Many Feet And Inches May Separate Some People, But Its Nothing Tippy Toes Can’t Solve

By Larissa C

Being tall is a pretty nice feeling, even if it’s simply because you get to stand out among a crowd. Being around people who are shorter than you gives you this sensation that you’re even taller than you thought you were, and that’s simply amazing.

But what’s funny about being taller than those around you is that, at the same time you feel taller, you make them feel even smaller. And it’s not like tall people are trying to get short people to feel bad about themselves — it’s just that it’s aesthetically funny to look at the height difference! It’s pretty interesting to see how each human being is so different, that’s all. In this article, we’re going to show you 45 times that tall people made others look way too short, even when they’re actually not short at all!

Are these people too short or what?

When you’re a young girl and you’re tall, it’s not unusual for other kids to make fun of you. But when you’re a tall guy, other kids simply envy you. Men certainly have a thing for being tall, and they must surely wish they looked like this guy:

Image courtesy of thedutchgiant/Instagram

On top of being really tall, he also has some pretty big muscles. He’s so big that he makes these workers look like children. Though we wonder if he’s simply too tall or if the McDonald’s employees are shorter than the average person.

At least the equipment works.

This next picture is simultaneously funny and interesting. This young man had a routine appointment with his doctor and she was surprised to see how much he had grown since the last appointment. In fact, he grew so much that she literally had to stand on a cabinet in order to measure his height!

Image courtesy of

We know teens go through growth spurts, but this seems dramatic. What’s interesting about this photo, other than the difference in their heights, is that the measuring equipment goes up to that height! At least there’s no discrimination against tall people in that office.

How do you get that big?

If you’re into strongman sports, you probably know who Thor Bjornsson is. This Icelandic giant is over 6.5 feet tall and he can lift weights over 1,000 pounds, which is definitely impressive. But his wife is also remarkable, and it’s not because she’s tall.

Image courtesy of thorbjornsson/Instagram

In fact, Bjornsson’s wife is less than 5’3″ tall. Her husband is so much bigger than her that we get this feeling that his thigh alone is thicker than her entire body. And she only weighs 116 pounds, which means that her husband can probably lift her with little to no effort!

Maybe they should switch robes?

While it’s not unusual for Couples to have a slight height difference, it’s pretty funny when one is so much taller than the other. While many partners don’t even think about this, other couples make fun of their height difference.

Image courtesy of The_Trip_Doctor/Reddit

When this married couple was on vacation, they decided to have some fun with their clothes. They wanted to see how they would look like wearing the other’s robe, and the result is hilarious. Her robe barely reaches his mid-thigh, while his robe almost reaches her feet!

Give him a stool!

Genetics is a fascinating thing, especially when you think that even geography can affect how a group of people will look like. And that’s what happened in Asia and Europe. While this is not necessarily true any longer, there was a time when people from Asian countries were physically smaller than Europeans.

Image courtesy of Mishatje/Reddit

This picture illustrates how different Asians and Europeans are regarding height. The Dutchman is much taller than the Chinese reporter and cameraman. He looks pretty uncomfy, but it’s probably a good leg workout. Still, they should’ve found some other solution here.

Mama will always find a way to hug her baby!

No matter how old or how big we get, our parents will always see us as babies. Because they love us so much, they will always find a way to give us a big and warm hug. And let’s be honest: we’ll always love our parents’ hugs.

Image courtesy of Not-Jim-Belushi/Reddit

Just as this mother and son duo shows us, it doesn’t matter if there’s a massive height difference; a mother will find a way to make that hug happen. She’ll even climb on the coffee table, even though she’s always told her kids to not put their feet there!

To be fair, he makes everyone look small.

If you know anything about the NBA, you’ve probably heard about Yao Ming. This former basketball player is one of the tallest players ever, standing at over 7 feet and 2 inches! As such, he makes everyone look short, even the other players in the NBA, including Shaquille O’Neal.

Image courtesy of ZOIDBERG/Reddit

If this man can make Shaq look small, it’s no wonder that he would make this waitress look about the same height as a child. His leg is almost the same length as the woman’s entire body. How crazy is that?

You can tell who’s who.

The wedding is a significant date for every couple. There are few things more joyful than getting married to the love of your life. And that’s why couples invite their family members, so they can share this special moment with all their loved ones.

