Influencer BTS: 35+ Hilarious “Social Media Vs. Reality” Pictures Courtesy Of A Thai Model

By Romy M

In a technologically advanced world like the one we live in today, you can’t trust everything you see online. Many people post pictures on social media that have been heavily altered in one way or another – for instance, removing an ‘imperfection’ or adding a background of the Eiffel Tower. These edits have often made some people think their lives and looks aren’t good enough.

However, a Thai content creator named Vienna Doll has decided to share the reality of being an Instagram model on Twitter and Instagram, and you will be surprised and even amused at what goes on behind the scenes. So, prepare to see her fake an airplane flight, fall into a pool, showcase her impressive double chin, and reassure us that it’s all an illusion. 

Disappearing Camel Trick

Both these photos look fantastic, with the camel in the first and the pyramids in the background of the second. That said, we’re not sure what happened to the camel in the second picture. Was it even there in the first place?

Image courtesy of ViennaDoLL/Twitter

We bet she just took a picture of herself on a cushion and edited it to make it look like she was on a camel. You can tell because the pattern on the cushion is the same as the saddle on the camel. Now, if only we knew how to pull off such tricks!

Toilet Seat Adventures

You must admit you were fooled by this one too. We never would have thought it was a toilet seat she was gazing through. Let’s just hope it was cleaned thoroughly before she put her face right next to it!  

Image courtesy of ViennaDoLL/Twitter

It must be hard being an Instagram model and having to carry a toilet seat around while waiting for an opportunity like this. These influencers must have some extra big pockets! Kidding aside, you may want to keep this trick up your sleeve for the next April Fool’s Day. 

Life is like a Box of Chocolates

Not even Instagram models can resist the temptation of eating an entire box of chocolates. We can’t even blame her for throwing the box up in excitement after tasting the chocolatey goodness. Honestly, the second picture would make for a better advert, in our opinion. 

Image courtesy of ViennaDoLL/Twitter

There are several aspects of the second ‘reality’ photograph we can appreciate. These being her double chin, the look of absolute joy on her face, and her death grip on the heart-shaped box. This is what we all look like devouring chocolates. 

You Never Forget How to Ride a Bike

Riding a bicycle isn’t as easy as it seems on social media. Vienna doesn’t look happy about what’s going down. Those pleather pants are most likely chafing in all the wrong places! They’re not the best thing to wear on a bike ride. 

Image courtesy of ViennaDoLL/Twitter

We have to give props to Vienna for her incredible range when it comes to facial expressions. She looks like a completely different person when she smiles innocently and when she… well… makes whatever that face is in the reality picture. Whatever it is, we love it!

Whack a Model

It may be too early to say this, but this has to be our favorite one. Athlete or not, almost everyone has been smacked in the face with a ball, and Vienna is showcasing the pain we’ve all felt at least once. 

Image courtesy of ViennaDoLL/Twitter

Even though we’d all like to look like a stunning Thai model while partaking in physical activity, there’s no way anyone can look like Vienna in the first picture while playing volleyball. In fact, you’re more likely to look like her second photo the entire time! 

Luxurious Living

Part of the perks that come with living in luxury is the ability to afford the best comforts wherever you are, and Vienna has nailed it. But it doesn’t matter if she’s on a rooftop bar because she’s just like the rest of us. 

Image courtesy of ViennaDoLL/Twitter

We think anyone who wears dresses and heels on a night out will agree that you are usually pretty exhausted by the end of the night. There’s nothing like the freeing feeling of kicking off those heels, putting your feet up, and sitting back. 

Let Me Down Easy

Getting (and staying) on a hammock is easier said than done. And apparently, models aren’t exempt from this problem. Its rocking nature makes it easy to rock just a little too much. One minute you’re relaxing, and the next, you’re on the ground. 

Image courtesy of ViennaDoLL/Twitter

We think it’s safe to say Vienna won’t be getting on any more hammocks in the future. If she partners with a hammock company one day, they should think about editing her on one. It’s better than exposing her to this kind of trauma again!

Sweating Like a Model

We’re delivering the news to you first: models sweat. We thought it was impossible, but Vienna has shown us the truth. They, too, get hot in the sun, despite the perfect bikini snaps! So don’t worry when you’re perspiring too much because you’re not sweating like a pig – you’re sweating like a model. 

Image courtesy of ViennaDoLL/Twitter

Although you shouldn’t copy everything you see Instagram models do online, there are two things you can learn from Vienna in this picture. Always wear sunscreen, and ensure you wear something dark to conceal perspiration if you sweat too much. Thank us later! 

