Ho-Ho-Oh No: 40+ Funny Christmas Fails That Are More Disappointing Than Coal In Our Stockings

By Israel O

Humans are known for their ability to survive harsh conditions even if all odds are stacked against them. This fact is evident in how people move on from the years’ disappointments when Christmas rolls around. They celebrate it with so much love, happiness, and enthusiasm. Doing this is one of the messages and lessons of the holiday itself.

However, no matter how perfect Christmas is or how wonderful we want to make it look, it always presents us with either some major or minor fails that remind us of our human side. Some of these failures were caught on camera. And because of these, we are going to run through some unfortunate failures that people have experienced during their favorite holiday season.

You did well comrade

It’s pretty funny why this picture is a failure as we have nothing other than respect for the person that did this. Apparently, this person wanted to wrap a gift for their loved ones up until the wrapping paper called it a day. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/ midnighthunder0

As an honorable comrade, the person didn’t quit, and instead, they made a drawing of the original wrapping paper. As a matter of fact, the original Santa isn’t that different from the improvised version except that it looks a bit scary. But we love the effort.

Go Go Grandma

This is an innocent jumper with reindeer on it. Apparently, grandma bought it as a sign to commemorate Christmas, but something looks fishy. Apart from her face that suggests that something funny is going on, the reindeer aren’t exactly acting normal, too.  

Image courtesy of Reddit/ _hummusapien

One of the reindeer is humping the other while the third one is also in an awkward position. We’d love to believe that grandma knew exactly what she was doing with the jumper, judging by the look on her face.

A flat in “ICEland”

It’s that time of the year when everywhere feels cold, and the dreamy appearance of snow makes you grow more into the Christmas mood. However, we do not know what this person that rented a flat in Iceland expected. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/maggipedia

Apparently, everywhere has been covered in snow, which surprised the traveler. We actually think that the most pressing concern should be the claustrophobia that might set in from the heavy snow and that is blocking every window and door.

The wrong quantity

Usually, many people dedicate a particular day to go shopping for food items when Christmas comes knocking. Sometimes, certain mistakes occur with the quantity and price of items displayed on the shelf. In this case, this person brought home one sprout. 

Image courtesy of Twitter/ jamesmurden

Perhaps he made the mistake of thinking one kilogram equals one of the items. Hence, a priceless joke was played on him when he went home with a sprout instead of a bag. The lesson is to look at labels carefully during your shopping adventures.

Who wouldn’t be angry at this costume?

This person was tasked with watching their friend’s dog while they were away. As a way of reciprocating the favor, he wanted to get a cute picture of him before the friends returned, but he ended up with this instead.

Image courtesy of Reddit/jillyjillyjilio

This is a funny attempt at mimicking Santa, but what’s even funnier is the dog’s facial expression, which looks like the situation is not sitting well with him. Anyways, we hope that the friend likes the gift more than the dog likes him. 

Your gift is in the black hole

Once in a while, we all must have experienced some difficulties with receiving packages from delivery companies. Sometimes, the packages never come as if they got stuck in a black hole. In some other instances, they arrive after the date when you really needed them.

Image courtesy of Reddit/turtlescantdrive

The point is that these guys delayed someone’s Christmas gift, but instead of giving the client nothing in return, they decided to send a picture of a cow. Let’s hope the client finds it as funny as we do. 

You should have seen this coming

This kid got tattoo markers as gifts, but the parents look like they didn’t see the multiple drawings that she made coming. We don’t know what they expect of a six-year-old who disappeared for thirty minutes with a tattoo marker. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/stephicus

Judging by the look on her face, we will assume that the parent will refuse if she asks for a blow torch for the next Christmas. This picture also got us thinking that she’s ready to face any threat to her artistic freedom.

To “bee” candid, these are cute

Some parents lack appropriate listening skills, especially when they’re dealing with their little ones. They think that their opinions do not matter or they amount to little or nothing. Well, here’s a listening parent that surprised their kid on Christmas.

