Making The 9-5 More Fun With Office Antics That Will Cure Boredom For Everyone

By Anthony K

In most cases, we seek jobs that inspire or challenge us, but sometimes we take a job just to make a living. Boredom indicates that you are uninterested or unsatisfied by activity, making it hard to focus your energy or concentrate on a task. Every person experiences boredom once in a while. Employers and employees have essential roles to play towards the reduction of workplace monotony. Ideally, employers should create environments that their employees enjoy spending 8+ hours in. Despite every effort by a manager, the fight against boredom starts from within the individual. You can supplement your employer’s efforts by seeking in-job training, enlarging your circle, exploring new hobbies and interests, working out more, getting enough sleep, eating right, taking a vacation, and improving emotional intelligence. Or, you can do what these people did and become a meme. We like the second choice.

Cat’s out of the bag

Working at a bakery is usually non-stop work. Lots of heat and hungry customers keep things interesting at this type of work environment. Some might think it is best to go in, make the dough, throw it in the oven, take it out – all day till quitting time.

Image Courtesy of TapokSudby /

But some people are out there getting their bread by literally making bread – in the shape of a cat and mouse. Now, this level of innovation and dedication would surely be rewarded. We can think of many ways to show this employee how impressed we are.

Signs of Boredom

Boredom may arise from different sources, but individuals may share symptoms. When bored at work, you will notice lesser interest in activities you enjoyed initially, lack of excitement, inadequate motivation to perform better, inability to concentrate for longer periods, and increased irritability.

Image Courtesy of samkick19 / Reddit

You should perform a personal diagnosis once in a while to point out the signs and symptoms of boredom. Consider fully customized solutions. Like folding your tip money into fun shapes and characters. That way, you’re working and making new friends! Get it?

Wrong line of work

Years down the line, various signs may show that you are in the wrong line of work. In such cases, your skills are absolutely wasted. Training for a new profession or landing a job in a different is demanding and expensive.

Image Courtesy of JillSullivan74 / Imgur

The time taken to discover the right profession for your personality, skills, dreams, and goals may differ from one individual to the next. Luckily for this person, they have now figured out their unique talent and can go off to seek their fortune.

Bad vibes

Many workers complain of unfavorable working conditions. Organizations should make sure to show they appreciate the efforts of every individual working to deliver the desired results, i.e., productivity. On the other hand, they could just hang up their employees’ artwork on the fridge.

Image Courtesy of dunyanews / Imgur

In some cases, an individual with special expertise may end up bearing most of the responsibility. Small business owners also fall under the spell of boredom sometimes, since they’re often the only people around. And whoever made this should make Excel art their new career.

You need more work

We know you’re raising your eyebrow at that headline. Employers seek activities that engage each worker for hours spent at work to avoid boredom and maximize productivity. But people are not machines, right? So what do all these fancy words mean?

Image Courtesy of avatarnow / Imgur

When overqualified for a job, you may be completing tasks before time or get a feeling that your skills are going to waste. Well, try showing off those unique talents, kids! There is someone out there desperate for a skilled individual to take apart their raspberries.

You need a challenge.

When exposed to constant challenges, one is likely to perform better or come up with more viable solutions to current problems. Necessity is the mother of invention, after all. But if de-seeding strawberries aren’t your thing, don’t despair yet, friends.

Image Courtesy of thefa11guy / Imgur

Listen up, employers. Each organization should introduce practical methods for staff motivation to nourish the spirit of competition and productivity. In layman’s terms? Let people make colorful bracelets on company time. You might just find a new product to sell.

Get some sleep!

Some individuals underestimate the role of adequate sleep in combating boredom. Caffeine is not a fix-all, folks. Not getting enough sleep may result in chronic fatigue, poor health, lack of motivation, and making cute statues at work using various leftover company materials.

Image Courtesy of Capinron / Imgur

Poor sleep may result from all that coffee drinking we do on the job, but one thing we are certain of? Anyone who can make a weightlifter out of pipes and coils has our vote for office interior decorator. Change this man’s title to “in-house artist” immediately.

Eat well

With the proper diet, you can learn to concentrate more for much longer while ensuring that you are healthy and energized to make it through most days. What constitutes a proper diet, you may ask? Well, you’re in luck because we found a picture for you.

Image Courtesy of doubleendedbilbo / Imgur

Coffee can lift your moods and spirits when taken at the right time. But a monster made out of ketchup packets is enough to keep anyone charged and energized throughout the day. Well, it combats the boredom for a while, at least.

He commands you to move your feet

Physical exercise helps you get rid of the negative energy and emotions threatening your mental health and productivity. If you work in a restaurant, you’re all set. The leftovers you eat are well balanced by the billion steps you take every shift.

