Rugby Player Nick “Honey Badger” Saved Sheep Stuck In Barbed Wire

By Anthony K

Have you ever thought a tiny wild animal would ever save a domestic sheep? We are all thinking that would be mind-blowing, right? We’re here to blow your mind, but this time it’s about one animal hero known as Nick “Honey Badger.”

Have you personally ever come across an animal in distress? How did it make you feel? We’re guessing you felt distressed. This is a short heroic story of Nick, a former Australian Rugby player. More often than not, we have seen viral videos of firefighters rescuing different animals, from domestic animals to wild animals but rarely have we talked about a rugby player, right? Now, this is our time to tell that story.

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You have probably seen the video doing rounds on social media with over 16 million views about a rugby player rescuing a sheep whose curly horns were tangled on a barbed wire. The way he rushed out of his car to rescue that poor animal shows how humanity in itself is beautiful. His flock left him there to struggle alone, but this beautiful buffed rugby player went above his way and took his time to calm the sheep down and untangle the barbed wire from its horns.

The way he did, it was calming even to us while we were watching. Don’t tell us you did not feel the same! And would you have thought he would single-handedly carry the sheep across that fence alone? It looked very healthy and heavy, but VOILA! He did it anyway. It seems all the training and lifting other players in his former rugby career have been preparing him for something great, and the drills finally paid off. The Sheep Hero!

Image Courtesy of PerthNow