Image courtesy of Twitter/bickertonMiss

Apparently, the kid told the parents about her love for bees and how lovely they are and thought the discussion was forgotten. Surprisingly, she got several items related to bees as Christmas gifts. This way, she knows that her mom listens attentively. 

Deja vu

Here’s a funny situation that might not be so hilarious to the recipient. This man got the exact clothes he was wearing as a gift. If this isn’t deja vu, we wonder what is. This situation might not be funny in some other instances. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/circuitboredom

Apparently, he is all smiles and looks like he doesn’t mind the gift. We strongly believe that the person who gifted it knows that he is fond of this outfit and wanted him to have more than one. At least now, he doesn’t have to do his laundry every day.

Taking a swipe at the camera

Taking family pictures is an essential tradition when it comes to Christmas and the holiday seasons. It brings everyone together and helps to create lasting memories. Hence, it is expected that every member of the family presents themselves for the photo op. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/politicalCativist

This cat wanted to remind everyone of his important membership within the family as it looks like he was left behind when the camera was set. He quickly took a swipe at the camera as payback and made it into the family picture.

Great minds think alike

The holiday season is known for giving and receiving gifts from loved ones and family members. It’s a symbol of love that leads to a fun holiday and stronger bonds. No matter how small the gift is, it’s the thought that counts in most cases. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/Joelham01

Apparently, these two lovers do more than think about each other as they ended up buying the same gift for each other, surprisingly. The implication of this is that they either have the same interests, or they know a lot about each other deeply.

It’s time for indoor games

It’s time for some heavy snow again for the individual that took this picture. Usually, Christmas is all about eating, drinking, and meeting old friends and family members. It is not typically meant for sitting inside and playing video games alone. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/FlintTheDad

However, nature plays us sometimes and forces people to stay indoors due to blizzards outside. In cases like this, it’ll be all beer and video games till thy kingdom comes, but we hope the spirit of Christmas still permeates this impending lifestyle.

What I ordered versus what I got

Many people often suspect the authenticity of Facebook and Instagram ads, and they are mostly right to do so. These merchants are fond of displaying scintillating advertisements that do not match what they have to offer, leaving shoppers disappointed.

Image courtesy of Reddit/soomanytomatoes

In this unfortunate scenario, this person saw a six-foot rainbow Christmas tree on a Facebook ad and decided to give it a try. “Who wouldn’t love a rainbow tree for Christmas?” was all that was on the buyer’s mind. However, she got a parody instead.

A controller without a game

Undoubtedly, our parents are one of the biggest blessings we have on this earth. Usually, they always have our best interests at heart. Even when they don’t fully understand our interests, they try their best to follow them up.

Image courtesy of Reddit/Yabba_Dabbs

This person got a PS5 controller from his parents without owning a console. The parents might have thought that since he is a fan of video games, they should buy something that’s related to the Play Station instead. Let’s hope he has a PC to use it with.

It’s not as sweet as it looks

One of the major events of every holiday season is indoor games. It might be Monopoly, Scrabble, or old-school chess. In this household, they hold an annual gingerbread house competition which is a classic and fun-filled indoor activity.

Image courtesy of Reddit/smugman246

At first glance, this looks like it is the work of a child, but when we look closely, we start to appreciate the bar, bartenders, stripper candies, and fence. Overall, it doesn’t look bad, and we would love to see the previous year’s gingerbread houses.

Everyone is not good at everything

Every human has their talents and areas of specialization, especially when it comes to specific skills. There’s no one out there that is perfect at doing everything, and this is one of the fundamental characteristics and qualities of human beings. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/ratrodder49

This picture is evidence of the point we just made above. The wrongly-wrapped present is the result of the work by a young man who can drive anything with wheels, rebuild an engine with ease, and even fabricate his own parts.

Christmas or Halloween?

Internet shopping is a two-way endeavor. Sometimes, you will get exactly what you ordered, and in other instances, you will be amazed at the significant difference between what you thought you ordered and what you got. Here is a “not so jolly” example.

