Ken-tucky to Ken-sas: AI-Generated Kens From Every State In The USA

By Jishnu B

If you still think you can outrun the AI invasion, it’s time for a reality check! We’re knee-deep in the age of artificial intelligence, and it’s only getting more influential by the minute. Sure, you’ve probably stumbled upon countless articles warning us about the AI apocalypse, but hey, today, we’re flipping the switch. 

Brace yourself for some feel-good vibes as we dive into the much-anticipated release of Barbie 2023, where our main squeeze is none other than the legendary Ken, Barbie’s ride-or-die partner. This movie isn’t just a nostalgia trip for those who played with those iconic dolls and binged their movies like popcorn—it’s a heartfelt tribute to Ken. As Ryan Gosling so sagely put it, “There’s a Ken inside all of us.”

So, buckle up for this listicle extravaganza where we’ll whisk you away on a journey across the USA, courtesy of Midjourney’s brilliant AI-generated images of Ken, all brought to life by the amazing artist Lauren Garafano. Let’s celebrate the Ken-tastic vibes, shall we?


If you want to experience a fiery roast, consider packing your bags for Arizona. This scorching state frequently sees temperatures soaring beyond a blistering 112 degrees Fahrenheit. Remember that viral video of a woman successfully frying an egg on the sidewalk?

Image Credit: Lauren Garafano

Our perspective completely changed when we found ourselves in Arizona for a friend’s wedding. We can now say, without a doubt, that we came dangerously close to suffering from heatstroke. It’s no surprise that Ken in these Midjourney generated images proudly sports his open-shirt look.


Sweet Home Alabama just can’t seem to shake off that infamous reputation for keeping things a little too close-knit in the family tree. But hey, let’s not judge an entire state solely based on that amusing stereotype. Alabama has so much more to offer than their unorthodox marital preferences, believe it or not!

Image Credit: Lauren Garafano

When it comes to southern hospitality, Alabama folks take the cake! You can’t go a single day without hearing a spirited “roll tide!” echoing through the air. After laying eyes on this dashing Ken, you’ll want to give these Alabamians an extra chance to show off their charm.


Do not underestimate Delaware just because it is the second smallest state in the US. They are known as the country’s first state as they were the first ones to join the union in 1787 and sign the Declaration of Independence.

Image Credit: Lauren Garafano

Delaware is a hidden gem for those seeking the perfect place to call home. Picture-perfect weather? Check! Delightfully friendly people? Check! Oh, and did we mention the stunning beaches? Double check! Besides, you will most likely meet a handsome Ken like walking in the streets.


When Justin Bieber dropped his 2021 hit single Peaches and crooned about having his peaches out in Georgia, we couldn’t help but do a little happy dance. Sure, the song might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it let the world know how good Georgian peaches are.

Image Credit: Lauren Garafano

We’re thrilled that the AI selected an African American man as the embodiment of Ken. It’s a wonderful tribute, and we couldn’t be happier. But here’s another reason to celebrate Georgia: it played a pivotal role in the African American movement.


Once upon a time, Ohio had quite a stellar reputation. It was a place where you could savor mouthwatering Cincinnati Chili while cheering on your favorite football team. However, Ohio seems to have fallen victim to the memes in recent years, thanks to some questionable humor from Gen Z.

Image Credit: Lauren Garafano

Try saying the word “Ohio” in a middle school classroom and see if teenagers do not fall over giggling. Thankfully, Ohio will finally get their deserved recognition due to this classic early 2000s Ken. When we think of the name “Ken”, this is the face that flashes in our head!

Rhode Island

Don’t be misled by the name—Rhode Island may have “Island” in it, but it’s not really an island. But hey, that doesn’t diminish the fact that this state is home to one of the world’s most vibrant and entertaining cities! Rhode Island knows how to bring the fun, no doubt about it.

Image Credit: Lauren Garafano

When it comes to Rhode Island, there’s no shortage of sandy beaches and mouthwatering cuisine. But let’s not forget the state’s crown jewel: an abundance of majestic yachts. We have a sneaking suspicion that this particular Ken is the life of at least half of those parties!


This next state on our list proudly holds the title of being the “Mother of America” and the birthplace of eight presidents. Yet, amidst all the historical acclaim, we strongly believe that Virginia deserves recognition for something else: its incredibly friendly residents.

