45 Times Identical Twins Switched Places To Get Exactly What They Wanted

By Arvyn B

Being a twin is a pretty unique experience. It is much rarer than people think, as only 1 in every 85 pregnancies has a chance of being twins. It is even rarer to have identical twins – only 1 in 250 births is identical twins! Having someone who looks exactly like you can be a blessing and a curse. Other people will often get you mixed up, and you have to have a clear personality to make yourself separate from your sibling. But in the case of these twins, being a twin is a blessing! All of these twins managed to use their lookalike to their benefit by tricking other people. The results are hilarious! We have created a list of just some of the best pranks that only identical twins can pull off.

Dedicated to the gym

One of the biggest advantages of having a lookalike is that you can get a lot of free things this way. After all, why pay for two memberships when you can save money by looking exactly the same? No one would ever know.

Image courtesy of Organic Twins/Instagram

That is exactly what these twins did, and we honestly cannot blame them for it. We would do it if we were twins! We can imagine that the gym workers were probably surprised to see how reliable this pair was.

Driving Fail

We can all agree on one thing – driving tests are difficult, and for a good reason! You need to consider so many things as you sit in the front seat, so it’s not a surprise that some people fail.

Image courtesy of clarytwins/Instagram

These twins created a clever plan to make sure that they passed – but we can’t say that we support it! Having your twin take the test is pretty smart, and we hope the failing twin learned how to drive.

Easy Verification

One secure way to keep your phone safe is using your voice. After all, it is pretty hard to copy someone else’s voice! You can also use things like Face ID for extra security. But not if you’re a sibling!

Image courtesy of Ian Haworth/Instagram

Okay, she’s not a twin, but she managed to make her voice so similar to her sister’s that she might as well be one! We hope that she did not use the power of imitation to do anything too bad.

Successful Switch

The twins above might not have managed to pull of their switch, but this pair certainly did! They used the power of imitation to help them cheat on tests. We cannot say that we agree with it, but it’s clever!

Image courtesy of altrinchamtodaynews.co.uk

It’s a little unfair that they did this, and not at all honest behavior! But, we guarantee that anyone else would’ve done the same thing if they had the opportunity. It is a sure-fire way to get great marks!

Lucky Coincidence

Not all pranks end up being practical jokes – sometimes, they can actually work out for the best! That is exactly what happened to this pair of twins, where the ‘prank’ resulted in one of them getting a boyfriend.

Image courtesy of Twins on Tour/Instagram

We are not sure why they have not told the boyfriend about what really happened. Perhaps they are worried that he will be upset at the deception, but we cannot imagine that happening. It was kind of an honest mistake!

Big Mistake

Not all pranks can be as successful as the one above, though. Sometimes, they can have disastrous consequences, as this user proved. Their sisters’ twins decided to swap places when going to work. It definitely didn’t go as planned…

Image courtesy of TinisBuntewelt/Instagram

…as one of the twins ended up getting fired! We’re sure that they regretted it, and we hope that they learned from their mistake. It might have started as a joke, but it definitely was not funny at the end!

Face Security

Just like the siblings in #3, this twin realized that she used her power for more than just easy pranks. She discovered she could get into her twin’s phone as the facial recognition software could not tell the difference!

Image courtesy of iphoneincanada.com

This problem is something that is so unique that we cannot imagine any company will try to fix it. After all, how many twins are going to use their sibling’s phones for disagreeable reasons? It is a harmless prank!

Testing the Twins

This user isn’t a twin, but they were the victim of a twin prank! They were dating a girl who had a twin. One day, she decided to see if he could tell the difference between the two of them.

Image courtesy of Terri Wheat/Instagram

Luckily, the user was smart enough to notice the differences between the two, and he passed the test! We hope that this managed to prove that he was the right man for his girlfriend and that they stayed together.

Phone Prank

Not all pranks are as impressive as some of the others on the list. We think this one is still pretty cool and amusing, though! This user and his twin swap places when they answer the phone to their mom.

Image courtesy of udaifath_udaii/Instagram

Okay, so it might not be the most clever prank out there, but it is still hilarious! Tricking your mom like this is a nice and harmless way to pull a prank. Nobody gets hurt, and it is still funny for everyone.

Swapping Relationships

This one is just cruel, and we are glad that the prankers were called out! This user’s grandfather and his twin kept pranking their wives by swapping places. We can only imagine how hilarious the dates they went on were!

Image courtesy of dailymail.co.uk

Luckily for this pair of wives, they managed to figure out that their boyfriends were messing with them. We think that they were probably not too happy about it all! Hopefully, they can laugh about the hilarious pranks now.

