Be Kind…Or Else: 40 Ominous Yet Uplifting Posts Worth Seeing

By Ridwan S

Ominous Positivity is an Instagram page that posts optimistic phrases that uplift your spirit and put you in a fantastic mood while still giving a bit of an awkward, eerie vibe. Thinking positively helps you achieve various goals, including bringing serenity and joy into your life. However, we are not arguing that being upbeat equates to being content. We do believe that most individuals prefer to be open-minded rather than cynical. Positive messages are an essential element of optimistic thinking; they have a cheesy way of inducing us to take actions. However, on days when life throws you a curveball or appears challenging, they are all you need to completely turn your day. These messages make you feel better, knowing that there is someone in the universe who understands your predicament. Here’s a collection of ominously positive messages to cheer you up if you’re having an off day.

Perspectives Matters

Everyone needs to experience success; the only difference is that you must choose a path. Whatever life throws at you, choose something you need to succeed at and go for it—simply making a choice will inspire you to work hard and raise your chances of overcoming any barriers that may arise.

Image courtesy: scarletphilosophy/Reddit

Decide to make every day count, and banish the phrase “bad days” from your vocabulary. You may have bad moments, but you should not let them dictate how the rest of your day goes. Rather than obsessing about problems, find a solution to fix them. Nothing a simple trip to the burger shop won’t fix.


It’s horrible how much pressure society places on individuals to act and dress a certain way. Everyone has ownership of their body and the ability to make educated decisions about it. They shouldn’t be judged or stigmatised because of their decisions. It is wrong to pass judgement on others based on their own decisions.

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If we’re all preaching freedom, we shouldn’t be condemning individuals in our country. Allow individuals to do anything they want with their bodies. If they desire tattoos and piercings, they should be able to do so. It is their body, and they have the right to construct their own conclusions.

A quick escalation

Being an adult entails a variety of obligations that can quickly fatigue you. Adults feel varying levels of weariness. However, being a parent allows you to experience a completely different degree of exhaustion. Raising children can be a challenge. Every month, at least once, everyone feels overburdened from one duty or another.

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Here are some suggestions about staying sane as an adult that you might want to consider. However, some activities, such as the final line, should be sieved out. Don’t set fire to your house, but be free to do anything you need to relax your mind anytime you want. Doing so isn’t a crime.

The goal is to be better

Every day, many people aspire to be the finest versions of themselves. New parents are always concerned that they will fail as parents. They assume they are bad parents, which is not the case; they are simply inexperienced with the situation. On the other side, bad people do not look for improvement methods.

Image courtesy: JuiceboxSC2/Reddit

Everything is explained in the signpost mentioned above. Such a type of warning should be more common in all cities. We should replace all of the advertising signage with these ominous positive affirmations. It is vital to inform individuals that they are not bad people.

The peak of motivation

We’ve been talking about self-care and prioritizing yourself for a time now, but this message goes even further. Although the motivation sounds a little creepy, what it claims is true. You should put yourself first, regardless of if it makes you appear selfish. Make your personal development and peace of mind a top priority.

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Take a chance on yourself, be your champion, and never hesitate to stand up for yourself. If you ask for aid, you will be surprised at how many individuals are willing to assist you. You should follow all of the advice, but at the very least, don’t go about punching Velociraptors.

The Important Sign

An early jog requires a lot of energy, so you’ll need something or someone to motivate you. A sign like this placed around the neighborhood hill will encourage you to go for longer morning jogs. There is nothing like a scream in the early morning hours.

Image courtesy: Roy/ThunderDungeon

Consider finding a hill just for this purpose. Then assemble a group to encourage people to scream while speeding down the slope. The one who can yell the loudest should be awarded a prize. This area would surely be the center of attention. When you develop that community, please let us know.

A Perspective on Things

Even though pursuing your ambition against all odds is exhausting, you must do so. Persist because you owe it to yourself. Do all it takes, even if it means inspiring yourself with the stories of these superheroes. Just make sure not to give up on your plans.

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Keep your dreams close to your heart. If you do, you can become the next famous personality. Your dreams are real; the next step is acting on them. No matter your age, remember that the first step is generally the most difficult and that once you get started, it becomes easier.