Image Credit: Lauren Garafano

Just take a gander at this dashing AI-inspired Ken—doesn’t he exude that charming aura we all admire? He’s the kind of guy we’d love to kick back and have a beer with, engaging in great conversations and enjoying good company. Virginia certainly knows how to raise ’em right!

New Jersey

Ah, the age-old saying that “all men do is lie.” But hey, perhaps it’s just a matter of searching in the wrong corners of the dating world. If you’re on the hunt for an honest and upfront partner, allow us to point you in the direction of the Jersey boys!

Image Credit: Lauren Garafano

When it comes to virtues, honesty reigns supreme, and you won’t find a more virtuous individual than a proud New Jerseyan. Some may argue that their honesty can be overwhelming at times. Nevertheless, take solace in that if they’re anything like this courageous Ken, they’ll defend their lady’s honor with fierce determination.


If you like cheese (seriously, who doesn’t love cheese?), you should probably try marrying a man from Wisconsin. They will likely shower with the finest cheese the country has. However, if you are lactose intolerant, it might be best to wave the white flag right away.

Image Credit: Lauren Garafano

Being the dairy capital of America, people with lactose intolerance get bullied in the streets of Wisconsin as this condition is considered sacrilegious. They’ll likely refuse to taint their bloodline with your weak genes. Do not let this Ken fool you. If he knows you’re lactose intolerant, their words will be sharper than his jawline!


When it comes to Maine, there’s really not much to gripe about. Picture this: on one side, you have the majestic blue sea. And on the other side, the cityscape is adorned with magnificent pine trees, lending an air of tranquility and natural beauty. 

Image Credit: Lauren Garafano

Let’s not forget about the foodyou will find the best seafood, especially the famous Maine Lobster in the state. The people may be reserved, but they’re not unkind. This Ken is also likely an introvert. However, do not let that distract you from the fact that he cracks open lobsters with his sharp jawline. 


Are you someone who finds comfort in being a cozy couch potato? Perhaps you’re an introvert who enjoys minding your own business and staying indoors. Well, in that case, give up on moving to Colorado! This vibrant state is the hub for outdoor enthusiasts!

Image Credit: Lauren Garafano

In Colorado, people have a deep passion for libations and immersing themselves in nature by foot. If you find yourself in Colorado during the snowy season and lack skiing skills, fear not! It’s almost guaranteed that a kind stranger on the street will offer you a free ski lesson.


Life can be tough; there’s no denying that. That’s precisely why having friends who bring laughter and joy into our lives is essential. If you’re seeking good-natured individuals who know how to have a great time, look no further than the friendly Arkansans.

Image Credit: Lauren Garafano

They’ll make sure you see things lightheartedly within a few hours of meeting each other. Even if you don’t find yourself relocating to Arkansas, it’s worth cultivating friendships with these wonderful people from the state. And take a good look at this Ken—doesn’t he radiate that best friend material?


Are you fed up with men who don’t seem to prioritize relationships or shy away from commitment? If you’re seeking a partner who is genuinely ready to build a solid foundation and embrace the beauty of a committed relationship, look no further than the gentlemen from Mississippi.

Image Credit: Lauren Garafano

For those who embrace a traditional mindset, the gentlemen from Mississippi are an ideal match. Rooted in strong values, they uphold their principles and prove to be incredibly reliable as partners. Like every Barbie needs her Ken, Mississippi presents its loyal and devoted Ken who will stand by your side through thick and thin!


It’s baffling how the handsomeness of Michigan men goes unrecognized and unappreciated. Our friends who went to Michigan for college refused to return home because they settled down with the local men. And let us tell you, once you experience the allure of Michigan men firsthand, you’ll understand exactly why.

Image Credit: Lauren Garafano

While Michigan’s lakes and serene vibes are undeniably cool, the men in this state take things to a whole new level. We dare to say that most of them have potential that could land them in the realms of models and sportsmen. Nearly everyone in the state can be casted as Ken.


If you ever get a chance to venture to Alaska, hold on tight because you’ll swear a chunk of paradise landed right here! Trust us, until you’ve witnessed Alaska’s awe-inspiring beauty, you haven’t truly seen how breathtaking the world can be.

Image Credit: Lauren Garafano

Imagine this: in the morning, as you gaze upon the ocean, graceful whales swim by, and come nighttime, the dazzling dance of the Northern Lights illuminates the sky above. This Ai-generated Ken is living life in this white winter wonderland!