Image courtesy of

This couple just had to take a picture with their families together. As you can see, the groom is much taller than the bride, which is not that unusual. The funny thing about this picture is that you can clearly tell who’s his family and who’s her family!

Isn’t this a movie?

The duality of tall and short people can be so comical that the premise is used in movies and TV shows. Writers may use the main characters’ differing heights as a gag. And, of course, there’s the other film trope: buddy cop movie!

Image courtesy of dydbyb/Imgur

While this giant police officer and his tiny partner look like they came straight out of a comedy cop movie, this is real life. But don’t be fooled. She might be petite, but she’s tough, and you certainly don’t want to get in this lady’s way!

They make it look cool.

If you’re a short person and you’re dating someone much taller than you, you’re probably still trying to figure out the best way to take pictures together and still capture date or vacation memories. In this case, you can follow this couple’s example.

Image courtesy of eqiannn/Instagram

If they tried to take a picture as normal — side by side — they wouldn’t be able to capture her whole outfit or the background. So, the guy came up with this brilliant pose. The two of them get to be in the same frame together and he looks pretty cool standing like that!

She’s their queen!

It’s not unusual for men to be tall, but tall women are not as common. If you’re a tall woman, you must certainly know the struggle of growing up and being the tallest girl in class! But some girls actually have a lot of fun:

Image courtesy of dragula15/Reddit

This woman does not blend in with her work friends, but it is pretty obvious that she doesn’t mind being the tallest lady in the room. Actually, she totally loves it and even jokes that the girls are her minions!

The photographer should’ve left that out.

The “default perfect couple” is usually made up of a man who’s taller than the woman. Not a lot of men have the confidence that it takes to date a taller woman because it somehow affects their masculinity. But this guy doesn’t care at all…

Image courtesy of GameOfLevels/Reddit

He is in love with a woman who’s much taller than him and he doesn’t care what people will say! Instead of being upset about this, he actually had a great idea for their wedding. He used a step stool so that he could be face-to-face with her when they exchanged vows.

Dad’s not too happy.

For parents, it’s never easy to see their kids grow up, and it’s even worse when they start dating. Mothers and fathers will always see their children as babies, and dads have an especially hard time when their daughters bring a boy home.

Image courtesy of thomaz721/Reddit

This father was already feeling pretty emotional to see his baby girl going to prom. But life decided to pull a prank on him and made his daughter’s date much taller than him. As you can see, the dad is not at all amused.

The best friendships!

What’s the point of having friends if you can’t joke with them? Sure, every friendship is strongly based on companionship and being there for each other through the hard times. But it’s also important that friends know how to have fun together.

Image courtesy of KDRose/Reddit

These two friends certainly know how to have a good laugh together — even if it’s at each other’s expense. He’s pretty tall, and she’s really tiny, but they don’t care. For these two, it’s all about the fun times they have together!

Snack time!

When people get married, they want to have their close friends and family present at the ceremony. After all, there’s nothing more special than sharing this important moment with everyone we love. And the friends who get to be a part of the wedding party have a blast.

Image courtesy of h3adph0n3s/Reddit

These guys planned an epic bachelor party for their friend and made sure to include a fun photoshoot. One of the friends was taller than everyone else, so he decided to mess around. He kind of reminds us of a giraffe — stretching out his neck to grab a snack directly from the tree!

She has a great sense of humor!

When we grow older, we hope to develop a great sense of humor. And if you have a funny parent, you know just how amazing that feels. Witty parents are incomparable and will make everyone’s day just a tad bit better.

Image courtesy of gusmom/Reddit

This lady was always shorter than most people around her, but she never let that get her down. Instead, she decided to make fun of herself and brighten her children’s day along the way by taking pictures with every tall person she meets!

Photographer, you got it wrong!

There is one thing that you probably noticed in this article. Whenever a tall person tries to spread their legs or change the angle of their body a little bit so they can look shorter, the photographer makes a mistake…

Image courtesy of thelionmermaid/Reddit

They’re not supposed to show the effort that’s being made to level the playing field. This girl spread her legs apart so she could make the height difference between her and her friend a bit smaller, but her effort was in vain!

The best kinds of friendships!

There’s nothing like having a best friend with whom you can share all the good and bad moments of your life. And when you get to see that best friend on a regular basis, it’s pretty hard to say goodbye to them.

