Transformational Photos Of Rescue Dogs Before And After They Were Adopted

By Stephen M

The mutual friendship between humans and dogs dates back several centuries, even millennia. Each serves as the other’s companion. Aside from being adorable to keep, dogs serve different purposes in our homes, including providing security. So, we also have a responsibility towards them, by providing them with shelter, good food, and their health needs.

But the sad thing is that many dogs are becoming homeless more often. Their owners abandon them for reasons best known to them. The lucky ones end up in rescue homes and get adopted. As a dog lover, it is time you also visited a rescue shelter to adopt one as they need new owners! Recently, Reddit made a photo collection of the before and after of some rescued dogs that got adopted into new homes. Watch how these dogs have transformed after they were adopted.

Photos of before and after of rescue dogs

Photo credit: r/lookatmydog/Reddit
Photo credit: r/aww/Reddit
Photo credit: r/MadeMeSmile/Reddit
Photo credit: u/zackjin/ reddit
Photo credit: r/dogpictures/reddit