It’s a love-hate relationship with California, no doubt about it! There’s no middle ground here. If US states had superpowers, California would rock the ability to stir up intense emotions in everyone because no one can stay indifferent to its charms. The same goes for the people.

Image Credit: Lauren Garafano

California folks have been voted for being the fakest people in the country. Netizens complained that they are the most emotional men you’ll find in the country. Here’s the twist: in the most delightful irony, California boasts the finest collection of Stereotypical Kens you’ll find in the good ol’ US of A!


Massachusetts, what a gem! Complaints are few and far between when it comes to this splendid state. The cityscape is beautiful, and the weather? It’s just perfect! But that is not all—brace yourself for the warmest welcome from the locals.

Image Credit: Lauren Garafano

You are very lucky if you get into one of the prestigious universities from the state. You are even luckier if you find a good man in Massachusetts. They may not be the best communicators. However, they will offer you their undying loyalty — and there is no Ken that’s not loyal!


There’s something truly magical in the Hawaiian air—it’s as if a touch of divinity has blessed the islands. You simply can’t set foot in Hawaii without feeling an overwhelming sense of joy. The weather is a dream; the food is downright delectable, and, oh, the ocean is a sight to behold.

Image Credit: Lauren Garafano

Oh, let’s talk about the Hawaiian folks, shall we? Native islanders or not, they’ve got hospitality down to an art form, making them some of the most welcoming souls you’ll ever encounter. Did we also mention that Hawaiian men are some of the most handsome people on earth? They have Ken-ergy from birth.


No American adventure would be complete without a day spent in Montana. This state is a must-visit, renowned for its awe-inspiring natural beauty and magnificent national parks. With landscapes that beckon you to explore, Montana offers the perfect haven for trekking enthusiasts. It also helps that they have some of the nicest residents. 

Image Credit: Lauren Garafano

They are all outgoing people who enjoy the outdoors. Their love for nature goes toe to toe with Colorado residents. They have the perfect amount of Ken-ergy. However, introverts are not well suited for Montana folks as they will definitely drag you outside for an adventure.


Iyou’ve got a craving for incredible cuisine, then Kentucky should be at the top of your travel list. This state is a haven for foodies, offering some of the absolute best flavors in the US. Need proof? Well, they’re the brilliant minds behind the mouthwatering creation known as KFC!

Image Credit: Lauren Garafano

While chivalry might seem like a rare gem in many corners of the world, fear not, for it thrives in the heart of Kentucky! The men have old fashioned upbringing in the best way possible. They are the gentlemen who will buy you flowers and open the door. Dare we say, KENtucky is the capital of Kens!


When it comes to must-visit destinations in the US, Louisiana is a shining star that simply cannot be missed. In fact, we’ve even made it our secret backup plan—just in case life throws us a curveball, we’ll legally change our names and make Louisiana our new home sweet home!

Image Credit: Lauren Garafano

Let’s talk about the food—prepare your taste buds for a culinary extravaganza, especially regarding the mouthwatering Cajun cuisine of New Orleans. But it doesn’t end there—Louisiana’s locals have mastered embracing life’s simplest pleasures. Take a look at this Ken, for instance. Dressed as if he had stepped out of a New Orleans night parade.


Utah may have its share of opinions, but one thing’s for certain: they’ve got a population of incredibly capable individuals. While you might initially be drawn to the state for its delectable pastrami sandwiches or the world-renowned Sundance Festival, it’s the people who steal the show.

Image Credit: Lauren Garafano

If they discover you’re new in town, get ready for a whirlwind of introductions to their circle of friends. And let’s talk about dating a Utah man—brace yourself for a handyman extraordinaire! These incredibly capable individuals have a knack for fixing things.

North Carolina

While studies may claim that North Carolina is not the ideal state for singles, we must admit that it may not rank as the ultimate paradise. However, there’s a curious phenomenon among its residents—they remain fiercely loyal to this place and often choose to stay put. Could it be the magic of Bojangles at play?

Image Credit: Lauren Garafano

If you know where to seek them out, you’ll discover that people can be remarkably kind and friendly. It seems like almost everyone in the state has mastered the art of making delicious biscuits. Apparently, the one who makes the best biscuits in the relationship becomes the dominant one.


Let’s simplify things for you, cowboy-style! If you spot a Ken rocking a cowboy hat in the picture, you can bet your boots they’re from a mighty outgoing state. These folks don’t just dip their toes into life—they cannonball right in!

