. How many times have you enthusiastically bought something only to realize you fell for a marketing scam? However, these invisible tapes are an exception. We don’t understand why they’re only 87 cents because they are worth way more. 

Image Credit: @AccidentalComedy/ Reddit

They are so invisible you can’t even tell that something is in the carton! If you saw this in the supermarket, you’d probably walk past thinking nothing was there. Little would you know that you’ve fallen victim to the camouflaging power of the invisible tape! Stock up and patch up all your problems!     

That’s Sus

We can all agree that the pandemic changed the world permanently. Face masks became an absolute necessity in our lives, we were constantly hyper-aware of what our hands come in contact with, and we are still wondering if working from home is better than going into the office.

Image Credit: @AccidentalComedy/ Reddit

That’s why this jolly-looking paper bag gives us so much anxiety. We know the manufacturer means well. They wish to spread a ‘good mood.’ However, how can anyone be in a good mood after seeing the prickly little sphere in the middle? You can clearly tell what it resembles. We’d avoid touching that bag. 

Die Doing What You Love

That’s exactly what Arthur spanks did. Can you imagine how hard it must have been growing up with a name like ‘Spanks?’ His peers probably teased him endlessly. However, mister Arthur had the last laugh. Life gave him lemons, so he took them to his grave and made the ultimate lemonade. 

Image Credit: @AccidentalComedy/ Reddit

His tombstone is nothing less than a work of art. Just imagine going to the somber atmosphere of a graveyard only to stumble upon this masterpiece. It would be very hard to withhold a laugh! Maybe the guys who made the headstone just wanted to lighten up the somber mood of the day.

The Leprechauns Were Onto Something

We’ve done it, folks. We finally found where the leprechauns hid their treasure. You might have heard of the idiom ‘the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow,’ which signifies a futile endeavor because there is no end to a rainbow, so there is also no hidden gold. 

Image Credit: @AccidentalComedy/ Reddit

There is a myth that leprechauns gathered all the gold left by the Vikings and stored it at the end of the rainbows. People have tried finding it over the centuries to no avail. Well, not anymore. As you can see, the Puregold building is right at the end of the rainbow, like they said! 

Precious ‘Thoughts’

Our thoughts and prayers go out to this gift shop. They must have assumed their store name was something catchy yet wholesome, but it clearly wasn’t. This isn’t a word that can be used in a gift shop for children. And the red heart isn’t helping at all. 

Image Credit: @AccidentalComedy/ Reddit

In case you didn’t know, the word ‘thought’ without the ‘ugh’ creates an entirely different meaning. Yes, they sound the same, but without that, it means a promiscuous woman. We hope someone made the owner aware of this mishap after they were done laughing!

Something Unexpected

Ahh, yes, fortune cookies. It’s amazing how people obsess over this baked treat. However, it’s not for their deliciousness but instead for their inedible interior. We have all cracked open a fortune cookie and hoped it would predict great things for our future. These paper notes can either make or ruin our day.  

Image Credit: @AccidentalComedy/ Reddit

We can’t say that these fortune cookies lied. You didn’t think you would receive the same note again, did you? This is why you should keep your expectations at a minimum while opening these cookies. Realistically, food cannot detect the future, so don’t let it affect your mood.   

Use Remotes With Caution

Most of us have memories of trying to ‘control’ people with TV remotes during our childhood. It never worked, of course, which was a sad dose of reality each time. After all, remotes are designed for electronics and not humans. However, it seems we just didn’t have the right remote.  

Image Credit: @AccidentalComedy/ Reddit

Look at this poor fellow. A hole had been punched through where his eye socket is supposed to be. Meanwhile, a young girl with a remote in hand is grinning behind him in morbid delight! Looks like the government should invest in laser-throwing remotes instead of guns!    

Oddly Complete

Sometimes fate does things in an odd way. People with polar opposite personalities somehow end up being friends, and you might find the best people in the worst place on earth. Similarly, sometimes darkness is usually hidden in the best environment.

Image Credit: @AccidentalComedy/ Reddit

Two strangers on the internet were placed side by side here. They seem like two completely different people, yet somehow similar. One is giving a side eye to their french bulldog while the other is grinning joyfully. They look strange together, yet it all makes sense. 

Please Do Not Eat Your Xbox

Well, it is a fair request. Eating Xboxes and baseballs is most definitely hazardous to our health. There are so many other delicacies to snack on under God’s roof. Why would you ever eat an Xbox, of all things? Just give it to your kids and maintain a peaceful household.  

Image Credit: @AccidentalComedy/ Reddit

Jokes aside, this PSA was actually meant for pregnant women. Not many people may know about this, but it’s hazardous for them to get into saunas and hot tubs during pregnancy. These facilities rapidly raise the body temperature, which can harm the delicate fetus. Such a hilarious way to get that across.

Bad Netflix

Netflix has done many questionable things during its existence. We all remember the Cuties controversy that happened back in 2020. The corporation was also accused of glamorizing suicide, depression, and body dysmorphia. Recently, their stock prices hit their lowest-ever valuation. They lost a million subscribers during the pandemic.

Image Credit: @AccidentalComedy/ Reddit

Poor Chris; he probably just wanted to watch a good crime/thriller movie. Who knew Netflix would try to push him down the dark path of crime? Apparently, movies and shows weren’t enough. The subscribers need to experience the thrill of live-action! 

So Was He Looking Or Not?

Reddit is a wild place. You hear the most bizarre stories and experiences over there. Any niche that you are looking for probably has a subreddit. It’s insane, but then again, the universe likes to play games with our sanity. This screenshot is a prime example.