Deception at its Finest

When initially viewing the photo on the left on Vienna’s Instagram, you’d probably think her boyfriend took a cute photo of her when she fell asleep on the train. However, we’ve now learned that Vienna is as lonely as the rest of us. She’s just smarter about keeping everyone guessing.

Image courtesy of ViennaDoLL/Twitter

Even though we already know Vienna’s one of us, she has weirdly impressive baboon-like feet skills that very few can say they possess. How does one grip a phone with their feet like that and still look so graceful? (Asking for a friend)!

It’s Raining, it’s Pouring

Well, she got us. We were expecting the water to come out of the shower head she was holding, and instead, it came from the ceiling. Clearly, she was banking on that too. It looks like even the red in her hair gave up after that. 

Image courtesy of ViennaDoLL/Twitter

In all honesty, we’re not sure if the second picture is realistic. Some of us can’t relate to getting confused between two shower heads. In fact, we are more worried about getting the right temperature with one barely working tap. 

Hairdryer Chronicles

This is the most human we’ve seen Vienna look. Of course, we’re aware there are usually several filters used in the modeling industry, but this is the first time we’ve seen her without makeup. We’re also used to seeing her wearing trendy outfits, but she’s just in a plain top.  

Image courtesy of ViennaDoLL/Twitter

If only blow-drying hair could leave all of us looking like supermodels. We either get the perfect hairdo on the first try (which still takes heaps of effort) or walk out the door looking like a freshly made bird’s nest. There’s no in-between. 

Snowball Fight!

Winter is the most wonderful time of the year. Well, for some. You always hear about the excitement leading up to the first snowfall and how magical it is during Christmas. But no one tells you about always being cold and wet. 

Image courtesy of ViennaDoLL/Twitter

It’s unclear what occurred between the first photo and the second, but we have a theory. Someone might’ve seen Vienna posing in the snow and decided it would be funny to hurl a snowball at her. Now, we don’t support this kind of behavior, but where can we sign up for the snowball fight?!

That’s Awkward

Ah, the infamous reflection. We absolutely love it when reflections expose what’s really going on. Vienna tried to take a cute photo by leaning on the railing and ended up looking like she was either riding a horse or suffering from a severe condition of bowlegs.

Image courtesy of ViennaDoLL/Twitter

Vienna’s reality photo shows how much effort goes into getting the right photo from the perfect angle and pose. Without the awkward squatting, she might not have been able to achieve the same results. Plus, with a little editing, she’ll be able to show off her ‘effortlessly’ beautiful look. 

Get Her!

When models post stunning pictures in front of banana trees, just know they had to be chased by a couple of dogs to get that perfect shot. Perhaps the canines had hidden some tasty bones under the tree she was using as a background!

Image courtesy of ViennaDoLL/Twitter

Vienna may have been terrified, but these dogs were probably just trying to play with her. We need to start a petition to incorporate them into her next photoshoot. Who needs Chanel when you have adorable, playful puppies to keep you company?

Models Laugh Too

‘Reality’ here looks a lot more fun. So many have tried to take serious pictures with their friends, but it always ends in fits of laughter. This collage just goes to show that even models who have perfected their ‘model face’ can’t stop themselves from laughing in these moments.

Image courtesy of ViennaDoLL/Twitter

According to this post, models have a really good time with their friends in reality. However, does that mean a brownie and ice cream turn into spaghetti in the real world? These pictures have left us with more questions than answers. 


A lot of models go through painful surgeries and injections to get their lips to look larger and fuller. Vienna has managed to do all that with one click of a button. Who needs all that expensive mumbo-jumbo when you can just take a picture in front of a magnified mirror? 

Image courtesy of ViennaDoLL/Twitter

As much as we find this hysterically funny, she should probably make sure the mirror is angled downwards or completely out of the way next time. Her whole career could’ve ended if she had a booger lurking inside her nostrils!

Not ‘Churro’ Typical Day

Just like us mere mortals, Instagram models appreciate a fun-filled day at Disneyland. It may be contrary to popular belief, but many models work hard in their careers. So, they also like to chase their worries away by going on Disney-themed rides.

Image courtesy of ViennaDoLL/Twitter

We’re all thinking it; that churro must’ve cost at least $20. Fortunately, Disney’s inflated prices must be a walk in the park (literally) for someone earning a model’s salary. That’s the one part of Vienna’s Disneyland experience we can’t all relate to!

Monkey Business

If you thought models were only prone to harassment from desperate men and weirdos, you’re mistaken. As you can see, they also experience pestering from hungry monkeys who want to steal their food. However, we can’t say this is a reality we’ve all encountered. 

