Twins Celebrate Their 100th Birthday With Commitment To Each Other

By Stephen M

Born in 1921, Norma Matthews and Edith Antonecchi have maintained their closeness throughout their existence. The Florida-based centenarians recently celebrated their 100th anniversary in their St. Peterburg church hall.

They celebrated the day with cake, doughnuts, coffee, and creamers while wearing the same dress. Wearing the same outfit is not really their thing. However, it was a special day, and the press was there. Fifty other people were in attendance to celebrate this special moment.  

Photo credit: @sharonmccutcheon / Unsplash

A television show’s Smuckers birthday jar received a picture of the twins from Norma’s granddaughter. But due to their busy schedule, they couldn’t make it to the segment.

Aside from sharing a house, the twins do almost everything together, including going shopping and church. They go for live music every Thursday at the Northside Baptist, although that’s not their regular church.

Their presence stuns many people looking at how they’ve grown strong together, witnessing several events in the world. They have seen wars, the Great Depression, and the transformation of the world from the analog to the digital age, among other things.

Life story

Photo credit: Norma and Edith’s personal archive

Norma and Edith were born to Italian immigrants outside Boston. The sisters have two different personalities. While Norma is lively, Edith is the reserved type. Growing up, Edy played piano and had a low fashion sense, while Norma was an artist and a fashionista. Boys who wanted to approach them or take them out had to ask permission from their dad. Norma became a nurse and Edy a hairdresser.

Interestingly, they married in the same year, with Edy marrying first on Valentine’s Day. Norma was the maid of honor for her sister’s wedding. Three months later, Norma also married. Their husbands died months apart after 51 years of marriage.