Want Something to Inspire Your Day? This Instagram Account is Just What You Need

By Stephen M

The world is a beautiful place with many good people rendering acts of kindness and doing great things, despite how gloomy some mainstream media paint it mostly. This is expected because bad news sells. Nonetheless, we can try to avoid these negatives and embrace the positives, at least to preserve our mental health.

With Instagram accounts like Good News Dog, you can get inspiring stories worldwide that can turn even a bad day or moment into a hopeful one. With more than 1.4 million followers, the account serves its followers nothing but the hope that humanity still exists.

We have compiled some refreshing, inspiring, and satisfying acts of kindness shared on Good News Dog.

The little act of kindness

Photo credit: goodnewsdog / Instagram Sha Davis / Facebook

Family showing love

Photo credit: goodnewsdog / Instagram

Psychologist Logan Jones, PsyD, believes that what Good News Dog publishes is just what we need, unlike what most mainstream media give us. She said that most media outlets focus on disaster and bad news because sensationalism sells more than positive news. She adds that this kind of content can be really toxic, even if you’re not actively looking for it. This flood of bad news we hear all the time impacts us.

The show of love

Photo credit: goodnewsdog / Instagram

According to Annie Miller, the brain goes into a flight-or-fight mode when we experience a threat. This is what happens when you continue to consume negative or troubling news. The body reacts to it negatively and releases stress hormones, which go a long way to affect you psychologically.

Research has also found that constantly consuming bad news can have a toll on your life. You can suffer poor mental health, including depression and anxiety, with the continuous view of traumatic scenes and events.