Image Credit: Lauren Garafano

Just like most midwestern states, men from Oklahoma are also traditional and chivalrous. They love doing outdoor activities and expect their Barbie to do the same. This Oklahoma Ken is very handsome! However, we wish a Native American model was used since Oklahoma has a large native population.

New York

We firmly believe that everyone should experience the grandeur of New York at least once in their lifetime. It’s not for its scenery (it’s just a concrete jungle with nothing special except for the Statue of Liberty and the empire state building), nor is it the food carts or the toddler-sized rats.

Image Credit: Lauren Garafano

Let’s spill the beans on the most captivating aspect of New York—the people who call it home. New Yorkers are a fascinating bunch, incredibly trendy and brimming with intelligence. The city itself is teeming with Kens—charming and charismatic individuals who add an extra dose of allure to the bustling streets.


Philly cheesesteaks—need we say more about why you should visit Pennsylvania immediately? Aside from their world-class food, they are also renowned for their history with American independence. The locals are passionate people who love raving about their sports and food.

Image Credit: Lauren Garafano

They are the kind of people who can immediately spot a non-Pennsylvania resident in a crowd and then proceed to make friends with the newbie. Kudos to Midjourney for crafting an excellent representation of a Ken who perfectly captures the essence of Pennsylvania.


According to Movoto, the locals of Tennessee are as sweet as the molasses they produce. It’s said that even the biggest jerk in the world could move to Tennessee and transform into a true sweetheart within just a month of being there. There must be something in Tennessee air. 

Image Credit: Lauren Garafano

Or maybe, it’s the lack thereof. Tennessee has one of the freshest air in the country due to being heavily green and dependent on agriculture. The stressed person can go there and feel refreshed. This Ken seems to be one with nature. He probably loves foraging in the woods!


Washington is a wild mashup of a state! On one side, majestic mountains reach for the heavens, painting a breathtaking backdrop that seems almost surreal. On the other side, towering skyscrapers and corporate giants like Microsoft dominate the urban landscape. Somehow it all fits together.

Image Credit: Lauren Garafano

Washington is a melting pot of diverse people and ethnicities, making it a challenge to make sweeping generalizations. However, one thing you can count on is encountering a delightful abundance of Kens in the city. This AI fashion-forward Ken adds an extra dash of flair to the vibrant tapestry of the state.

South Carolina

If there were a state in the US dedicated to “killing with kindness,” it would undoubtedly be South Carolina. The locals have mastered the art of warm hospitality and genuine care. However, their ability to chug fireball whiskey may leave us wondering if they have a daring streak.

Image Credit: Lauren Garafano

In South Carolina, the women are often hailed as real-life Barbies, exuding an impeccable sense of style. Their affinity for pink dresses and heels is simply unparalleled. But here’s the twist: it would be a fashion crime if the boys didn’t join in on the fun and rock some pink themselves.


Nevada is the embodiment of a captivating tale, evolving from a desert wasteland to a land of untold riches. Once a barren expanse, its locals faced immense challenges in their struggle to survive. However, remarkable developments unfolded over time, transforming the landscape and shaping the state’s destiny.  

Image Credit: Lauren Garafano

The famed Las Vegas Strip shines so brightly that it can be seen from outer space, a testament to the vibrant energy that radiates from this remarkable place. And speaking of radiance, there’s a certain Ken who adds an extra touch of brilliance.

West Virginia 

When it comes to West Virginians, their love for their state runs deeper than the country roads themselves, as beautifully expressed in the iconic song by John Denver. It’s a genuine showcase of their unwavering affection for their beloved West Virginia.

Image Credit: Lauren Garafano

The level of enthusiasm and spirit displayed by the locals is simply unmatched. These mountain-loving folks embrace the great outdoors with fervor, often embarking on thrilling hikes and adventures amidst the stunning landscapes. And speaking of adventure, we can safely bet that this Ken is no exception.


If you listen carefully, you might hear the faint sound of someone shouting “YEEHAW” from the state of Texas. As the saying goes, everything is indeed bigger in Texas. You would be happy to know that Texans live by that motto.

Image Credit: Lauren Garafano

The food scene is simply incredible, and Texas BBQ, in particular has the power to make you contemplate a permanent move (if only our wallets agreed!). This vast state is no stranger to the presence of Kens, embodying their larger-than-life charm and charisma.

