Celeb-Inspired Ink Disasters: 35+ Fan Tattoos That Haunt The Bearers

By Liezel L May 23, 2023

When it comes to tattoos, one of the most risky things to put on your body is someone’s face. And this does not only apply to getting the face of your boyfriend or girlfriend inked on your skin permanently.

Doing that means you’ve made a commitment to bear that face on your body for as long as you live! And the thing is, you never really know if your feelings about the person whose face you have on your body will change. If they do, and for the worst, you’re doomed!

Despite that, some people still take the courageous plunge. This includes celebrity fans who just can’t resist showing their love for their idols. With that, here are some of the funniest and most regrettable celebrity fan tattoos we’ve come across out here.

Just The Right Elf

Elf is a Christmas classic film that delights anyone who decides to replay it over the holiday, and a considerable part of it is because of Will Ferrell. No one could have played the character ‘Buddy” as excellently as he did.

image courtesy of Nikko Hurtado

This tattoo is the perfect representation of the character. It’s nearly unhinged, but it still retains excellent quality, and that’s precisely how one would describe “Buddy” in the movie. That said, though we loved the film, we’re not sure we’d ever do something like this.

What Kind of Life Decision Led To This

Britney Spears will forever be an icon in our hearts no matter what happens to her, and we will always remember her at her best. However, it seems this person decided to take another route when they opted for this tattoo.

image courtesy of tattoopins.com

It is absolutely confusing why they chose this. For all her years in the industry, Britney has had many unforgettable moments worth etching on the skin. Of all those beautiful times, why this? What twisted life decision led to wanting to immortalize Brittany at her worst?

The Inimitable Betty White

Betty White was a golden star from the moment she set foot into the industry until her very last days with us. She’s basically everyone’s favorite TV grandma. And we can all agree that flashing metal horns isn’t such a big deal for that amazing woman. 

image courtesy of tattoodonkey.com

The only regrettable choice in this tattoo might’ve been the allusion to her bursting out of someone’s skin. Yes, the woman was a badass, but we don’t think blood and gore just fit with her wholesome image. She may be able to rip your guts out with her sass, but not literally.

Our Hearts Will Go On

We all know that getting the exact likeness of someone with a tattoo is an incredibly difficult job that only the most talented tattoo artists can do perfectly. For this one, we’ll leave you to decide if it was worth the risk. It’s a Celine Dion moment that will bring her voice to anyone’s mind. 

image courtesy of tattoopins.com

Whatever song you think she’s belting out here, the fact remains that her golden voice gets through this tattoo to everyone who sees it. And because of that, we think the tattoo artist did a pretty good job. It might not be a perfect reimagination of Celine’s face, but it’s her.

Harry Potter or Sirius Black

If you’re familiar with the Harry Potter series, you know there were moments when “Harry” was not looking his best. But this tattoo takes his bad days to another level! Here, he looks like he was taken to Azkaban and back. 

image courtesy of IamNotFatIamChubby

If we’re talking about realism, though, this might’ve been the actual look “Harry” had during the last few books/movies, given all that was happening around him. He was losing family and friends because of war, for Pete’s sake. So let’s just say that this is him at that time.

She Definitely Wrecked

Miley Cyrus has gone through many stages in her life. We all became familiar with the wilder side of her image when she released Wrecking Ball. And as far as artistic interpretation goes, this tattoo got it pretty right.

image courtesy of pikabu.ru

Miley was in a time when she was just living it up. But that doesn’t mean she regretted it. Hopefully, whoever got this tattoo didn’t, either. They need to keep up with the spirit of the tattoo to bear it, don’t you think?

Poor Freddie

Freddie Mercury was a fantastic vocalist and a legend whose music and legacy will live on longer than most of us. So, why on Earth would anyone do him dirty like they did in this tattoo? He does not deserve that.

image courtesy of lardicus1/ Reddit

For the beautiful music he gave us, Freddie Mercury does not deserve anything less than a remarkable likeness of himself or an amazing abstract image. If he saw this tattoo, he would ban anyone from getting his face tattooed ever again!

Walken Would Be Proud 

If Christopher Walken saw this tattoo, he would be proud. Just look at that thing. That’s him at his peak! They even got that dark, brooding gaze he always seems to have, and they probably didn’t even need to use complicated techniques. 

image courtesy of guidespot.com

This tattoo proves that simplicity and talent are really all you need to be able to create a great picture of your idol on your skin. They would be enough to give you a tattoo even your idol would be amazed to see. 

That Decision Must’ve Turned Sour

This tattoo proves the point that you should never get someone’s face tattooed on your body. In his early days, some fans must’ve been proud to have O.J. Simpson’s face on their body. He was one of the greatest running backs of all time, after all.

image courtesy of Sports/ Kings com

After his controversial trial and acquittal over the murders of his ex-wife and her friend, however, things changed. This tattoo definitely became the subject of every new encounter he had. And unfortunately, it seems that O.J. hasn’t redeemed himself since then either, so oops!

