Social Media Users Raise Money For An Underappreciated Employee

By Anthony K

Social media recently came to Kevin Ford’s rescue after sympathizing with his plight. Kevin is a food service employee responsible for an Instagram video where he unwraps a thank-you gift for his twenty-seven years of flawless attendance on the job.

Photo Credits: @kampus / Pexels

Kevin Ford unwrapped the gift to reveal a bunch of candy, a reusable Starbucks cup, a single movie ticket, and a pen. Sympathizers decided to gift Ford an additional $270,000 to match his exemplary service for almost three decades as he drew closer to retirement.

The unwrapping video garnered over a couple of million views, but not all viewers shared in his joy as he shared his gratitude for every single gift. The online community used the comment section to share their dissatisfaction with Burger King’s gifts to long-serving employees.

One person on TikTok was furious that the employer gave Kevin Ford a single movie ticket, while another on Reddit claimed that Kevin’s humility and kindness meant that he deserved much more before his daughter, Seryna, put up a GoFundMe for him.

Ford’s daughter identified him as her dad and claimed he had never missed a scheduled shift for the last 27 years. Seryna also noted that the family wasn’t asking for money but welcomed any person willing to appreciate the single father of two and grandfather longing to reunite with his grandchildren. Seryna’s GoFundMe account had over a quarter million dollars.

Photo Credits: @xionera / Pexels

Statements by his former company revealed that Ford’s award was a peer-to-peer recognition and not an exclusive appreciation for 27 years of service. Ford maintains that he’s overjoyed by the appreciation showing that his efforts hadn’t gone unnoticed.