Troublesome Twins

Of course, sometimes being a twin can have greater benefits than simple pranks. Sometimes, it can help them to get out of legal issues, too! These twins used their ‘powers’ whenever the other got in trouble with the law.

Image courtesy of Ben Moffat (azcentral.com)

It is pretty funny, although it is certainly illegal, too. They would have likely gotten into a lot of trouble for doing this! It was probably very helpful at the time, although we cannot support this sort of behavior.

A Helpful Situation

Sometimes, clothes shopping can be a real pain. You find something that you like, and then you have to go to the changing rooms to try it on. Why is this so much effort! These twins found an easy fix for this problem.

Image courtes of fashioncolumntwins/Instagram

They modeled clothes for each other to see what they thought about it. This is such a clever idea! It just goes to show that not all twins use their powers for pranks – sometimes, they can be helpful, too.

A Rest Day

Anyone who works in the Navy deserves a lot of praise at it is one of the most challenging things to both your mind and your body. Just the training to be a Navy SEAL is one of the most difficult parts of it all!

Image courtesy of myprotein/Instagram

So, we completely understand why these twins alternated during their SEAL training. After all, it gave them a day off to rest and relax! We cannot blame them for doing this because training to be a Navy SEAL is tiring.

Pulling the Race Card

There is only one thing that is rarer than identical twins, and that is identical triplets! Having two siblings is a handful, but having three of them look the same? We cannot even imagine the pranks they pulled on others!

Image courtesy of temitwins103/Instagram

Luckily, we do not need to imagine, as this user posted their experience of dealing with identical triplets at their school! We do not agree with ‘pulling the race card,’ although we do admit that it is a clever move.

Sharing Passports

This one goes beyond a simple prank and is most definitely illegal. We do not recommend that anyone tries doing this, as you can get into a lot of trouble for breaking the law. It is pretty funny, though!

Image courteys of passportcheckin/Instagram

These two sisters shared a passport to help cut down on travel expenses. Although it is a neat way to save money, the consequences could be disastrous if you are found out. The reward is really not worth the risk!

School Swap

One popular place to play pranks as a twin is at school. You might both be good at different subjects and can swap places to make sure each of you gets fantastic grades. Unfortunately, it didn’t work for this pair.

Image courtesy of _eva_and_alisa_/Instagram

One of the twin’s friends at school managed to work out that they were playing pranks by asking special questions. They got busted and had to switch back to normal later! We hope they had a fun time, though.

Family Prank

Fooling one member of your family as a twin is pretty cool. But managing to fool the entire family? That is quite an achievement, so we can imagine that these twins probably felt very proud of themselves after seeing their familys’ faces!

Image courtesy of liamnolanmavie/Instagram

By swapping clothes and glasses with each other, they managed to trick everyone into thinking they were the other twin! However, it is a little sad that their own parents could not tell them apart. They must’ve been really identical!

Across the Ages

The family resemblance was really strong with these brothers! Even though they were a year apart from one another, they apparently all looked so similar that it was hard to tell them apart at school. The result was some chaos!

Image courtesy of hendrochen32/Instagram

They kept swapping places with each other, and nobody had any idea what was going on. That is until you saw the huge differences in height between them all. We wonder how long they managed to keep this prank going!

Age Swap

One of the difficult things about being a twin must be the rivalry between you and your sibling. Because you are so close to each other, there is bound to be some competition. Sometimes, it can get out of hand.

Image courtesy of nataliethomasphotography.con

According to this user, the rivalry between him and his brother started way back when they were in their mom’s womb! They swapped places, and the older brother ended up being, the younger brother, and vice-versa. How confusing is that!

Work Twins

People often say that you should never date people from work, as it can make things too difficult for you. But we think you should never work with people from your family, either – unless you are twins, of course!

Image courtey of alessietteaq/Instagram

This pair was so smart that they managed to trick the department store into thinking they had never met before. We can only imagine how shocked and surprised their co-workers must have been! Luckily, they revealed the truth soon after.

Kind Twins

We have already seen a few twins on this list who use their powers for good, but this one takes the cherry for being probably the sweetest twins around. Whenever someone would mistake one of the twins for the other…

Image courtesy of twinsandmultiples/Instagram

…they would kindly listen along, pretending to be their twin, to save the person any embarrassment. This is such a kind gesture, and we wish that all twins were as nice as this! However, it wouldn’t make a funny list of twin pranks, that’s for sure.

Detention Swap

Most of the time, twins swap places to play a prank or to get a fun reward that they can enjoy together. Not this twin! They swapped places with their sibling so that they could go to detention. Yes, you read that right!

