Woman Discovers Her Flower Bed is the Ultimate Frog Retreat

By Martin B

In Snohomish, Washington, spring doesn’t just announce itself with blooming flowers – it comes with a chorus of croaks from some uninvited, yet adorable, neighbors, according to Allison Lamb.

Lamb, the owner of Snohomish Lavender Farm, is accustomed to her property being a hotspot for lively frogs during the spring. These frogs are not your average wallflowers; they’re the climbing, hopping, and sometimes napping type.

While inspecting her flower garden, Lamb stumbled upon an unusual scene – a frog catching some Zs in one of her dahlias.
“I was delighted to find a frog sleeping in one of my dahlias,” Lamb said with a chuckle.

snohomishlavenderfarm / Instagram

Surprisingly, it turns out Lamb’s dahlias are more than just pretty flowers; they’ve unintentionally become a froggy bed and breakfast. With over 200 dahlias on her farm, Lamb is now aware that her flowers offer more than just a feast for bees – they serve as cozy accommodations for the local frog population.

As the summer unfolds, Lamb discovers more and more frogs making themselves at home among the petals.
“Some days I could find over 10 different frogs taking shelter in my flowers,” Lamb shared.

snohomishlavenderfarm / Instagram

These tiny amphibians aren’t just hanging out for the fun of it; they play a vital role in maintaining Lamb’s flourishing flower garden.
“The frogs eat the bad bugs for me,” Lamb explained.

snohomishlavenderfarm / Instagram

In addition to the frogs, Lamb’s flower garden hosts an eclectic mix of visitors, including bees, spiders, gardener snakes, salamanders, praying mantises, and caterpillars.

However, it’s the frogs nestled in the dahlias that steal Lamb’s heart. She loves watching them doze off among the petals, their small green heads peeking out. Even though they bid farewell when the first frost arrives, Lamb eagerly awaits their return each spring, hoping for even more guests in her unintentional flower hotel.