Image courtesy of ViennaDoLL/Twitter

The funniest part about this installment of Instagram Vs. Reality is the look on both Vienna’s and the monkey’s faces. It looks like Vienna is terrified of and grossed out at the wild animal, but the monkey’s wondering why she’s freaking out (as if it’s not the reason). 

Tan Lines Galore

Becoming a model usually means you have tons of time and money for tropical vacations. But this may not always be a positive thing, as it just means you have more time to get unpleasant tan lines or gnarly sunburns. 

Image courtesy of ViennaDoLL/Twitter

If there’s a positive side to this, it can only be that now she knows her sunglasses work incredibly well. She may spend the rest of her life with embarrassing tan lines, but at least her eyes will always be protected from those harsh UV rays.  

Fall from Grace

It’s quite obvious that models have many talents, but we weren’t aware they could perform magic too! How on earth did she pose like that in the first picture? There’s no way she could’ve gone down that slide so gracefully. 

Image courtesy of ViennaDoLL/Twitter

Almost no one can look good on a waterslide, especially one with a drop like that. So we’re glad Vienna is owning it in her ‘reality’ picture. We hope someone checked on her after her plunge into the pool – it didn’t look particularly safe or enjoyable.

“I’m Under the Water. Please Help Me”

Vienna should stay away from water because it’s clearly not her forte. First, she plummets into a pool, and now she somehow falls off (or struggles to get on) a flotation device. It’s a good thing she’s not a lifeguard for a living. 

Image courtesy of ViennaDoLL/Twitter

We love how Vienna shifts from a perfect pose to double-chinned terror every single time. We are sure the people around her also appreciated watching a model struggle because, honestly, they’re always too perfect! Perhaps one of her fans can gift her swim ring lessons. 

Flotation Device: 2 – Vienna: 0

If you didn’t get enough laughs in with the previous photo, we’re providing you with more material to chuckle at. This picture reinforces the fact that Vienna is not a skilled swimmer – and that floaties definitely have something against her. 

Image courtesy of ViennaDoLL/Twitter

You would think she would stop subjecting herself to this after her first two experiences, but she just keeps going. She may have experienced a little bit of stress, but at least she still has a fabulous photo and even managed to keep the flower in her hair. 

An Ordinary Day

You can already tell Vienna is a down-to-earth person who likes to be transparent about her modeling. But we don’t think anyone can relate to sitting on a chair in the middle of a lake, reading the newspaper while drinking milk. 

Image courtesy of ViennaDoLL/Twitter

Vienna has some explaining to do – not only about the inspiration behind the photograph but also about the events that transpired in the second picture. Either the newspaper attacked her, or the wind blew it away. But since the photo was meant to be ‘reality,’ we’re forced to assume the latter. 

Strike a Pose

Applying makeup is no easy task. And although you may have thought models have round-the-clock makeup artists to meet all their makeup needs, they often have to grapple with their eyeshadow, eyeliner, and contour themselves. Best believe they make those funny faces you do too!

Image courtesy of ViennaDoLL/Twitter

We must admit that the fact that Vienna hasn’t gotten any 24-hour waterproof liquid eyeliner all over her face is impressive. Anyone who wears makeup knows this struggle. Maybe we could all learn something from her debatable yet functional technique. 

A Whole New Vienna

We’re not sure what kind of photoshoot this was for, but we are glad Vienna is able to live out her childhood dream of riding a magic carpet. We all know if given the chance, we’d be zooming all over on that thing. 

Image courtesy of ViennaDoLL/Twitter

Our ‘Jasmine’ here must have been in a rush to get somewhere. Probably the bathroom considering the look on her face. Here’s to hoping she made it. Otherwise, the magic carpet would have to endure a painful yet necessary name change!

Vienna’s Pigeon Plight

Too many of us are familiar with the plight of walking around pigeons. They attack you, hog the pathways, and often outright bully you. Vienna may have been a victim of their torment, but she managed to walk away with an artistic photo. 

Image courtesy of ViennaDoLL/Twitter

Unfortunately, she chose the wrong dress to wear around pigeons. It just takes one of them to poop on her to ruin her dress as well as her day. But we can’t help but think that would have made the picture more compelling and exciting!

Two for One (Literally)

In Vienna’s Instagram post on the left, it looks like she’s handing the pink Minnie Mouse popsicle to someone behind the camera. But we wouldn’t be surprised if she ate it before moving on to the orange one. That’s the most realistic and relatable scenario. 