Image courtesy of deliaabati/Instagram

Apparently, they really wanted to skip their current class, so they went to detention instead. It must have been a super boring lesson! At least one of the twins got to have fun by hanging out with their friends instead.

Like a Movie

This one is so insanely creative we reckon that it must be fake. If it is true, then it would be perfect for a movie! Supposedly, these twins swapped almost every aspect of their lives with one another, and we mean everything.

Image courtesy of impressivedoubleisthenewbubble/Instagram

If it’s true, we wonder how the user managed to find out, as they claim the twins kept up the deception even in the face of the law. We find that pretty unbelievable! It’s probably just a work of fiction.

Cheaper Tickets

One of the many benefits of being a twin is all of the money that you get to save. By sharing a face, you can share many other things, too, such as tickets and season passes at amusement parks.

Image courtesy of tmeca4782/Instagram

We do not blame these twins at all for doing this, as ticket prices can be through the roof! However, it is technically stealing, so it is kind of wrong for them to do it. It is still brilliant, though!

Cursive Conundrum

Here’s one piece of advice for any twins out there. If you are planning to swap places with your sibling to help you on a test, make sure that your sibling actually knows what they are doing on the test.

Image courtesy of rockyourhandwriting/Instagram

Otherwise, you will end up like this pair of brothers! They both got into trouble when it was revealed they swapped places during a cursive test. It’s a clever idea, but they were not smart enough to pull it off!

Got You!

If we have learned one thing from this user, it is that there is a surefire way to help you distinguish between different twins. What is it? Using face paint makes sure that each twin’s styles are different.

Image courtesy of followpics.co

That way, you can quickly tell which one is which, and you will never be the victim of any twin pranks. It seems to have really helped this naughty pair, and we hope their trouble-making days are behind them.

That’s Just Cruel

Playing a prank on your family and friends is hilarious. Watching their reactions as they find out is priceless! But we think playing a prank on a baby, like this user’s mother and her sister did, is plain cruel.

Image courtesy of thefishportland.com

Hopefully, the baby was not too scared about being pranked like this. We can imagine it must have been pretty scary for them to see two versions of their mom. They have no understanding of siblings, let alone twins!

Mistaken Identity

This story is just too freaky for words, and we would certainly be pretty shocked if it happened to use. One brother went to a house party and made friends with someone they met there. Skip forward a year…

Image courtesy of jsteuber89/Instagram

…and the other twin was stopped in a store by this friend. They were utterly shocked when the friend claimed to know him and where he lived! Luckily, it was just a case of mistaken identity and nothing creepy.


Although there are a few disadvantages to being a twin, the advantages are pretty great, too. This post is a great example of just a few of them! These twins swapped places to help one of them get a job.

Image courtesy of solfieoldenlund/Instagram

Somehow, the twin managed to keep up this false identity for a whole two months, even though she was being called her sister’s name and asked about her false life! That must have taken some great skills to do.

Got Caught

The brothers in this story might have played some pranks on their teacher, but we are glad to see that everyone found the mix-up to be hilarious. If only all teachers out there were as fun as this one was!

Image courtesy of wburong.com

The only reason that they got caught was because one of them needed to wear glasses, and the other one did not. When one of them could not see without them, they were busted by the teacher! The teacher knew something was up!

A True Bond

Being a sibling, there are just some things that you will do for them that you just would not do for anyone else. According to this user, that includes getting into trouble with the police, too! They must be very close.

Image courtesy of rhapsodyfitness.com

This sibling was willing to swap places with her twin by literally spending some time in jail for her and even helping out with community service. We really hope that the twin learned her lesson from this critical incident.

Serving Sibling

It is one thing to trick your friends and family when you are a twin, but tricking random strangers is a completely different story, as these two found out! They managed to trick customers at their work with their power.

Image courtesy of twinning/Instagram

The customers were left thinking that the café had really fast service, as they saw the twins working so fast! This is just proof that not all pranks have to be negative and can actually be a good thing.

Swapping Beards

The only real way to tell twins apart is if they’re wearing different clothes or have different hairstyles. You also try different facial hair too, as these twins did. They fooled every person at a party with their facial hair pranks!

Image courtesy of saltingthatsnail/Reddit

Imagine the shock on their faces when one of the twins said that they would instantly grow their beards back! We hope that the twins eventually told them the truth, or the friends would be permanently surprised that they didn’t notice.

Ghost Twin

One thing that we have learned so far about twins is that they seem to love playing pranks on other people. Especially pranks that end up freaking other people out, as these twins did! The user’s reaction must’ve been priceless.