Talk About Creepy

If you think about it, tattooing someone’s face on your body can come off as a little obsessive and creepy, depending on how you look at it. But you know what’s definitely creepy? Getting a tattoo of a celebrity’s child.

image courtesy of Mike Tidewell Obscutities tatoo

What are you doing with a tattoo of a celebrity’s child, especially one that has chosen not to be in the limelight at all? It just feels weird, and if you’re the child’s parent, you’ll surely feel some type of way about that choice of tattoo.

Fly High Mariah

We get the angel wings, but never in Mariah’s career has she ever associated herself with an owl. And we don’t see any reason why she would, either. It’s not that an owl is a bad choice, but it’s just not Mariah. 

image courtesy of tattopins.com

Then again, this person may have a different image of Mariah in their heads from the rest of the world. But at least the tattoo artist did her justice. They did not butcher Mariah’s features, so maybe that’s a plus. 

Is That The Prince of Darkness?

This tattoo could’ve worked if they hadn’t made Prince look like “Dracula’s” cousin without the fangs. Prince is charming and charismatic but not in that way, okay? In this picture, he looks like he’s just charming you for your blood!

image courtesy of vev.ru

If they wanted a reference image, they should’ve just looked up Prince’s greatest moments on Google. It is so easy to find a decent one that would have portrayed him as the icon he is, not this dark, absurd Prince-wannabe thing.

Edward From Twilight

We refuse to believe that Robert Pattinson was the inspiration behind this tattoo because that guy looks more like the dark hunk people idealize “Edward” from Twilight to be, only with a few issues with the symmetry of his face.

image courtesy of nightreads.com

Much like the rest of us, the tattoo artist seems to have a problem doing the same quality of work with his left side from his right. All the same, that’s not Robert. That’s just a lousy rendition of Twilight-book “Edward.”

Original Michael

If you check out a collection of Michael Jackson’s tattoos, you will notice that most are of his transformed self after his cosmetic procedures. And we can’t blame people for getting those. After all, that was his look at the height of his fame. 

image courtesy of frankiecocozza/Twitter

That said, whenever we see tattoos like this of the original Michael, we can’t help but be touched. It seems this fan wanted to remember him as he first was when he was simply raw talent without the touch of whatever happened when he got swallowed up by fame.

Elvis The Man

If we are being honest, this tattoo ain’t half bad. They got Elvis nicely at the height of his prime in his youth. He looks very much like the rockstar everyone saw him as on stage. Essentially, the legend that girls swooned over!

image courtesy of joyotattoo.com

The only thing that kind of ruined everything was his neck. We’re not sure if it’s attached to something else that would’ve completed the image, but that long line just makes it all look awkward. Hopefully, the entire image did it justice.

Please Complete Your Sentences

Yes, sometimes, incomplete sentences add drama or mystery to something, but more often than not, they create a lot of confusion. People often fill in the blanks with the wrong thing. Just take a look at this next one, for instance. 

image courtesy of tattoo.bletak.info

The caricature of MJ isn’t even bad. Just as a caricature, though, not a tattoo. It’s still obviously him. But the statement at the bottom could’ve been done better. There was so much space for them to complete it instead of leaving it like that.

The Tattoo Belongs

Usually, people get tattoos of the lyrics of Taylor Swift’s songs. After all, the singer has come up with some pretty hard-hitting lyrics that are absolutely tattoo-worthy. This person, however, decided to get the popstar tattooed on their skin too.

image courtesy of blick.ch

Luckily for them, the tattoo of Tay Tay’s face didn’t end up as a complete flop. She does look gorgeous. Although, the font they chose for the lyrics could’ve been better. It’s just a little too curvy for the eyes. It takes a minute for people to understand it.

Who’s The Daddy?

If you were a guy trying to run away from the responsibilities of being a dad in the late ’90s, one of the guys that might have irked you would be Maury Povich. His show was lethal to runaway dads. He took DNA tests and revealed the results to the world. 

image courtesy of animalgiveaway/Reddit

And maybe that’s what this tattoo was supposed to commemorate; responsibility. Maybe it’s a reminder to take responsibility for your actions lest someone bust’s you for being a deadbeat. Do you think this was a fan or someone who got busted?

The Eye

Radiohead vocalist Thom Yorke was born with a paralyzed left eye, and while he got surgeries to correct it, the last one was botched and unfortunately gave him a drooping eyelid. That look is apparently the inspiration behind this tattoo.

image courtesy of pikabu.ru

They didn’t have to do him dirty like that, though. It’s hilarious at first glance, but come on, a nipple? Really? Some people may find it creative, and we don’t want to judge, but there’s just something strange about it. He looks like a pimple’s growing out of his face!

