The Magical Moments After Memory Loss

By Anthony K April 28, 2022

This is an inspirational story of an admirable old man who did not lose his musical abilities even after being diagnosed with dementia. Dementia being a memory loss related condition, prepare to shed a tear or two and don’t forget to be inspired.

When people hear dementia, most people think about old, memory loss too hard to deal with, and belonging to a nursing home. Let us be honest, we all know some relative or some friend’s relative who is a nursing home after they were diagnosed with dementia. We will stop beating around the bush and get to the juicy part.

81-year-old Paul Harvey was a music teacher and a pianist in his early ages. He lives in Sussex, where he composed his first single with only but four notes. There’s no fuss in that, we know, but do you know when he composed this song, he was already diagnosed with dementia back last year. Then, Mr. Paul’s son named Nick decided to post the song to inspire people out there that there can be magical moments even after memory loss. The song went swirling up online and made paul Harvey famous in the British nation.

Image Courtesy of iNews

Mr. Harvey always wished to conduct a symphony orchestra, and this dream finally came true in his 80’s. He had the chance to lead a symphony orchestra, and what’s even mind-blowing, he played his own single while having dementia. The single was recorded by the BBC Philharmonic orchestra. Mr.Paul’s story inspired people to raise £1m donations geared towards helping those with conditions like his and are in the music industry.

Image Courtesy of Manchester Evening News

When Nelson Mandela, the late South African president, saidit always seems impossible until it’s done, and we think this story is exactly what this quote talks about.