Image courtesy of Reddit/dylanciaga

This person ordered a beautiful Santa and a tree and got the year 2020 version instead. It’s a completely different product, and this got us thinking that perhaps it’s for Halloween and not Christmas. We also think that a full refund should be in place.

A House or an earthquake?

A gingerbread house competition is a fun thing to do with friends and family, especially when you have a full house during the holidays. You are bound to see all sorts of buildings, structural creativity, and funny sculptures of what people imagine a gingerbread house should look like. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/sryincdyojrdcbigdvji

This picture makes us think that someone is trying to make a gingerbread barbecue, or they made a real house that got demolished real quick by an earthquake. Either way, they could have done better in the contest. But it’s all fun and games, right?

Another Christmas, same old shirt

It’s not uncommon for people to receive things that they already own as gifts during the holiday season. This person received the exact same shirt that he was wearing as a gift. We recommend that he replace the old one with this. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/knochback

He could also wear the new one while the old shirt is in the laundry as it looks like he is fond of the material. Either way, it’s the thought that counts when we receive gifts from people dusting the festive seasons.

The Wrong Gift

This wife was gifted perfume by her husband, but it looks like it is the wrong gift. We came to that conclusion simply because the seemingly expensive designer perfume ended up on the toilet as an air freshener instead. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/baxterrocky

The probable reasons for this action could be that the wife doesn’t like the scent and wants to give the gift another use instead of abandoning or rejecting it. Some people have also condemned her actions as it looks like she is ungrateful.

Hair today, Gone tomorrow

This person’s children gave their dad a will kit as a Christmas gift. It is cruel when you look at it from a serious perspective, but we cannot dispute the truth embedded in it. We’re all here today but could be gone tomorrow.

Image courtesy of Reddit/altjxx

It’s like the hairs on his head that were there at some point. It looks like the dad isn’t finding it funny owing to the middle finger he gave in the picture. We also think that the person that sent this isn’t getting anything in return. We hope it was just a joke, though.

No Merry Christmas for the Dogs

If you receive a food gift or anything edible, it is best that you keep them away from your pets unless you wish to allow them to have a taste. Also, ensure that the food isn’t poisonous for the pets.

Image courtesy of Reddit/snarkicon

The dogs in this house won’t be having a merry Christmas since they consumed a rich fudge that was meant to be kept under the Christmas tree. We know that the owners didn’t intend for this to happen, but it is what it is.

“Halo” to you too

Just like before, sensitive gifts like gadgets should be kept far away from pets like dogs and cats if you wish to have a stress-free Christmas. They do not know what’s edible sometimes until they chew or have a taste. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/istheresugarinsyrup

This puppy ate the young boy’s Apple iPad. It’s like a cruel way of saying hello to you, too. Let’s hope that puppy damage is covered in the warranty or the boy gets a replacement before Christmas comes around.

Call a locksmith

This is such a horrible sight to behold during Christmas. If the keys break while you’re indoors, then you’ll be spending the rest of Christmas playing games and drinking hot chocolate. On the other hand, it’s even worse if you’re stuck outside.

Image courtesy of Reddit/mccalli

Apparently, the keys won’t hold the residents in a quagmire for a long time if a locksmith is within the area. Until then, they can contend with staying with the neighbors or playing with one another inside the house.

Betrayal of the highest order

Undoubtedly, sibling love is one of the purest loves out there. The bond between siblings is also one of the strongest, and as such, it is common to see funny and meaningful sibling gift exchanges during the holiday seasons. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/rrrroasted

However, we saw one of the most painful betrayals during this sibling gift exchange. Apparently, one of the siblings got an empty box for the other despite receiving a phone in return. He could have constructed a homemade gift, at least.

A Traumatic Gingerbread

Building a gingerbread house or man is fun until you see something that’s meant for Halloween. In this case, this child made what we could call a life-sized gingerbread man or a woman as it has painted nails. We are confused.

