Woman Recreates Her Grandmother’s Honeymoon Looks From 1952

By Divya G

As a child, there was no place as magical and filled with treasure as the wardrobe for lots of people. The oversized high heels, skirts, hats, and other adult clothing are something that you certainly liked wearing as a child.

Playing dress-up was certainly a beautiful treat for the imagination.

But all this clothing becomes a different property as people grow up. Instead of being a toy, they become a “time machine” because the outfits link people to their loved ones.

Credits: @kaip / Pexels

This is exactly what 27-year-old Maddy from Pennsylvania thought. She began her TikTok journey with a boom. Shortly after launching her account, one of her videos became extremely popular as it garnered over six million views.

The video showed a green suitcase, which belonged to Maddy’s grandmother. And that’s when her time travel began.

It contained her granny’s honeymoon clothing, which dates back to 1952. After her video went viral, people started asking for complete “clothes reveal,” and she did not disappoint. The green suitcase contained photographs of Maddy’s grandmother, Marie, in her youth.

She took all the pictures in New York exactly seven decades ago. Marie met her late husband, Anthony, after he returned from WWII. In an interview, the woman expressed that she played “hard to get” for one year until her sister told her to give Anthony a chance.

Credits: @cottonbro / Pexels

All the dresses Maddy displayed in her TikTok videos were worn by her grandmother, who was only 22 years old at the time. From the buttoned black dress to the black and white stripe dress, people on TikTok loved the 50s fashion.

All these outfits clearly showed just how fashionable Maddy’s grandmother was.