Image Courtesy of SomePeopleJuggleGeese / Imgur

But what about those times you want to exercise your creative mind? Sometimes, all you can do is make a tiny knight from broken locks and tools scattered around your van. It might not be much, but it’s honest work.

The monotony

Most jobs involve the repetition of the same duties day after day with minimal changes. Unfortunately, doing the same thing over and over every day may limit creativity and promote boredom, even when performing activities you loved when you first started the job.

Image Courtesy of TroyMartin / Imgur

Employers may reduce monotony by encouraging the staff to present alternative solutions. One of the most effective ways is to use the tools of your trade to make an epic chair, rivaling the Iron Throne. Winter is coming to the IT department, y’all.

New Career Path

Before trouble rocks your paradise, you are unlikely to question the advantages and disadvantages of your current job. When bored, you can take the time to evaluate your role at work, job satisfaction, and life goals to determine whether you are in the right line of work.

Image Courtesy of srslysick / Imgur

In some cases, you can use the time to consider ways to draft viable solutions to the root cause of your boredom for your benefit and that of fellow employees. Making Link from Legends of Zelda is the number one solution, according to our research.


For the best experience, you should seek a job that aligns with your interest, goals, and aspirations. Chronic boredom may symbolize that you are far from your short- and long-term goals. Boredom will help you reconsider your life’s ambition, sometimes in unexpected ways.

Image Courtesy of alfral / Imgur

While reevaluating personal goals and aspirations, you may need to revisit the employer’s mission and vision to ensure you are in the right place. If it is a place where everyone appreciates your knight in shining paper clips, then you have found your destined spot.

Job hunting

If convinced that your current line of work isn’t best for your creativity and mental health, you are likely to start searching for a new job. Identify specific times when you are most bored and use the time more creatively to shape your scorpions – we mean, future endeavors.

Image Courtesy of irinfunny / Imgur

You can use the time to explore other jobs, reorganize your credentials, update your CV, and send applications to potential employers for consideration. And remember, always include an arachnid made out of wire. It is the best accompaniment to your resume.

Creativity is key!

When bored, you should consider external and internal factors responsible for your boredom at work. Like, is it a you problem or a them problem? Regardless of the answer, try to get some creative juices flowing and add personal touches to your workspace.

Image Courtesy of Chrsstffr / Imgur

You can spend the time to reflect upon creative ways of reducing boredom for better performance and job satisfaction. We also encourage you to use regular items on your desk to make something fun that shows your personality. If you love jokes, boredom can help you come up with better ideas to prank colleagues.

Mental health check!

Did you check it? Most jobs are demanding, with most people diving deep into their responsibilities for several hours a day. Boredom indicates that your mind wants to get lost in the rock and roll and drift away from the demanding aspects of your profession.

Image Courtesy of Davehoax / Imgur

When bored, your mind may drift, allowing you to explore untapped cognitive resources for maximum productivity. Less stress helps you perform better at work. Be like this guy, who knows how to keep his mental health in check by enjoying the little things.


A solid approach to boredom is to work on improving problem-solving and decision-making skills. Can’t have too much of that stuff, right? When totally uninterested, you are likely to engage in activities that will entertain you, so you may as well make them productive.

Image Courtesy of Squidotcom / Imgur

You can avoid toxic behavior by seeking better ways of dealing with your boredom at work. In due time, you might learn how to make a Bowser out of sticky notes too. Never give up! Shoot for the stars, kids! Because even if you fail, you can just make a smiley face.

Make friends at work

When feeling blah at work, you become more conscious of colleagues you may not have interacted with before. You can take the time to start conversations that will determine your friendship and social circle for the forty hours you spend with those people.

Image Courtesy of on_the_edge88 / reddit

Other than getting closer to your colleagues, boredom can help you uncover useful talents. We saw someone make a new buddy out of their tips, and we see it became a trend! If you have trouble connecting to your coworkers and can’t find friends, just make ’em.

Making memories

If bored, your mind can drift off to focus on less relevant information. You are likely to revisit memories and events as you await the next assignment. Your recollection may involve recent or distant memories that will cheer you up or even bring you down.

Image Courtesy of stardrop01 / Imgur

Memories from your childhood, previous promises, life goals, the fact that Jerry still owes you twenty bucks. This reminiscing can be good for your memory. But something equally important is making new memories by dressing up your beard with binder clips.

Is boredom always a good thing?

In some cases, boredom may arise from exposure to dull coworkers. In such cases, you may be too shy to make more friends at work or out of work. Without enlarging your social circle, you are likely to grow more and more lethargic

Image Courtesy of JohnHodor / Imgur

If one employs the wrong approach to boredom, they may blame their boredom on innocent souls. Or they might pull stuff like this, which is fine. Imagine being the person who had to destroy this piece of art, though. What a tragedy.