Image courtesy of ViennaDoLL/Twitter

Raise your hand if you also thought Vienna’s fringe disappeared in the second picture. For a second, we thought that meant fringes weren’t a part of reality. Luckily, it was merely a visual illusion caused by the headband blending into her hair. 

“Cold, Cold, Cold!”

Taking a picture underneath a waterfall is wonderful in theory – that is, until the water pounds down on you with such great pressure and speed that it becomes too difficult to bear. So, this kind of photograph is more difficult to acquire than you’d think.

Image courtesy of ViennaDoLL/Twitter

It’s miraculous how Vienna stayed still enough to take the first picture. That second photograph shows how she was feeling inside the whole time. We bet the water was freezing too. This will surely be an experience she will never forget. 

Couple Goals

Anyone who has been in a relationship will recognize these kinds of photos. The first picture represents the first few months of a relationship when you still try to impress one another. The second portrays a long-term relationship where you’re too comfortable around each other. 

Image courtesy of ViennaDoLL/Twitter

If we are being completely honest, Vienna’s ‘reality’ picture looks way more comfy and homely. We would much rather be chilling on a cozy couch while drinking a delicious-looking beverage instead of modeling with scratchy decorations around our poor necks. 

A Lovely Day at the Beach

For some people, the beach is a fun place filled with sandcastles, suntanning, and swimming. But for others, it’s a terrifying place with sudden waves along with hidden, unidentified objects in the water and sand. Judging by the look on Vienna’s face, she relates more to the second one. 

Image courtesy of ViennaDoLL/Twitter

If you’re familiar with the ocean, you know that you should never turn your back to the sea. It seems someone forgot to pass along this advice to Vienna. Her trip home from the beach with wet denim shorts must have been an unpleasant one. 

Double-chinned Scrolling

Vienna is fantastic at going from a cutesy pose in one photo to looking like a grandma on her phone in the next. Her second photograph portrays how we all look on our phones on public transport – scrolling away with little care about what we look like. 

Image courtesy of ViennaDoLL/Twitter

She may be showcasing her real face in the second photograph, but she is still dressed to the nines – something many of us aren’t willing to do on the morning commute to work. A set of sweats would be more reasonable. 

Well, That’s Talent

Once again, Vienna is showing off her toe skills. After seeing her do this trick twice, you may be tempted to attempt it yourself. We strongly urge you not to. One wrong move, and you’ll end up with a phone in the face. 

Image courtesy of ViennaDoLL/Twitter

The only question we have is, who took the photo of her taking the photo? Her life could’ve been made a whole lot easier if that person just took the picture. But we guess that would mean she wouldn’t get to show off her toe dexterity!

Rain, Rain, Go Away

When you’ve done your hair and makeup and put on an elegant outfit, you want to escape the rain at all costs. Unfortunately, it seems Vienna got caught in a storm, and all her hard work was undone within minutes. 

Image courtesy of ViennaDoLL/Twitter

But at least her necklace has always been there for her. It’s probably the only consistent thing in her life since she travels for a living as an Instagram model. However, we suggest she brings more than just her necklace on the next occasion (like an umbrella). 

What’s Poppin’?

This is not a regular post for Vienna. She’s usually showing off her trips around the world or a stunning outfit and hairdo, so it’s peculiar to see her blowing up a balloon. It could be a placement advert, but we’ll never be sure. 

Image courtesy of ViennaDoLL/Twitter

Vienna did a fantastic job depicting what it’s like to blow up a balloon. You don’t truly know what lightheadedness feels like until you’ve blown up a hundred balloons. It always starts out fun but will eventually leave you looking like Vienna in the second picture.

Say, Freeze!

This post is a perfect example of what people think it will be like when they visit New York Vs. what it’s really like. Vienna says she loves traveling, but it does come at a cost. That is: freezing your bum off!

Image courtesy of ViennaDoLL/Twitter

We’ve seen many different poses from Vienna through this series of photographs, but none are quite like this one. We think she calls it smiling with a toothache. Unique poses are part of the job description because sometimes a smile is all you need!

A Dip in the Pool

There are two kinds of people: those who get out of the pool like Vienna in the left photo, and those who flop onto the floor like the picture on the right. We guarantee that there are tons more people who relate to the one on the right. 

Image courtesy of ViennaDoLL/Twitter

In case you were wondering, the picture on the left is fake. Wanna know why? Her hair isn’t even wet. She probably didn’t put more than her legs in the pool. No wonder Vienna has that look on her face in the second picture – she knows just how cold it is in there. 