Image courtesy of dittoskittos/Instagram

It is a little strange that the twins managed to get into this user’s house with relatively little trouble. Apparently, in Southern America, lots of people leave their doors unlocked. We guess that is one lesson the people learned!

Catch Me If You Can

There is one thing common on this list, and that is twins using their powers to help protect each other from the long arm of the law. That also includes getting speeding tickets, for example, as these siblings have proved.

Image courtesy of Patch

However, unlike many other entries on this list, this story has somewhat of a happy ending. One of the brothers became a cop and revealed the truth when going through the initial tests. The examiner actually appreciated their honesty!

What’s The Point?

This one is a little confusing for one simple reason – we do not understand the point! All of the other pranks on this list have had a funny result or great reward behind them. But swapping places on graduation day?

Image courtesy of Adriana Medina/Pinterest

That just seems so pointless! There’s not really any reason why anyone would do this, as this is supposed to be one the most important days of your life. What is the point of swapping places with your twin?

Testing Troubles

Here is another example of twins using their powers in a bad way. We definitely cannot agree with this illegal activity! It is very dishonest, and lying about these important tests can have horrible consequences in the future.

Image courtesy of Lawrsee/Reddit

After all, the company will not be too happy when they find out, and you could even wind up going to jail. We think that these twins took things one step too far, and we hope they never repeated it.

A Little Help

These two might not be twins, but since they are brothers, they look close enough to each other that they could be twins! This really helped them out, especially when the younger one wanted to go to R-rated movies.

Image courtesy of Gary Armstrong/Lonely Planet

The older one said that they were twins, and the younger one had forgotten his ID, which allowed him to see these movies! Unfortunately, they do not look so similar anymore, but we doubt they need this power now anyway.

That’s One Solution

Being the parent of twins is an absolute nightmare, as trying to understand which child is which is so tricky! These twin’s father decided to settle things once and for all by using different colored shirts on the two brothers.

Image courtesy of killebrewkrewe/Instagram

But, of course, this begs the question – are the two uncles the ‘right’ ones? It is not like it matters, though, since it happened when they were so young, and it would not affect things too much if they swapped.

School Swap

A lot of twins on this list seem to enjoy swapping places at school, as it’s a great way to prank a lot of people all at once. Thankfully, most people at the school found the funny side of this joke.

Image courtesy of demitwinsart/Instagram

Everyone that is, apart from the dean! We hope that he managed to see the comical side to this story, as it is really not that bad. It was just a simple prank, and nobody ended up getting hurt.

It Wasn’t Me!

Another common feature of these pranks is that the twins use their power to get out of trouble. The story below is a perfect example of this. These twins got out of trouble by pretending to be the other!

Image courtesy of patsyandthetwinlets/Instagram

We cannot imagine that their teachers were all too happy about this sneakiness. If we were one of the teachers, we would just punish both of the students to teach both of them a lesson on how to behave properly!

It’s Not Your Fault

Not all twin pranks end up being that funny, however, as this next story proves. This guy was dating a twin, and she decided to swap places as a joke. Unfortunately, it didn’t end up being as amusing as they thought.

Image courtesy of attartwins/Reddit

The original twin got angry when the guy kissed her twin, thinking it was her. Sadly, they broke up because she thought he “should have known” the difference—poor guy. Honestly, we believe it is not really this guy’s fault.

Twin Trouble Part 2

It is time for another case of mistaken identity now, although this one is scarier than it is funny. This twin kept getting confused with his brother, which had disastrous consequences when someone started picking on him at school.

Image courtesy of leahpercacciolo/Instagram

He kept getting mistaken for the bad guy and needed to do a lot of convincing to try and persuade other people that he was the good one! We hope that the naughty twin became a better person after this.

Doing The Right Thing

Of course, there are also times like this when being a twin has its advantages. In this story, these twins swapped places so that the other could take a break to hang out with their friends during a musical performance.

Image courtesy of theatkinson.co.uk

This is a pretty nice thing for them to do, and we’re glad that they did not get caught. It is just proof that not all twins have to be mischievous, and they can actually use their powers for good.

Photo Opportunity

There are also times when twins miss out on what could have been a hilarious opportunity, like this one. This brother had the chance to swap places with his sibling during photo day at school. He didn’t take it!

Image courtesy of Tracy Tuley/Pinterest

It’s probably right that he didn’t do this, though, as it would have made for a very strange yearbook photo! Still, it would be a great story to tell others, and we cannot blame him for wanting to do it.