Image Credit: @AccidentalComedy/ Reddit

This passenger spent the whole flight worried that someone was staring at them for the longest time. Thankfully, they realized it was just another passenger wearing sunglasses backward. However, that relief did not last for long, thanks to the next post. That ought to have kept him up at night.     

Deep Fried Kids

Step down, KFC; your time is over. There is a new fast-food joint in town. It is time for LFC — Lost Fried Children — to shine. Instead of 11 herbs and spices, LFC seasons their food with the tears of distressed parents.

Image Credit: @AccidentalComedy/ Reddit

Putting all the dark humor aside, this photo was probably taken at a fair. We imagine the lost children booth was set to help parents locate their separated children. Tragically and hilariously, the fried chicken stall was set right behind them. The banners aligned and created this morbid monstrosity!          

Kentucky Fried Bird Sanctuary

Yeah, KFC needs to go. LFC is way better. How could they cook birds in a city known for being an avian sanctuary? Logically speaking, if they fry chickens in their city, that is no safe space for birds. Or perhaps they aren’t lying — chickens are technically dinosaurs. 

Image Credit: @AccidentalComedy/ Reddit

The ones who placed these sign boards together clearly knew what they were doing. However, rather than the contradictory banners, let us all focus on the board that says “there back.” That grammatical error is somehow more disturbing than eating chickens in a bird sanctuary.  

Subway Is Telling You To Go The Other Way

Subway revolutionized the sandwich game with their foot-long subs. The fresh ingredients and open kitchen format created waves during the ’90s fat-free craze. For a long time, the corporation advertised itself as a healthy alternative to mass-produced fast food, but they’ve also had problems.

Image Credit: @AccidentalComedy/ Reddit

The joint is not as revered as it was before. Many say that the quality of the ingredients has gone down. Recently, there was a controversy that subway tuna was actually dolphin meat! Clearly, the corporation had taken several hits. Even the logo is telling you to steer clear!

Not Into You

You may have heard Brooksie’s hit song ‘Not Into You’ by now. The lyrics “Dude, she’s just not into you” went viral on Tiktok, hence the song’s popularity. Those who’ve experienced unrequited love can relate to it. Well, now we have bad news. It’s not only your crush; not even God is into you.

Image Credit: @AccidentalComedy/ Reddit

This bookstore clearly has an advanced sense of humor. In order to hype up the sales, clerks often arrange the books in a way that will attract attention. This store, in particular, won that race. If they go on like this, we have no doubt they will be making millions soon!   

 The Aquatic Bridal Collection

There is no way you wouldn’t say yes to this dress. Who has time for a fabric dress? Just go for Poseidon’s Aquatic Bridal Collection. Wear the most otherworldly dress; after all, it’s YOUR big day. Look at this fellow walking, no, stunting, down the aisle. He’s waited for this day all his life.  

Image Credit: @AccidentalComedy/ Reddit

We have all been photobombed several times in our lives. It can be very annoying. Just imagine snapping the perfect photo only for it to be ruined by something or someone. This woman, however, got the perfect shot because of the photobombing!

Disney World

Going to Disney World is the dream of every child. Even adults enjoy frolicking on the magical grounds of Disney. Therefore, to make the trip even more special, parents often plan a trip there as a surprise. Sometimes, they play little games to reveal the joyous news, like this guy.

Image Credit: @AccidentalComedy/ Reddit

He was surprising his little girl with the trip, so he gave her a puzzle to solve to reveal the news. If things went the way he hoped, the puzzle would’ve said, “We are going to Disney.” But alas, life never goes according to our plans. She came up with an ominous message instead. 

Find The Liar

You should never trust directions from a man in a funny costume because you never know where you’ll end up. These two fellows are the renaissance version of google maps. However, you need to choose wisely since one of them is clearly lying.  

Image Credit: @AccidentalComedy/ Reddit

They remind us of those live paintings from Harry Potter who could even interact with each other. Perhaps, this was the museum’s attempt at recreating that. It would have been better if they were pointing at each other accusingly, though. It would have been the 1600s version of the Spiderman meme! 

The Forbidden Post-Workout Drink

We doubt anyone would purchase this post-workout drink after witnessing this atrocity. The company clearly trusted the wrong magazine to boost its sales. Chocolate milk is a gift from the gods. It’s a divine entity that should never be messed with, yet this magazine dared to commit blasphemy.   

Image Credit: @AccidentalComedy/ Reddit

No wonder they named this particular section ‘shameless health tips!’ Who on earth from the editorial team thought this was okay? We just feel bad for the chocolate milk lovers who saw this and the poor lady. We can’t unsee it!

Gregg Allman

Oh, how the mighty have fallen. Legendary rockstar Gregg Allman had a fruitful music career of almost six decades. He was even admitted to the Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame and has always been admired as one of the greatest singers of all time. He was, clearly, a force to be reckoned with. 

Image Credit: @AccidentalComedy/ Reddit

However, it seems he wasn’t strong enough to fight off the force of the universe. This sticker just had to land where it did. The “Best of Gregg Allman” became the “Best of egg man.” Gregg, we are so sorry. It was bad enough that this album cover was called a knock-off of Kurt Cobain.  

Coke with Molly

There is no way this was an accident. We strongly believe that the Coca-Cola Corporation knew exactly what it was doing. Some years back, the beverage giant had a campaign in which each bottle was christened with a different name. If you knew someone with that name, you could share the drink with them.  

Image Credit: @AccidentalComedy/ Reddit

In case you don’t get the joke, let us explain. Coke is the short form for cocaine, while Molly is slang for MDMA pills. Now that you have that context, can you see where things went wrong? Stay in school, kids. Don’t do drugs. Just give the bottle to your aunt Molly.