Productivity is good, we promise

Boredom makes your mind drift away from what you have to do and helps you cope, especially if you don’t love your job. If you’re the type that has a lot of feelings, make sure you find someone to talk to when you’re feeling frustrated.

Image Courtesy of

Someone who understands the office environment and gets you. Find yourself someone like Plastic Pete here. He always has a smile ready for you and has the best attention span. Pete will give you endless hours of his time, because you are his priority.

Work life teaches you patience

Boredom is closely associated with many negative things like anger, anxiety, poor performance, loneliness, and feelings of isolation. Some might take up new interests and hobbies to pass the time and improve performance. And others, well, they spend their time in other ways.

Image Courtesy of t3hbernardo / Imgur

One thing you definitely should aspire to be is the guy in the office who makes life there more interesting. Be bold, be kind, be innovative. And please, for the love of everything, get creative when making fun of people who sit on their phones in the bathroom for half an hour.

Open communication

When bored, you should engage relevant colleagues to determine whether you are bored alone or if they feel the same way. While we’re not advocating you tell your boss you have nothing to do and the boredom depletes your life force, we encourage open communication.

Image Courtesy of Imakeyoulaughlongtime / Imgur

If you don’t like speaking to your colleagues, use relevant channels to communicate your boredom to the boss. They would definitely appreciate the initiative and would absolutely lose their minds over a binder clip scorpion. Keep that one in your back pocket for when you really need it.

Pranks are a love langauge

A prank a day helps keep boredom away. Despite engaging in serious work, jokes will leave everyone laughing their lungs out, distract the bored, and help them get back to work re-energized. It makes the days pass by quicker too.

Image Courtesy of Ccdarkmaster / Imgur

Each organization has a different culture and approach to workplace pranks. You should take time to learn to read the room as well and not be that guy. In due time, you may form a group of prank lovers who can trade office pranks.

Your desk is your canvas

When you walk into an office, you may come across one or more people who just can’t keep their desks clean. Finding a document you need to complete a specific task may be overwhelming as you maneuver through papers and pens scattered all over the place.

Image Courtesy of © 3crownking / Reddit

When bored, take the extra time to rearrange your workstation to make your life easier. We cannot emphasize this enough: add personal touches. Fidget toys are a great choice. Get a little plant friend. Make custom mugs for you and your favorite coworker.

This is Spartaaaaaa

Boredom can be a bummer sometimes. We know; we have been singing its praises, but we had to throw some truth out there at you too. What can you do? Our recommendation is to do something that makes you happy!

Image Courtesy of vortexcookie / Imgur

If you get joy from recreating scenes from the film 300 with bits of leftover vegetables that fell out of customers’ sandwiches, then you just get to it, Michelangelo Junior. Please just make sure you share your creations with the world! We need your art.

Call your mom

As a breadwinner, you have a responsibility that goes beyond personal interests. When bored, you can call or text your spouse or child to see how their day is fairing. A brief conversation or single text from your mom can boost your mood.

Image Courtesy of TacoRocket / Imgur

If you don’t like reaching out to your loved ones while at work, and you don’t have a personal space for pictures, find something to remind you of the special connection that you share. Like a guillotine for that one flavor of gummy bear you and your mom both hate.

Please contact HR before the battle commences

The workplace offers an opportunity for you to interact with folks from all walks of life. In most cases, your boredom can be amplified by the lack of friends at work, especially during the first days in a new job. Newfound friendships can help you view life and the job from a different perspective.

Image Courtesy of aryssalis / Imgur

While some individuals aren’t quick to make friends, sharing an office helps ease some of the pressure. You may start by exchanging names while letting the friendship unfold naturally. The more friends you have at work, the more shared art projects you can make out of candy together.

It’s all about priorities

If you notice rapid changes in your attitude towards your job, take time to revisit reasons why you should or shouldn’t stay. Make that pros and cons list. There are some crucial things to consider. First, what are the vibes like?

Image Courtesy of TheSemiTallest / Reddit

Equally important: is there an unlimited amount of office supplies, and are the employees encouraged to express themselves? If the answer to both questions is yes, then we have to say the cons don’t matter even a little. You’ll be fine.

Take those breaks

While performing the highly demanding tasks at work, one should take regular breaks to ensure they are fresh and adequately motivated to get through the day. We all know how those all-nighters in college made us feel. They didn’t help; admit it.

Image Courtesy of Unknown / Imgur

Take advantage of the coffee and lunch breaks to escape from the office for some minutes. Hang out with your coworkers, take a stroll around the block if it’s a nice day. And take any chance you can to make shrines to your favorite video game.

Make it fun

While spending more time together, you have a chance to exchange stories and ideas with your colleagues. Take advantage of new friends to unwind with after work or break the monotony during lunch. You see these people more than anyone else.

