Toddler Falls In Love With The Deaf Puppy From Next Door

By Luka E

Moz is a deaf puppy who found her forever home after being fostered by Thom Hawk. When Thom brought Moz home, the puppy was totally exhausted and slept for the first day and a half. He says that the pup was a very scrawny, hairless, and funny looking stray. Thom was taken aback when his other foster dogs started looking after him. 

Image courtesy of The Dodo

While walking the other dogs, Thom would carry Moz in a little pouch on his back. One day, he was passing the home of Lauren and her 2-year-old daughter Lillian on his usual route, when the little girl came out to say hi. She loved to come and see his dogs. 

Lillian was totally in love with the new foster pup from the moment she saw him. She started taking him for walks with Thom, and would even hang out with him for the day. When Thom went away for a week, he asked her family if they would dog sit Moz for him. Of course, they said yes. While he was staying with them, it became very clear that he was a perfect addition to their family. 

Image courtesy of The Dodo

When Thom returned and saw Lillian and Moz sitting on the porch looking totally happy together, he knew the pup had found his forever home. Soon after, Moz moved in with them. Luckily, Thom lived just 2 blocks away, so it was easy enough to visit his little friend whenever he felt like it.