When Filters Turn Into Reality

Some people would say that filters are unnecessary, that you have to revel in what you have naturally, but we think for this case, oh, it was necessary. Without the crazy filters we use on the daily, we wouldn’t get this masterpiece. 

image courtesy of snap viral

Just look at it. You have Hulk Hogan and more Hulk Hogan! Now, some people might say that that’s just degrading the picture, but on the contrary, we think it’s an upgrade and peak creativity. If you’re gonna get a tat of your idol, why not make the most of it, right?

The Blue Steel

You might know Ben Stiller from films like Night at the Museum, or There’s Something About Mary, but did you know about his Zoolander phase? To give you an idea of what he looked like in that film, just take a look at this tattoo.

image courtesy of tattoopins.com

The best part is that he didn’t just act in that film; he also directed it. Owen Wilson and Will Ferrell were also there, so we think it’s worth giving a watch, especially since someone dedicated such a bedazzling tattoo to it.

Worth It

If we’re ever going to get a celebrity tattooed on our skin, Oprah would be a good choice. That woman is just incredible, and she is an inspiration to so many people around the world. Her image is not one we would ever regret having on our bodies. 

image courtesy of stereogum.com

The fact is she started from scratch and built an excellent name and image for herself in the industry, and although she’s one of the most prominent celebrities today, she still holds the same values she held before, which is just amazing.


Tupac stood for so many things during his life, and he was admired by many people around him, and yet, we’ve never seen or heard of him being associated with a unicorn. That’s why this tattoo looks so weird on so many levels.

image courtesy of Team Jimmy Joe/Pinterest

We are hoping that the person who got this tat just thought Tupac’s music was magical enough to think of merging the idol’s head with the body of a magical creature. If there is any explanation for this, we’d love to hear it.

She’d Love This

P!nk might not be immediately recognizable from this tattoo, but once you realize it’s her, it looks pretty cool. All the details and the creativity of this tattoo are just off the charts. And it suits the artist so much.

image courtesy of hartluck/Twitter

We think some part of P!nk would absolutely love this. Her creativity as an artist is also off the charts, and we’ve seen her do bonkers things in the name of artistry. That’s why we think this tattoo would be right up her alley. 

Time Out!

Generations today might be familiar with the new Saved by the Bell sitcom. They haven’t experienced the glory of the original one. On it, “Zack Morris” is one of the most popular guys who often breaks the fourth wall with his signature “Time Out” phrase.

image courtesy of piximus.net

Many people were extremely taken by this, and sadly, while the present series is good, nothing beats the original “Zack.” Maybe that is why this person got him tattooed on their body, for the memories of those good old days.

A Lesson OnAngles and Perspective

Drawing faces, especially when the face you are trying to draw is turned at an angle, is not easy. It takes years of practice to get all the features right so you don’t end up with images that are awkward and bunched up like this image here. 

image courtesy of blognews.am

If you didn’t recognize that as Bob Marley at first, you’re not alone. Frankly, we think that the person who got this tattoo spends a considerable part of his time assuring people that it’s Bob. Hopefully, he’s patient enough to continue doing so for the rest of his life.

Nobody’s Really Winning

Remember that time when Charlie Sheen had a very public meltdown when he insulted Two and a Half Men creator Chuck Lorre and got fired from the show in his so-called “Tiger Blood” phase? Yeah, that was not pretty at all.

image courtesy of 38.media.tumblr.com

That was the time when Sheen was said to be #Winning. But was he really? The general consensus is that he was not. That’s why it’s a wonder that anyone would get a tattoo of that shameful moment and think it was cool.

Judgment Time

The Judge Judy show was as juicy as a courtroom show could get. We saw exciting, fiery drama and some of the most outrageous legal situations live on air, being arbitrated by none other than the famous Judge Judy Sheindlin. 

image courtesy of stereogum.com

This iconic lady served some of the most satisfying sentences to people who just deserved it. So we can’t really disagree with this person’s hilarious tattoo. If you want to stay on Judge Judy’s good side, you better stay straight!

Zombie Urkel

If you are a ’90s kid, you probably remember “Steve Urkel,” the kid from Family Matters. Though he was just supposed to be a one-time character for the show, he became so popular that he ended up becoming its protagonist!

image courtesy of teamjjimmyjoe.com

As it seems, this person loved the character too. The only problem was that they were tired of the usual “Urkel” tattoos, so they let their creativity out and a tattoo unlike any other: Zombie Urkel. And we got to say, it’s pretty cool.

