Why You Shouldn’t Worry About Having Negative Thoughts

By Stephen M

Image: Shutterstock

How far have your negative thoughts brought you so far? We do hear that “what you think defines who you are.” We are told that negative thoughts attract negative energies, affecting our daily activities and even making us bitter. Bearing these in mind, we become critical and worry about our negative thoughts, wishing they could always be positive. Is that an easy thing to do looking at the current world events? Can we all of a sudden clear our thoughts of negativities or stop worrying about them?

Most people prescribe daily positive affirmations as an effective way to do deal with negative thoughts. But is that enough? Here are reasons you shouldn’t worry about our beliefs.

Having negative thoughts is natural

It is natural to think negatively sometimes. In fact, research published by the National Science Foundation found that about 80% of our thoughts are negative. So out of the 12000 to 50000 thoughts we have per day, just about 20% of them are positive. This proves that we cannot do away with nativity in its entirety. Therefore, you shouldn’t worry about such a thought, because you aren’t alone.

Don’t allow your thoughts to ruin you

It is one thing having negative thoughts, and another thing allowing it to affect your life. As soon as you believe in such thoughts, it begins to rule and later ruin your life. It is okay to think about how poor your family is or how difficult it is to get a job after college. However, don’t accept that fate. Don’t allow such thoughts to ruin your life. Believe that with hard work and determination, you can become the eye of the family or be gainfully employed after school.

Convert your negative thoughts into something positive

Sometimes, all we see around us are failures. Your father, mother, and all other people you see around have failed in some aspects of their life despite their efforts. This has gradually eaten into you, thinking that you will also fail when you start something. Wait! That can be the current situation; nonetheless, you can do something about it. Convert these failures into something positive by learning from the mistakes they made. Learning from mistakes churns out positive results.