Image courtesy of

These ladies were neighbors and became really good friends after everyone started pointing out their height difference. They became inseparable — until the day one of them had to move to another city. Their hug doesn’t look that comfortable, but it’s those awkward hugs that they’ll miss the most!

He’s in heaven!

Remember how we mentioned that some men feel uncomfortable around taller women because it deeply affects their masculinity? Well, the man in the picture below is nothing like that. In fact, he’s so happy that he looks like he’s in paradise:

Image courtesy of Nigerian_Pmp/Reddit

With this man, there’s no feeling insecure around tall women. Instead, he looks like he is loving every second of it. We do have to mention the immense height difference here. The women might be wearing high heels, but even if they were barefoot, it’d be a pretty dramatic difference.

She was very clever!

No matter how old we get, having a best friend over for a sleepover is always fun. When you’re adults, you can go out and have fun at night and then continue the fun once you come home. And that’s what these best friends did.

Image courtesy of BollyHurt/Reddit

Once they got home from a party, they were kind of tipsy. The tall friend couldn’t find a blanket for her tiny friend, so she had a brilliant idea. She gave her friend a pair of jeans that she could use as a blanket! And we can see that it totally worked.

He’s not too amused!

If you’re a tall person surrounded by short people everywhere you go, you’ll likely be the center of attention, albeit more often than is comfortable. While some people love the “fame,” others would prefer to go about their day unnoticed.

Image courtesy of howareya79/Reddit

The thing is, when you’re as tall as this guy, you’ll never be able to blend in. Most people are going to notice the giant man walking down the street. And some will even ask for a picture, like this tiny girl. Judging by his face, this is probably a regular occurrence.

Just waiting for my mom!

This next picture is pretty funny, but it’s also quite relatable, even if you’re of average height. Whenever a mother sees one of her friends on the street, they stop to chat. This is basically a universal trait of mothers!

Image courtesy of cafecabrones/Reddit

What makes this image so comical is the height difference. This guy was spending quality time with his mom — the lady in the white skirt — when she spotted a friend. He towers over them as he [im]patiently waits for the ladies to wrap up their conversation.

Figuring out how to hug.

When you’re a really tall person and you start dating someone who’s much shorter, you spend a certain period of time trying to figure out how to do things. You have to figure out a comfortable way to kiss and also the best way to hug.

Image courtesy of tallrobstallprobs/Instagram

This couple was figuring out the best way for them to hug, and they decided to share it on the internet. This was the first option, and it doesn’t look comfy. She’s struggling to reach his neck, and his back will probably start hurting if he bends that way for too long!

When you’re so tall that you need this!

For many people, being tall is something they’re incredibly proud of. But one thing is certain: you’ll feel like a short person when you see the guy in this next picture. You might tower above your friends, but you won’t feel so big next to him:

Image courtesy of Thorleif2100/Reddit

He’s so tall that he needs to have his shirts custom-made! Okay, to be fair, it’s because he lives in a country where most people are short, so nobody else needs to wear XL shirts. It’s amusing that the seamstress needs a chair to get his measurements!

Different sports, different heights.

In gymnastics, an athlete can’t be too tall, or else they won’t be able to do their stunts properly. That’s why tall athletes usually do other sports, like basketball and volleyball. And it’s fun to see how different the athletes in each of these sports look:

Image courtesy of griffinclaw13/Tumblr

The two ladies on the outside play college volleyball and a cheerleader from their university is sandwiched between them. Their height difference is impressive and makes it obvious why each girl practices the sport they do — they were built for it!

The coolest photos!

We mentioned earlier how some tall people don’t want the attention that comes with their size. But some people simply love that their height makes them stand out in a crowd. If not for anything else, but because they get to take pictures like this:

Image courtesy of

This location in Tokyo is pretty popular; many people take photos here all the time. While short people need to wait until the crowds have dispersed, this guy doesn’t have that problem. Even if it’s rush hour, he’s so tall that it doesn’t make a difference!

This angle makes the photo perfect.

This picture perfectly illustrates this height difference. Maybe it’s because the camera is so close to them that we get to see how tall the guy on the left is. This angle is excellent for us to see how different these guys are.