Words are powerful

One of the areas where you must exercise tremendous caution is with your words. After you’ve said anything, you aren’t able to take it back. They always leave an everlasting impression on the recipient. Speaking encouraging words to others can improve their mental health and productivity. Always treat others with respect.

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Even if you’re angry, consider how your words will affect the person receiving them before you speak them. You may still be pleasant while expressing your dissatisfaction. Take command of your words and communicate with more politeness. Consider how you’ll feel if someone says anything like that to you before you say it to others.

Make the Unthinkable a Reality

Depression is a dark place, and overcoming it will take all your determination. As this person stated, you must be resolute to get out of the dark area. Make every effort to maintain your joy. Go to the beach, listen to music, and eat to keep joyful.

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You may not be able to complete the task alone, but you may seek the help of your friends and family. Remember that even if you can’t do it alone, plenty of individuals are prepared to help. Surround yourself with those you care about, and allow them to lift your spirits.

Worship your body

Individuals who talk badly about people with specific body types are guilty of body shaming. Making insensitive comments about other people’s bodies is inappropriate and might depress the receiver. You should never let somebody disappoint you, and you should never put others down.

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Enjoy the shape of your physique, admire the color of your hair, and adore the hues of your eyes. They may differ from those of others, yet they fulfill their distinct purposes. Your eyes can see properly, and your legs assist you in walking, which is exactly what they were designed for. Be glad.

The answers you’ve been seeking for

You may have gone into a room with an idea of what you want to do. Then you forget as soon as you go into the room. If this occurs, you might find yourself doing things you hadn’t intended to do. You then blame yourself for forgetting why you were in the room initially.

Image courtesy: Chris Worthington/Twitter

If the illustration above sounds familiar, you’re probably wondering why this happens so frequently. Fortunately, this individual has found answers to the issues that have been bugging you. They say your home is haunted by a ghost that feeds on your thoughts whenever you go by.

Of course

Have you ever grown tired of telling folks “you’re welcome” after they’ve benefited from your assistance? You aren’t the only one with these thoughts and feelings; this individual does as well. They’ve discovered a term that more accurately reflects their feelings than “you’re welcome.” They choose “Of course” instead.

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You can tell someone “you’re welcome” if they neglect to say “thank you” when you do something kind for them. It will act as a subliminal reminder to them to adopt proper etiquette. If someone does anything nice for you, you owe it to them to thank them.

Let’s start with this list

A cause to grin and look on the bright side is all you need on certain days. Life may be messy at times, and having a purpose to get over it is a terrific place to begin. Someone has compiled a list of reasons to live for such occasions.

Image courtesy: natuwe_6/Reddit

Although each list will be unique, we feel that we should share some elements to start you off. You may forward this link to your friends so they can make their list, which you can then compare. You will see that your friends are likely to have some things on their lists in common with yours.

More is always possible

Hatred and rage may have no limitations, just as love has no restrictions. There are many things to be outraged about, including climate change. Even minor irritations, such as the mail woman delivering your mail to a different address, might cause you to become enraged. Or the waitress made a mistake with your order.

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Therefore, it would be interesting to observe folks who believe there are more important things to be outraged about. That way of thinking is incorrect. Whatever makes you upset is your decision, and you are entitled to feel enraged about it. Just make sure you’re in control of your rage.

Be a Disco Ball

Life has dealt us many blows that have shattered us into many fragments. However, the pieces are unimportant; what matters is what we make of them. To make anything more beautiful, you should put the pieces back together. Consider it like piecing together the fragments of a shattered disco ball.

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You are not broken if you can reassemble the components of a broken disco ball. All you have to do now is connect the dots. Refocus your efforts and make progress toward your objectives. Put forth the effort to attain your goals, and you’ll be amazed at how well the parts will fit together.


What are the takeaways from this? It is an act of unshakable kindness, even if the other person does not return the service. Allowing others’ cruelty to influence your behavior is not a good idea. Make it a goal to connect with everyone you come into contact with. It will be challenging but well worth the effort.

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It is why ominous positivity is crucial. Positive thinking ensures that you are confident in accomplishing your goals. Friendship improves the world and makes it a happier place. Disappoint those who despise you by acts of compassion. This will eventually exhaust them. With this, you’ll be able to win them over.