North Dakota 

North Dakota is a state that tends to evoke strong emotions—it’s either love or apathy, with no middle ground. Those who have an appreciation for North Dakota are predominantly the locals themselves. The residents, known for their friendly demeanor, have a genuine fondness for their state.

Image Credit: Lauren Garafano

While North Dakota may not have the same cityscape allure as Utah or Louisiana, it does boast incredible national parks that are an absolute haven for camping enthusiasts. As for the Kens in North Dakota, they do exist, but we can’t guarantee they’ll resemble Benedict Cumberbatch from Doctor Strange.

New Hampshire 

New Hampshire may experience some bone-chilling winters, but there’s no denying that its residents are some of the warmest souls you’ll ever come across. If you find yourself in good company, prepare to be showered with love and treated to the finest comfort food that will melt away any hint of cold.

Image Credit: Lauren Garafano

If you’re fortunate enough to win the heart of a man from this state, he’s sure to become a favorite of your parents. Like any other Ken worth his salt, he embodies an irresistible, wholesome, generous nature. He’s the equivalent of a golden retriever—loyal, friendly, and always eager to please.


They are the epitome of beloved Midwesterners, cherished by all. Once you forge a friendship with someone from Illinois, they become your steadfast companions for life, ready to stand by your side through thick and thin (as long as you treat them with kindness and respect).

Image Credit: Lauren Garafano

According to popular opinion, Illinois proudly holds the title of having the most dateable men in America, and it’s easy to understand why. Midwestern men generally embody a blend of cheerfulness and tenderness. It’s no wonder they embody the essence of a Ken—a charming and captivating individual who captures the hearts of those around them.


Yes, this region is infested with Alligator swamps. However, do not let that distract you from the fact that they have some of the best people in the world. It also helps that Florida has a multitude of things to offer, like Disneyland and Miami beaches. 

Image Credit: Lauren Garafano

Disneyland alone could convert us to become locals in this State! The Miami Beach area is another hotspot renowned for its abundance of Kens. When it comes to visual appeal, Florida may very well boast the largest collection of Kens you’ll find anywhere. 


Life is a delicate balance, and Minnesota seems to have mastered the art of yin and yang. While it may be known for its frigid temperatures, the people of this state possess the warmest hearts. Every conversation with them feels like a comforting bear hug, radiating genuine kindness and hospitality.

Image Credit: Lauren Garafano

While we may crack jokes, it’s important not to overlook the necessity of warm clothing in Minnesota. So, follow the lead of this handsome Ken and don your jackets to stay cozy. You can always take them off when the weather becomes milder.


It’s a shame that Maryland doesn’t receive as much attention as it deserves. In addition to being the birthplace of the national anthem and home to stunning seaside landscapes, it also boasts an abundance of remarkable individuals. Maryland is a hidden gem. 

Image Credit: Lauren Garafano

While Marylanders may deny having an accent, it’s undeniable to outsiders (and, dare we say, lowkey cute!). When it comes to their crabs, Marylanders mean business. Famous for their delectable blue crabs, they’ll ensure that you never settle for canned or frozen crab again.


Iowa folks are the real MVPs when it comes to staying true to their Midwestern values. They proudly hold the title of the food capital of America. So, even if you find yourself without a roof over your head in Iowa, fear not! You’ll never have to worry about an empty stomach.

Image Credit: Lauren Garafano

These Iowa folks pour their heart and soul into everything they do, embodying a steadfast commitment to their work and their loved ones. Their ability to love wholeheartedly is simply remarkable. With their unwavering devotion and tireless efforts, they exemplify the pinnacle of Ken-like behavior.


Idaho potatoes are undeniably amazing, but they are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the greatness of the state. It’s truly a crime how underrated the residents of Idaho are. These simple yet extraordinary individuals stay true to their roots, embodying the values of hard work and integrity.

Image Credit: Lauren Garafano

The men of the state do not mess around when it comes to romance. They will be your knight in shining armor (whether you need it or not). They are the guys who will enthusiastically take you to visit their mom. This is peak Ken behavior!


Indiana may have had a comically confusing beginning, mistakenly named after a country far, far away. But fear not; everything else has gone right since then! If you’re in dire need of some joy in your life, befriend an Indiana resident lovingly known as a Hoosier.

Image Credit: Lauren Garafano

And speaking of Hoosiers, our Ken here is the perfect embodiment of the state. You can’t take a single step down an Indiana street without running into a Hoosier sporting a stylish checkered shirt. It is practically a state uniform!