Image Courtesy of ThatOneGuyThatSaysThatOneThing / Imgur

Without friends at work, who would appreciate it when you make a fantastic plate tower? We need a squad who encourages these kinds of shenanigans and would happily post it to their Instagram story with the caption, “work is never dull with this guy!”

Don’t leave anyout out

Utilize every challenge at work as an opportunity to learn something new, make more friends, and escape from monotonous duties and responsibilities. When it comes to office gossip, be the neutral party whenever possible. You want to make sure everyone feels welcome.

Image Courtesy of GorillaBiscuits / Imgur

That means everyone. The financial department, IT, and yes, even HR. Each one of us helps create the office environment, and you don’t want to be the Debbie Downer; you want to be the guy who gives the office mascot a noble steed.

Eat well

By achieving holistic well-being, you can perform better, build endurance, and go for hours without pangs of hunger. This is why you and your colleagues must make a concerted effort to keep the snack bar stocked at all times.

Image Courtesy of Jamesfrown / Imgur

And make sure you eat with people. A nice break from your computer screen with real human conversation can ensure you’re never so deep in the pit of boredom that you draw on your nuggets and recreate movie scenes alone at your desk.

Look ahead

Your boredom can worsen upon realizing that your goals and aspirations do not align with the line of work. Fortunately, you can adjust short- and long-term goals to improve your attitude towards your job and responsibilities and make it more fun!

Image Courtesy of Asteraf / Imgur

While quitting may seem a better option and the easiest solution, adapting to your environment can help you enjoy the time you spend at work. Dressing in cardboard and having a battle in the storage room with your favorite coworker is an excellent way to change your perspective.

Take initiative

In most cases, boredom shows that you don’t have a lot to do, or your tasks are nothing to get excited over. This is the time to assess the situation and see if there is anything you can do that is beyond the call of duty.

Image Courtesy of Unknown / Imgur

You can volunteer for new responsibilities as a means of improving your general performance and add some new skills to your arsenal and make yourself invaluable. You will almost certainly discover new talents, just like the employee who created this masterpiece.


Even folks that enjoy their line of work are prone to boredom in the absence of a vacation or time away from the office. Through a vacation, you can reset your mind and recharge the energy you need to complete in order to be an adult.

Image Courtesy of Monday Thru Friday /

Maximize your vacation by alienating yourself from office duties to ensure that your mind is focused on having a good time. A holiday also gives you an ample opportunity to reconsider your life goals, aspirations, and what it takes to keep you motivated for much longer.

The road to success

In case of chronic workplace boredom, you should seek better ways of challenging yourself and your colleagues. Try making games out of your tasks; you can race your coworkers or find creative outlets buried in the monotony. This person mastered this.

Image Courtesy of vladrichdemaclant / Imgur

Practical challenges include researching new skills for better performance, but an even better idea is learning how to do your work on this guy’s level. Look at that form! He went from stocking vegetables to creating art out of the produce section.

Use those brains

Mind games are a great way to quash boredom while stretching that grey matter. If binder clip statues aren’t your thing, or you want something more challenging, try some of those fun apps you can get that have riddles and other challenges.

Image Courtesy of Pots_And_Pans / Reddit

Also try building something, like a house of index cards, or a bridge of pennies. Most of us do have a little bit of downtime, after all is said and done. So again, we encourage you to make something Instagram-worthy during slow hours.


We all know our environment has a huge impact on our mood and feelings toward a place. If you work in a cubicle, you might sometimes feel like a Smashing Pumpkins song come to life but you can totally jazz up your space!

Image Courtesy of zetrate / Reddit

If you work in food service, there are even more opportunities to make things more lively behind the counter. Something as simple and boredom-busting as stacking cups so high you make a bridge can go a long way to making you feel happier to be at work.

Employers, listen up

Employers should also use different strategies to ensure staff members are motivated and energized. And most of all, happy. You know what makes every person on this planet feel much happier and content? Friendly games to make the work go by quicker.

Image Courtesy of EvilMonki / Imgur

Other strategies for staff motivation include handsome allowances, vacations for the entire office, acquisition of the latest equipment, and better pay. But some companies are tiny and can’t give their employees the world. But they can let their machine operators play tic-tac-toe all day.

You can do this is you really want

Most organizations seek to improve performance through well-established communication channels. You know – “how am I driving? Call this number” type of thing. It is so important for employees to feel they can say what they feel, related to work, that is.

Image Courtesy of Ateraxia/Imgur

An employer should create a culture allowing every person to air their complaints or suggestions without fear of judgment. And if you have someone like Milton managing this department, your approval rating will shoot through the roof. He’s really figured out how to make it a nice place to work.