Image courtesy of amir_hossein.1380gm/Instagram

Though they do have one thing in common: they’re both into physical fitness. However, we’re guessing that the taller guy is at a bit of a disadvantage with foosball. Then again, if he kneels, he might just match the height of the bodybuilder next to him.

This bridge wasn’t made for you.

If you’re a bit taller than average, it’s not likely that you’ll have any disadvantages because of your height. But when you’re a giant compared to others, that’s when the problem begins. Being a really tall person living in a country where most people are short will render moments like this:

Image courtesy of 2tall/Twitter

Whoever built this bridge didn’t count that a 6-foot-tall person would walk here. That’s why this man is having a hard time managing to walk across the bridge while bending his neck like that. It’s funny to see his struggle while the short people are walking just fine!

The kids love it!

If you want to have a good time at work, it’s important that you maintain a positive and friendly relationship with your colleagues. The pair in the picture below certainly are friends and have a lot of fun at work.

Image courtesy of casmatoronto/Instagram

He is the tallest associate and she is the shortest. Together, they make the perfect pair and all the kids love the two of them, but they also make fun of the fact that she’s literally half his size. It’s like their height difference is nearly as big as their bond!

That’s so cute!

Verne Troyer was one of the most memorable actors in Hollywood, and that’s thanks to his height. The actor was less than 3 feet tall! Instead of letting his condition get the best of him, Verne was joyful and even made fun of himself.

Image courtesy of Sevzor/Reddit

When Verne saw this tall guy at the airport, he knew that they needed to take a picture. The guy was flattered that the actor wanted a photo together, and the result is amazing. Their height difference is hilarious, and we think the tall guy could hold the actor in his hand!

This is just too funny.

When athletes have a break during the competition, their Public Relations person usually directs the star of the team to the side of the field so they can give interviews. Whether the team is winning or losing, this is part of their routine.

Image courtesy of kikehndez/Instagram

This baseball athlete was asked to give an interview, but when he got to the reporter, he had quite a surprise. The lady was way taller than him. He didn’t want to look short next to her, so he asked for a bucket to stand on! 

Yes, be helpful!

If you’re wondering why you got to become so tall, you should probably try to remind yourself that being tall is not a bad thing. Sure, you get a lot of unwanted attention when you’re younger — but your stature is also a gift.

Image courtesy of atr0038/Reddit

This very tall man is certainly putting his gift to good use. He’s helping this lovely lady reach for items on the top shelf that she wouldn’t be able to get otherwise. Now, see what you can do with all that height of yours?

That’s gotta be uncomfortable.

Being tall is a blessing, but it’s also a burden — especially when it means that you can’t have a private moment. If you have no idea what we are talking about, you’ll definitely understand once you see this picture:

Image courtesy of tallsomeblog/Instagram

The man on the left is taller than all the bathroom stalls he’s ever been to. Even though he looks amused in this picture, we’re guessing that this must be pretty uncomfortable. The guy next to him certainly doesn’t look amused at the lack of privacy!

Recreating photos!

Another reason for having short friends is that you can recreate hilarious pictures with them. This woman asked her mother to pose with her for a picture and decided to kind of recreate this iconic photo of Shaq and Kevin Hart:

Image courtesy of stylesbyphylicia/Instagram

The short mother had no idea that her tall daughter was being funny when she asked for a picture together. She innocently posed for the photo, until she noticed the way her daughter used her head as an armrest — and that’s when she started laughing!

Only her friends enjoyed the concert!

When you and your friends are fans of the same artists, you can go to concerts together and sing and dance your hearts out. If you’ve ever done this, you know just how memorable these moments are. But we’re not sure if this girl enjoyed it as much as her pals:

Image courtesy of ivanajakubcova/Instagram

Given the height difference, it’s safe to say that they enjoyed the concert way more than she did. They got to see the stage while she was stuck looking at the crowd’s backs. Still, we bet that she had plenty of fun!

They found the best way to hug.

Throughout this article, we showed different people trying to find the best way to hug their short friends. Some of them looked pretty uncomfortable, to be honest. But don’t worry — these two ladies found the best way for short and tall people to hug it out!

Image courtesy of kristakaycomedy/Instagram

If you’re in this situation, instead of one person bending over while the other reaches up on their tiptoes, have the tall person kneel down! Now you can share a comfy embrace — and you’ll also have a funny picture!