We couldn’t agree more, the name “Connecticut” does sound a bit amusing, as if it’s a connection that has been cut off. But here’s the twist—once you make friends with someone from Connecticut, you’ll discover that nothing is more likely to cut off your connection (except maybe a dodgy internet connection).

Image Credit: Lauren Garafano

The only other thing that can cut off your bond is supporting the opposition basketball. Such a crime will probably get you exiled to the other side of the country. Other than that, Connecticut folks are fun-loving people who will be loyal to you.


Oh, bless our souls! We did our absolute best to refrain from judging the Kens in this listicle based on their looks, but let’s face it—the Ken from Wyoming has stolen our hearts. He could effortlessly land the role of Adonis in a live-action movie.

Image Credit: Lauren Garafano

If the men in Wyoming look this good, it’s time to pack up and head straight for the breathtaking beauty of the state. There’s no denying it—Wyoming stands tall as one of the most beautiful states in America. Its scenic splendor has the power to mesmerize in an instant.


Don’t let the bespectacled, nerdy look fool you—this Ken is quite possibly the most charming man in this entire listicle. Trust us on this one. If you’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting someone who was born and raised in Nebraska, you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about.

Image Credit: Lauren Garafano

They are also a bunch of sweethearts. Nebraska folks will feed you well and entertain you even better. In the autumn you can accompany your Nebraskan Ken to the state fair. They are humble people who find joy in the simple things in life. 


While everyone seems to be in a frenzy over Canadian maple syrup, it’s about time the world knew about the sweet nectar of Vermont maple syrup. But here’s the real secret—Vermontian people deserve even more recognition because they are sweeter than the very syrup they produce.

Image Credit: Lauren Garafano

Vermont is well known for being one of the most scenic places in America. We went there during autumn once. We think about those beautiful days whenever we feel sad. If you’re seeking everlasting joy, we highly recommend finding yourself a Vermont Ken.

South Dakota 

If you thought West Virginia state pride was intense, wait until you encounter the passionate folks of South Dakota. The people here are ready to defend their state and accent fiercely, and a mere insult may result in a spirited disagreement (and possibly involve an unexpected encounter with a tractor).

Image Credit: Lauren Garafano

That’s precisely why this particular Ken exudes such intensity—his unwavering commitment to defending his state is evident in his demeanor. If you manage to earn the loyalty of a South Dakotan individual, they will stand by your side through thick and thin.


Oregon is a state that elicits strong emotions—either you fall head over heels in love with it, or you can’t seem to connect with its charm. It’s hard to find anything to complain about when surrounded by the breathtaking landscape of mountains and lakes that Oregon offers. 

Image Credit: Lauren Garafano

If you happen to find yourself on the opposing end of their spirited disagreements, it can indeed be an awkward situation. However, fear not, for these Kens possess a unique skill—they can guide you to some of the best beer experiences in America.

New Mexico 

New Mexico can be best described as a unique blend that embodies the essence of Mexico yet with its own distinct identity. While most of the population may be white, it’s impossible to overlook the significant Hispanic and Latino community that thrives within the state—we are overjoyed to see the Hispanic Ken.

Image Credit: Lauren Garafano

If we were to write a book about why you should visit New Mexico, the first chapter would undoubtedly be dedicated to their mouthwatering, authentic Mexican cuisine. It’s the closest you can get to experience Mexico’s vibrant flavors and culinary delights without crossing the border.


Kansas, one of the giants among states, plays a monumental role in nourishing the American belly. Without the contributions of Kansas, the country would be notably different. It’s awe-inspiring to consider the impact this state has on our daily lives.

Image Credit: Lauren Garafano

There is a saying that Kansas people’s hearts are as big as the state itself. They can make friends with strangers and start treating them like family in a span of hours. Therefore, do yourself a favor and get a Ken from Kansas. 


And now, brace yourself for the grand finale of our state tour—we present to you the “Misery” of Missouri. While Missouri may seem pleasant to many, it has earned a notorious reputation for stealing away our loved ones. Three of our closest high school buddies ventured into Missouri for college, never to return home.

Image Credit: Lauren Garafano

They all stumbled upon a treasure trove of amazing Missouri men and settled down in the state. Their husbands, dreamboats by any standard, could very well give Ryan Gosling a run for his money in the Barbie movie. Meanwhile, here we are, stuck in a lonely urban setting.