You can do it

On some days, you might not feel great about yourself, and you need someone to make you feel better. Encouragement in words like “I’m proud of you” may go a long way. Whether it is from your mother or a friend, you need someone to remind you that you’re doing everything as best as possible.

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Fortunately, the moon thinks highly of you as well. Many individuals need such encouragement. Therefore, we feel that this message should be written as a signpost and posted at several crossroads. It will motivate everybody who aspires to be better in their lives. Never forget, you are doing great.

You’ll always have a spot here.

If you are ready to stay in the forest, it will never reject you. However, you may have to put in a lot of effort to create your spot in the woods. You’ll also need a lot of willpower; don’t flee when you see your neighbors.

Image courtesy: Lara/Pinterest

Ants and mushrooms may want to play on your skin, but don’t worry; they’re only saying hello. On the plus side, you will always be able to appreciate nature in all of its grandeur. You may observe the gorgeous creatures and the green lush foliage. Nothing compares to this.


If not effectively managed, imposter syndrome may destroy anyone’s life. Everyone, except for narcissists and egomaniacs, will suffer from impostor syndrome at some point. When it comes to promotions and new contracts, cool people often feel unworthy. It is time for kind people to rise beyond the imposter syndrome revolution.

Image courtesy: Eli Barraza/Twitter

Except for you, everyone believes in the superiority of your craft. You’re the most incredible person on the face of the earth. Since you are a true artist, dress appropriately and use appropriate language to represent yourself. The world requires your ability; go get it because you can do it.

Sound familiar?

If you’re not sure what’s going on, let us explain. Wearing all-black attire in 102°C temperatures may seem daunting, yet it is possible. Additionally, the notion of wearing heels on this occasion may be unsettling. Something you might not think you’d be capable of handling.

Image courtesy: brooklyn ranta/Pinterest

If a group of your best friends surrounded you, you have no clue how mad you’d go. The Flatwoods Monster is depicted in this photograph. The creatures hiss at housewives and young boys as they roam West Virginia’s streets. Something similar should be done with your friends, but not all in black. 

Yes, I agree

It’s a bright new day, and the sky is gleaming in all of its splendor; the dawn is breathtaking. Look at the sun’s brilliance and appreciate it before it gets too hot. Take photos in the early sun; the sun will kiss you softly and enhance the quality of your photos. Life is lovely!

Image courtesy: False knees/Tumblr

Stop for a moment wherever you are and glance around to appreciate the beauty of the landscape. Everything around you appears to be incredibly wonderful. Even better, take a look at yourself, you’re a stunning creature. Take in all the beauty before everything becomes a jumble due to job pressures.

It’s frightening, but it’s true

There’s a good reason to cross “climbing Mount Everest” off your bucket list. Replace it with a less frightening choice. Since 1922, more than 300 individuals have died while attempting to conquer Mount Everest. It’s important not to ignore the warning on this signage.

Image courtesy: Nate/Pleated Jeans

For clarity, these more than 300 people trained for almost a year to be able to scale it. In addition, they paid nearly $135 for supplies and a guide. They took a day off work, left their families, and planned to spend two months on the mountain. Now consider how it ended in sub-zero temperatures.

The Real MVP

Helping others seems natural and effortless when everything is in order. When your life is falling apart, though, it’s easy to forget about other people’s troubles. It’s a perfectly natural human response. Still, if we volunteer to help others, we could start to feel better about our situation.

Image courtesy: InternetHippo/Twitter

It’s sometimes simpler to disregard our problems and concentrate on what we have control over. Take each day as it comes, and don’t get caught up in the plethora of issues you can’t solve. Forget about your concerns for a while. Please do so if you can help someone else while dealing with your problems.

Mondays are stressful

Do we all think that Mondays are pointless and should be designated as a rest day? If anybody asks us, the hustle and tension that this day brings is too much. It would help if you worked quickly to meet deadlines while remaining sane. Thankfully, Thomas has figured out a way to solve the situation.