For a minute, you got us!

This next picture is quite funny because it’s yet another moment in which a tall person hilariously towered over a short person. But there’s also something about this photo that will probably get your attention. If you look fast enough, you’ll think that the tall girl is piggybacking!

Image courtesy of hollyburt/Instagram

Now that you got to take a second glimpse at the photo, you saw that they’re both standing. And while they may look like old-time friends, they actually met for the first time minutes before this photo. This is proof that height difference can turn people into great friends!

You’ll get all the attention for yourself!

If you look at the statistics, there aren’t actually that many “giants” worldwide. That’s why these people are usually surrounded by short people. The thing is: when you’re a tall person with tiny friends, you’re bound to get all the attention.

Image courtesy of rockyracoon2099/Imgur/Lower Rider

Or you’re bound to be the only girl to leave the party without a date. At least that’s what happened with this lady. There were only short men at the party, and they chose to hang out with her short friends. Well, it’s their loss!

He’s everywhere!

“Tall Rob” is incredibly popular on Instagram because he’s always sharing pictures of what it feels like to be a man who’s over 7 feet tall. The funny thing about Rob is that all his friends are tiny, so he looks even bigger in the photos.

Image courtesy of tallrobstallprobs/Instagram

See what we mean? He’s tall enough as it is, but the fact that Rob only has short friends makes him look like Jack Black in Gulliver’s Travels. And, to have a little fun, he decided to use his friend’s head as an armrest at a party!

When your little brother is not so little anymore.

Life is pretty funny. Usually, older brothers have quite a lot of fun at their young brother’s expense. Well, they do that until the younger brother grows up and becomes the tallest person in the house. That’s what happened with these guys:

Image courtesy of Re1nForce/Reddit

The man in the black shirt is the older brother. He used to pull a lot of pranks on his sibling — until they grew up and the tables were turned. In fact, the younger brother became so tall that it looks like they’ll have to move out of this tiny apartment!

She makes her look like a kid!

We already talked about the fact that tall people don’t usually go into gymnastics. This sport is, more often than not, practiced by shorter people. In fact, it’s a matter of physics! But there are plenty of sports for tall people, so don’t worry.

Image courtesy of shawnjohnson/Instagram

The lady in red is a member of the US swimming team. The short woman standing next to her is a gymnast. While they’re both the same age, the swimmer makes the gymnast look like a child, given their height difference!

Get yourself some short friends!

If you are a tall person and you only have tall friends, you will definitely start looking for short people so they can become friends with you. Why? Because this next picture will most likely inspire you to do that!

Image courtesy of WizzleMeh/Reddit

When you have friends that are shorter than you, you can use them as armrests! Isn’t that nice? While we can’t guarantee that your friends will look nearly as amused as these ladies in the picture, it’s probably worth a shot!

The cutest couple!

We’ve seen plenty of couples where the guy was shorter than the girl. But the truth is that these kinds of couples are a rare sight. Usually, the man is the one who’s taller in the relationship. And when tall men date short women, it’s really cute.

Image courtesy of Littlekidlover33/Reddit

See? The difference is quite drastic. He appears like he’s twice her size, but look at the way they’re staring at each other! There’s so much love there. It’s pretty clear that this big man is always going to protect his tiny woman!

The best kind of guy!

Being a tall girl is not always easy. When you’re young, boys will always make fun of you, especially if all the other girls in class are shorter than you. Luckily, there are some guys who don’t care about height and will never make fun of you.

Image courtesy of ChaunceyDarlington/Reddit

This tall woman can tell you all about it. She was ridiculed by her classmates. Well, all except one — this young gentleman. He asked her to be his prom date and ignored every single joke that was thrown their way. He didn’t even mind that he had to stand on this step stool when they were taking pictures!

He doesn’t look too happy.

The guy in this next picture is the complete opposite of the young man from the previous slide. While that one guy was happy and proud next to his tall date, this guy doesn’t seem too happy about the fact that his lady friend is much taller than him:

Image courtesy of My_tts_are_better/Reddit

One could argue that she’s that tall because she’s wearing heels, but we think she’d still be taller than him even if she were wearing sneakers. And he’s not amused at all that he has to climb three steps in order to appear taller than her. The woman, on the other hand, is probably loving it!