TikToker Brings Dinner To Store Cashier After 16-Hour Shift

By Kanyi M

A sixteen-hour shift seems really long, but a thoughtful act such as this makes all the difference. To one 7-Eleven worker, a customer came through with food for him. Demi Lee, the person who brought the food, said she had a lighter fluid she needed to get and saw the worker.

Source: @duynguyen15791/Unsplash

The TikToker said the guy didn’t believe she’d return with food. In the video, Lee shared prepping and cooking ribs, mac and cheese, and beans for the cashier. She rolled up to his station at the end of his shift to get a reaction. He was shocked she came back with a plate of food for him.

The cashier couldn’t believe his eyes. ‘Oh my god,’ he said before adding, ‘I told you I would come back.’ Lee said she wanted to film his reaction to send to her mother. He seemed genuinely thrilled when he saw the ribs and immediately dove in.

The man thought it was all he would get, so Lee told him to look in the other plate. That’s when he saw the mac and cheese and was surprised. The cashier then thanked her profusely and started eating it right away. The video which was shared got more than 3 million views.

Source: @twistsandzests/Unsplash

Comments were shared by users in shock and sharing words of encouragement. One user, a gas station worker, too, could relate to the man. He commented that if someone brought him food like this at work, he would probably cry.

Another added that he was used to working on the holidays alone, but when someone would bring him food, he’d cry and thank them.