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He claims that going for a stroll on Monday mornings can fix all of the problems that come with Monday mornings. He recommends that you try it the next time your Monday appears too awkward and hectic for you. Don’t dismiss this without giving it a go.

Spice things up

Perhaps altering the way you look at the activities you do regularly would make them less uninteresting. Change the story, as this individual suggests. Allow nothing to become commonplace in your life. Don’t say you’re reading a book; turn everything around.

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Instead, say, “I’m analyzing everything through the eyes of a writer.” You’ll agree that the latter appeals to you more than the former. When coming up with these replacements, be inventive. Allow them to take time to process and grasp what you’re saying; that’s part of the fun.

Its self-care time

If you’re not going to listen to anyone, at least listen to this duck. It states that self-care is crucial. Therefore you should have that massage. Make a spa appointment and place an order for your favorite cuisine. Try to live in the moment and pamper yourself more than you now do.

Image courtesy: Sarah/Twitter

Take this advice to heart; the best way to remember it is to paste it on your wall. Every week, make sure you complete everything on the list. It will make you feel good about yourself and respect the duck. Begin today by drinking plenty of water.

Have you?

Depending on the situation, we all have terrible days. However, we all deal with bad days in various ways. While some individuals like to wander among the rusty leaves, others prefer to cry in their loves’ arms. It is entirely up to you how you choose to cope with a terrible day.

Image courtesy: ExpertAccident/Reddit

You don’t have to feel awful because someone couldn’t take your excesses on your worst days. Instead, you should take this picture to mean that they were just weaker than you at the time. Don’t feel horrible or guilty about what you did; realize that it was them who couldn’t manage you.

New resolutions

It’s time to set new resolutions if you’re the edgy, self-deprecating type. Being apprehensive doesn’t help you at all; it causes more harm than good. Therefore, you’ll see why you must replace that mindset with a more positive one.

Image courtesy: Iskie/Facebook

Choose the lighter side of life and be grateful for everything, even the little aspects. Celebrate the small victories and laugh over the tiny things that make you happy. Instead of being quickly irritated, redirect your energy into becoming readily impressed. The change is necessary; it will make you truly happy and content.

Guinea Pig-like bravery

Guinea pigs aren’t the first thing that comes to mind when we think about bravery. You’d claim you’re as brave as a lion without thinking about it simply because lions are considered courageous. However, this person has a different viewpoint and even offers reasoning to back it up. Read on to be persuaded.

Image courtesy: Celuthien39/Reddit

They argue that the lion’s size makes it simple for it to be fearless. On the other hand, Guinea pigs are seen as more courageous since they are little creatures that can’t defend themselves against predators. Guinea pigs may shout boldly toward lettuce twice their size if they don’t like their meal.

Get started

To begin with, ghosts are fantastical entities in and of themselves. They lack abilities such as compulsion, yet they are free to roam practically anyplace they choose with little to no repercussions. Some even believe they can carry on their unfinished business in the afterlife.

Image courtesy: Plume Books

On the other hand, vampires have monotonous long lives and are unable to appreciate the light since they rely on their merciless victims. As opposed to being a ghost, being a vampire necessitates a great deal of effort. The distinctions are apparent. We accept the notion that being a ghost is more manageable than being a person.

Motivational speech

Your body is a temple that you should cherish. Worship your body by paying attention to what your body wants and attain all of your bodily goals. You won’t achieve your goals if you despise your physique. Instead, focus on taking care of your body, and you’ll see results.

Image courtesy: Boredpanda

Go to the gym but don’t overwork your body, and eat sensibly but not to the point of starvation. Drink water, take a stroll, get a massage, and indulge in chocolate when you want it. Consume all of your favorite meals in moderation. Remember that moderation is the key to attaining the body you want.

Horrific fact

People nowadays spend long hours at the gym attempting to burn abdominal fat. They engage in strenuous exercises to reduce their lower abdominal bulge. Don’t get us wrong: you have complete freedom over your body. However, if you’re doing it because society thinks a flat stomach is attractive, you should think twice.

Image courtesy: Jakehall/Pinterest

Our bodies are unique, so we can’t all have flat stomachs. Your body is unlike anyone else’s in terms of structure. As a result, accept your body, but if you have specific body goals in mind, go after them. But don’t lose sight of the fact that everyone is stunning in their skin.

