Touching Stories Of Dogs That Saved Human Lives

By Yeshwanth K

As most people are familiar, dogs are the most loving creatures that love their owners more than they love themselves. It can be displayed clearly during life-or-death emergency situations. There are a lot of times when dogs showed their courage, loyalty, and intelligence during dangerous situations to save their family.

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The companionship of dogs and humans goes back way further than most people can expect. Through selective breeding, dogs are carnivorous animals, which are available in various shapes, colors, and sizes. Even hundreds of movies and TV shows have been made about dogs such as Hachi: A Dog’s Tale, A Dog’s Purpose, Isle of Dogs, and many more.

All these shows and movies portray the affection of dogs and the bond between dogs and their owners. In real life, dogs, despite being blind or hurt or scared have saved their owners’ lives without hesitation. In various situations such as house fires, drowning, and war, many human lives were saved by dogs and those people owe their lives to those canines.

Not just the owners, but even neighbors or complete strangers were saved by dogs. Given below are 10 real-life stories about dogs and how they saved their owners. However, it is to be duly noted that the pictures of these dogs might not actually be the original pictures but resemble the breeds of the dogs that saved human lives.


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Peanut was a rescue dog, who in turn became a rescuer. Peanut was adopted from a rescue center in 2017 after he was rescued from an abusive owner. The new parents of Peanut were alerted by the constant barking one day and they wanted to see what was wrong. He led them to a 3-year-old girl who was suffering from hypothermia and was in a pretty bad situation. The girl actually wandered away from an abusive house. Because of Peanut, the girl was found, and after she came back to her senses, the first word she said was “doggie.”


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In the winter of 2017, a person broke his neck and was paralyzed after slipping on snow. In most cases, such people are let to die but his loyal canine companion didn’t let him die. She stayed on top of him to keep him warm and kept on barking continuously for 19 hours until help arrived.


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In the year 2018, a dog belonging to the breed of Yorkshire Terrier named Jazzy was another example of a dog that was rescued once and became a rescuer. The owner of Jazzy was suffering from diabetes, and he fell unconscious. Jazzy quickly reacted by trying to wake him up by poking his chin and barking constantly. Alerted by the constant barking, the owner’s mother came to help him before he could go into diabetic shock. We can confidently say that the person owes big time to Jazzy.


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Buddy’s owner is an 87-year-old man who once fell and wasn’t able to get back up. Buddy, who is a 12-year-old dog quickly came to the rescue by going to the neighbor’s house and alerting them of the danger. Buddy then led the neighbors to the old man, who was then saved.


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Unlike most dogs that bark constantly while their owners are in danger, Major is a completely unique and intelligent dog. The owner of Major is a veteran suffering from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), and he once experienced a seizure. Major, who is a mixed breed between Labrador and Pitbull, quickly called 911 by stepping on the owner’s iPhone. As there was no response from the other side of the call, the operators hung the phone thinking of it as a prank call. But Major kept calling them again and again continuously for 10 times until the emergency services came to know that something wasn’t right. Not just the intelligence, but the persistence of the dog is praiseworthy.


Image Courtesy: Paula Godwin/

A Golden Retriever named “Todd” was very brave when it came to saving its owner’s life. It placed itself in between the owner and a rattlesnake when the owner was about to ignorantly step on the snake and the snake was about to bite the owner. Instead of letting the owner receive the bite, Todd took the bite and returned home with a severely swollen muzzle.


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Sako was a King Shepherd that was traveling in a car along with its owners in British Columbia. All of the passengers in the car were killed instantly, except for Sako and its teenage owner. Sako took care of its owner for 40 hours straight by keeping the owner warm, leading him to water, and driving coyotes away. Sako kept doing so until rescuers found Sako and his owner. Because of this valiant act, Sako was inducted into the Purina Animal Hall of Fame in 2017.


Image Courtesy: MPC Layka/

Layka, who belongs to the Belgian Malinois breed, is an army dog that was shot four times while clearing a Taliban compound in Afghanistan. Despite being injured severely and losing a leg, Layka was able to save the lives of the soldier team. When returning from Afghanistan, one of the staff Sergeant named Julian McDonald adopted the brave three-legged dog.


Image Courtesy: A life for a life: By saving her, he saved himself/

David Sharpe was a Senior Airman who wasn’t getting treated for his PTSD and depression. Cheyenne was a Pitbull puppy from the animal shelter, which was adopted by him. Once when he sat down in the kitchen with a handgun and was thinking of killing himself, Cheyenne came and sat beside him. Cheyenne started licking Sharpe’s ear and at that moment, Sharpe felt the situation was funny, and determined that he should live to take care of the canine companion.


Image Courtesy: Lance Cpl. Caitlin Bevel/U.S. Marine Corps

Lucca was a Marine Corps military working dog, which took an active part in 400 patrols involved with searching explosives. Lucca was able to find 40 explosive devices over its 6-year career. During its last act of bravery, it was struck by an explosive and lost its leg. In the year 2016, Lucca received the Dickin Medal, which makes it the first army dog to receive it. Dickin Medal is given to the service animals that excelled in the services they offered to armed forces or civil defenses while exhibiting their courage and loyalty.