Classic Tim Burton

Fans of Tim Burton’s films would immediately recognize this tattoo anywhere. Michael Keaton played the obnoxious character “Beetlejuice” in the film of the same title. Trust us, you will not see that kind of crazed and terrifying look anywhere else.

image courtesy of tattoopins.com

The best part is that the tattoo actually got the feel of the whole movie and the character right. It’s unhinged, a little weird, and a little crazy, and that’s what “Beetlejuice” was all about. There are definitely no regrets about this one.

Only Fans Will Know

Jack Black might not be your typical A-list star, but he has been part of some of the best movies of the decade. His are the kinds of films that you could put on repeat and not get tired of. 

image courtesy of yourdailymedia.com

Admittedly though, we never thought of him as tattoo material. It’s not that he’s a bad actor or he’s had a bad rap, but well, we just don’t see the appeal. Maybe this is just a case of a die-hard fan whose life was really touched by Black.

Maybe A Late Late Night Decision

Among all the late-night show hosts, Conan O’Brien is one of the most beloved. And we get it. He is funny, spontaneous, and his interviews are just fun to watch. He’s worth staying up late for even though you need the sleep.

image courtesy of komikler.com

And well, this tattoo of him isn’t that bad. It’s actually better than most we’ve seen, especially with all those details. They even put in wrinkles, and you can tell the artist took time with the eyes. Whoever got the tattoo and the artist themselves were surely fans.

Who’s The Boss?

If you got to watch Tony Danza’s Taxi series or his Who’s the Boss series, you might have more appreciation for this tattoo. However, the younger generations of today would surely be questioning the life decisions of the man who got it.

image courtesy of Bmj2k.com

It’s hard to blame them as well. While Danza had a good run a while back, others have already taken his place. Plus, we can’t give a solid reason why anyone would want him on their bodies anyway. It’s just strange.

Joe Dirt

If you haven’t watched the film Joe Dirt, it’s about this janitor who goes in search of the parents who abandoned him. He unwittingly ends up on a Los Angeles radio show where he finds support from the listeners of the station.

image courtesy of tattoo.bletak.info

It’s quite a funny and inspiring story, and we really hope that was the main reason why this person got this tattoo. However, something tells us it’s because they love Joe’s mullet hair, beard, and acid-wash jeans look. What’s your money on?

Not That Moment

Why oh why. Why would they do the fabulous Britney dirty like this? As we can all remember, Britney had a meltdown way back when she wasn’t allowed to see her two kids, which resulted in her shaving her head.

image courtesy of risquetattoos.com

It was not a pretty moment for Britney, her family, or her millions of fans. She was going through so much at that point, so we don’t think that was something worth putting on your body for the rest of your life. 

The Dangers of Being Home Alone

Home Alone was such an iconic movie, and even up until now, many people still rewatch the films over the holidays. And who can blame them? With a charming star like Macaulay Culkin, it is hard to resist those movies.

36 image courtesy of pizimus.net

While we appreciate a good Home Alone tattoo, this doesn’t look like one of them. The kid here just looks terrified of whoever’s holding onto them. He looks like he’s being kidnapped. And it is not funny; it’s just creepy. 

Real Dedication

Now, if you are going to get a tattoo of someone you idolize, this is how you do it. Dedicating a huge piece of real estate on your body for them. Now that is real dedication and appreciation for your icon.

image courtesy of tattoo.bletak.info

We don’t know what this person saw in Hulk Hogan to dedicate his whole back to him but kudos to him. We can only imagine the pain and suffering he had to go through to get that tattoo. That must have hurt!

The Price is Right

The Price is Right is one of the most iconic game shows in American history, and who can forget its host Bob Barker? He knew just how to rile up the audience and give that little “heart-attack” moment every single game.

image courtesy of stirileprotv.ro

Though the guy was brilliant at his thing, we are not sure why anyone would get his tattoo. But then again, maybe the price was just right! Either way, at least it doesn’t look horrible. That’s one less worry for them, right?

The Before

If we have anything to say about this tattoo, it’s that it looks a hell of a lot better than most of the cosmetic procedures Tori Spelling has gone through. She seriously didn’t need that nose job and lip fillers. 

image courtesy of starcasm.net

Then again, maybe she felt pressured. Thankfully, whoever got this tattoo got her at her prime. They got the version of Tori before everything else happened. And that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t look great now. As long as she feels beautiful, then everything’s good.

A Legend

Kurt Cobain is a legend whose life ended too soon. When he soared to fame as the lead vocalist of the band Nirvana, nobody thought he would be gone as soon as he was. Thankfully we have his legacy and extensive catalog to remember him by. 

image courtesy of ratemyink.com

That’s why we understand how important this tattoo must have been to this person. Kurt has touched the lives of millions of people with his music. And if there’s one thing we’re sure of, it’s that he is a legend who deserves to be etched onto someone’s skin.