The tongue has power

Words are fluid, vague, and have multiple meanings. Your comments have the ability to both boost and depress others. As a result, you should constantly choose your words carefully. Don’t talk too much; saying too much can get you into trouble. Words can also be empty and meaningless.

Image courtesy: Pamphleterandco/Twitter

Take a look at the statement “everything will be OK,” which is far too broad and incomprehensible. Be explicit about what you’ll be OK with, whether money, a job, or a relationship. Giving your words significance and utility is easier when you provide them with direction.

Cravings are stressful

Some days, you wake up yearning for mac & cheese, while other days, you feel undefined. You feel your body is craving something, but you’re not sure what it is. To satisfy your cravings, you head to your refrigerator and look for what you want. It’s usually a nerve-wracking search.

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After several hours of endless search, you reach for your favorite snack, hoping that it will satisfy your cravings. If you discover that the snack was precisely what your body required, you might strike it rich. Otherwise, you’ll have to keep looking. Oh, the anxiety.

The greatest sermon is self-love

If you haven’t taken care of yourself today, Creamy reminds you to do so. After you’ve finished reading this, put on your shoes and go for a walk. While out for a walk, phone a friend to see how they are doing. Get some fruits and eat them, then relax with some yoga.

Image courtesy:

Do whatever you call self-care in your books, but be sure you don’t let Creamy down. The highest kind of self-love also entails taking care of your surroundings. So, take a look around. Is everything in its place? Make this a weekly habit, and you’ll thank yourself for the rest of your life.

Bond girls

Bond girls are stunning creatures, yet they are seldom the focus of their men’s attention. They’re constantly on the side-line. It implies that Bond ladies are merely designed to look good and are unconcerned about the main character. They just care about the money in such a relationship; they are unconcerned about the attention.

Image courtesy: Constative

Is that truly what the majority of women desire? No, it isn’t what ladies want. Women like being seen, but it doesn’t stop them from seeking a waist-to-hip ratio of 0.7. No law says you can’t be attractive while still being important and smart.

Kids are adorable

If you believe that children are expensive and uninteresting, you should re-evaluate your position. Children are the cutest beings on the planet. If you notice a characteristic in a child that you don’t like, you can bet it came from their environment. Therefore, parents are recommended to be good role models for their children.

Image courtesy: Roxiqt/Twitter

They examine their environment in addition to picking up tendencies from their parents. Making it a requirement that you research any environment where you will leave your child before leaving them there. You’ll be amazed at how well your children grow if you teach them to be the best version of themselves.

A stern warning

We often forget that what we put out is a mirror of what we have on the inside. You have to be considerate to yourself and withhold from criticizing yourself for everything. All you need most of the time is a little encouragement from yourself to make your day better.

Image courtesy: Maggy/Pinterest

The ominous positivity police have a warning for you on days when you forget to be nice to yourself. Don’t dismiss this as a hazy threat; there are multiple ways to complete the statement. We won’t go into that much depth, though. It’s important to remember being nice to yourself is one of the nicest things you can do.

The Vadaesque truth

Exercise is one of the pleasurable activities to do. However, not everyone has the tenacity, strength, and optimism to do it. But then, if only you can consider it as black magic, perhaps you may even get more routine done than expected. No one will mind if you opt to use this as motivation.

Image source: Love Your Selfie /Pinterest

You don’t necessarily need to have black magic in mind, though. You only need a good mindset to get through long runs and hard lifting at the gym. Even gyms post positive words, which is the black magic to their devotion and positivism.

The Undiscovered Ocean’s Depth

The ocean may appear to be lovely on the surface, but it is dangerous when you get too near. Even with the best diving equipment, getting to the deepest areas of the ocean is impossible. Some parts of the ocean remain unexplored, and you can only guess what kinds of creatures live there.

Image courtesy: wholesomememes/Reddit

You can’t begin to imagine the dangerous monsters that lurk under the surface. It is preferable not to consider the horrors that can be discovered underneath the tides. Instead, consider other gorgeous sea animals, such as the adorable octopus. Consider the octopus dancing to one of its favourite songs, or perhaps your favorite sea creature.