Unicorn License: Young Girl Gets License To Become Unicorn Owner

By Anthony K

Did you ever get over the love and need for a unicorn in your stuffed toys collection? Unicorn lovers may spend their lifetime searching for unicorns but are unable to find them. A young Los Angeles girl is likely to make history after getting a license to own a unicorn.

Source: @karolina-grabowska/Pexels

Madeline recently proved she has a striking imagination and awareness of how bureaucracy could easily shatter her dreams. That’s why the young girl decided to ask LA authorities for the right to own a unicorn if she ever came across one of them.

The permit has strings attached where the unicorn should be exposed to sunlight, rainbows, and moonbeams, while the horn must be polished at least once a month using a soft cloth. Sparkles and glitter sprinkled on the unicorn should be biodegradable and non-toxic, and the girl should feed it watermelon at least once a week.

Director Marcia Mayeda sent the girl a metal tag that would serve as her license, as well as a stuffed unicorn toy. The response came after Madeline sent a letter asking for LA County’s approval to keep a unicorn in her house in case she found one.

The director commended Madeline’s sense of responsible pet ownership, prompting her to seek permission from relevant authorities. Madeline also exhibited responsibility by considering what she needed to provide a loving home to animals.

Source: @stephenleo1982/Unsplash

The Los Angeles County Department of Animal Control posted images of their response to Madeline’s request on their social media accounts, and they went viral soon after.

We sure hope that Madeline finds a unicorn and can care for it, following the stipulated guidelines. We are also motivated to resume our own search for unicorns if it means we get to keep them.