Float Like a Moth, Sting Like a Fly

Boxing may look easy, but it’s one of the most difficult sports to master – as you can see by Vienna’s picture on the right. The saddest part about this is that it’s likely no one was on the other side of the punching bag. 

Image courtesy of ViennaDoLL/Twitter

If there’s one thing this series has taught us, it’s that Vienna goes through a lot as a model. She has gotten whacked by waves, nearly drowned, and now, she’s been beaten up by a punching bag. Turn out modeling is more dangerous than we thought. 

Poolside Drama

Hopefully, you’re no longer surprised when Vienna falls into a pool. This must be her hundredth accident near water. However, this time, it makes sense – everyone’s prone to slipping on wet tiles. It’s an odd thing to put right next to a pool. 

Image courtesy of ViennaDoLL/Twitter

If you look to the left in the first picture, you’ll see splash marks on the ground. We think this means it wasn’t Vienna’s first time taking a dive into the pool. Fortunately, she can warm up in the luxurious mansion behind her. 

Model to Ogre: The Inspirational Story by Vienna

You may be wondering why Vienna is wearing Shrek ears in these pictures, but the real question is, why aren’t you? In real ogre fashion, Vienna has embraced her hunger – that’s how you know the second picture is a true depiction of reality.  

Image courtesy of ViennaDoLL/Twitter

Here we have Vienna sporting the new ogre look of the season. All she’s missing is Shrek by her side, his friend Donkey, and a huge raw onion to snack on. If we didn’t know any better, we’d say we’re looking at a picture of Fiona. 

The Right Way to Eat Spaghetti

Vienna’s method of eating Spaghetti in the picture on the right is an Italian’s worst nightmare. So, if you’re Italian, shield your eyes from the second photograph and rather concentrate on the first. But if you’re not from the boot-shaped country, you’ll appreciate Vienna’s technique. 

Image courtesy of ViennaDoLL/Twitter

Although Vienna’s guzzling isn’t acceptable in Italian culture, it’s valued in Japan. When you slurp ramen in Japan, it’s taken as a compliment to the chef. She may not be Japanese, and this dish may not be ramen, but it sure can be taken as a commendation.

Expectations Vs. Reality

We know this article is supposed to be all about Vienna’s Instagram Vs. Reality posts, but maybe it should be about how she can perform eerie tricks. We weren’t aware that Instagram modeling money could buy you a hands-free juice carton. 

Image courtesy of ViennaDoLL/Twitter

Kidding aside, this post is probably about what you think models look like when they get out of bed Vs. what they look like in reality; it’s absolutely spot on. Many of them emerge laughing at Tik Tok videos on their phones and in old clothes instead of a silk gown. 

I Woke Up Like This

We all wish we could wake up looking like Vienna in the picture on the left. But alas, this is not so. Most people wake up like her in the second picture while also wondering what year it is. Anyone who looks like the first picture didn’t just wake up. 

Image courtesy of ViennaDoLL/Twitter

At least we know models wake up like the rest of us – with mangled hair, dazed and confused, and probably (although unconfirmed) with the foulest morning breath you can imagine. However, she did remove her makeup the night before, something many of us forget too often. 

Sleeping Comfy

Now, we don’t question people’s sleeping habits here, but isn’t it unnatural to go to sleep with freshly curled hair while dressed in a gown? We’re also fairly certain that it can’t be comfortable to sleep in an upright position. 

Image courtesy of ViennaDoLL/Twitter

Fortunately, Vienna has revealed that she doesn’t really sleep like this. She looks much more comfortable with her messy hair, open mouth, and appropriate sleepwear. We wouldn’t trust anyone who sleeps like Vienna on the left (you can’t be sure what else they’re capable of)! 

Friends Vs. Besties

If you were wondering what the difference is between friends and best friends, this post explains it perfectly. Friends will smile and flash peace signs in a selfie, while best friends will show off their double chins and funny faces. 

Image courtesy of ViennaDoLL/Twitter

We’ve seen how brilliant Vienna’s weird expressions are, but it appears she likes to keep the company of those who can make even stranger faces. Although peculiar, their facial expressions are oddly satisfying – almost like a caricature drawing of the pair. 

Models Game Too

Fancy a slumber party with drinks and extravagant pajamas? Some might, but Vienna prefers wearing casual clothing with her hair back, a controller in hand, and munching on some kind of food. It seems far more relaxing than the first option. 

Image courtesy of ViennaDoLL/Twitter

Before we go on to praise Vienna’s idealistic gaming lifestyle, we have to address one thing. What in tarnation is she eating? If it’s chocolate, we can support it. But it could be anything – your guess is as good as ours.