Image courtesy of Reddit/almostbobsaget

Apparently, it scared the living heck out of the parents as the figure looks like something from a horror film that we definitely don’t want to see in the dark. Let’s hope the child learns that Christmas is meant to spread love and not to scare people.

Only a Monster could do this

When you wish to pick out eggs from a carton, you are only expected to pick every egg in a carton before moving to the next one. Only a monster with funny intentions would leave a single egg in a crate and move on to the next. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/Mr_Poodlepants

We know that the person is just trying to be funny, but the joke won’t be hilarious when Christmas eggnog lacks an adequate amount of eggs. We think the person that did this should have no eggnog on the side during Christmas dinner. 

The Latest Horror Character

This is a Christmas cookie that somebody made but could easily pass as a horror movie character. If you don’t look closely, one can easily think that the scene is from The Conjuring or one of the SAW series had something to do with it. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/Jinxology

Some would say that it is terrifyingly awesome, but we think that the person needs some therapy before the whole neighborhood turns into a horror movie set. We hope and pray that the cookie is sweeter than it looks.

Still in the Game

Checking a Christmas gift very well before delivery is a smart habit. It ensures that you’re not delivering the wrong gift or mixing up items. In this scenario, this person bought a sweater with a naughty message for his granddad.

Image courtesy of Reddit/LtMai22

It looks like the granddad didn’t notice the mistake, but his facial expression doesn’t tell the same story. Either way, the message is clear, and we hope that the granddad doesn’t wear the sweater outside again anytime soon.

I don’t know what you’re talking about

Typically, everyone should be at the Christmas dinner, including the family dog. Leaving the dog alone on such an occasion will leave you at risk of solving problems that you do not want to put up with on such a night. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/williamszr98

Here, you can see the dog giving an “I don’t know what you’re talking about” face after messing the whole place up with toilet paper. We do not blame him much, but the people that left it alone on such a night blame themselves.

Evil still exists on the planet

If this isn’t evil, we wonder what is. Someone got a seemingly brand new Xbox one S on Christmas morning and instead found a used VHS player in the box. Interestingly, many theories have been produced on the cause of this mishap.  

Image courtesy of Reddit/ShishkaDrummer

Perhaps someone returned a “faulty Xbox” to a store but put a VHS player in the box instead. It could also be a simple mixup in the packaging area. Either way, this is evil in disguise if someone did it intentionally.

Beautiful kitchen mosaic

This is a failed attempt at making spaghetti squash. The person seemingly didn’t think to make a joke out of it and tried to cut them after being baked. The result was a beautiful kitchen mosaic that they had never imagined before. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/asherfergusson

There’s a reason why certain steps are important while cooking. Sometimes, it is to prevent disasters like this. In some other instances, it is to ensure that the food retains its quality. Let’s hope this family has another meal planned.

Someone got to it first

It is a good idea to store all Christmas gifts in a central place before they are unboxed. This is to avoid any unpleasant surprises like what we see in this next picture. Apparently, the dog wanted to see the presents first. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/TargetBoyz

That’s our best guess as the whole place looks like it’s been ransacked. We hope that none of the gifts are edible, or else someone will have a massive stomachache. We couldn’t help but notice that the tree is intact despite the situation.

This sparks several questions

Seeing a spark plug in the middle of a lobster sparks so many questions. First and foremost, we do not know if lobsters are now swallowing spark plugs in the ocean. Secondly, we’d like to know if those are digestible.

Image courtesy of Reddit/AtomicCypher

Perhaps some sellers added the spark plug just for extra cash during the weighing process. If that’s the case, they literally have little regard for the human that will sink their teeth on the lobster. We’re glad it was discovered quickly.

Two families with broken dreams

Dogs are man’s best friends. They keep us company and away from danger in some instances. When they die, the feeling is as if we lost a family member. This is why this owner and many people around the world try to immortalize their dogs. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/Juicy-aloe-vera

Here, the dog owner wanted to do some form of memorial for their pet and decided to print its picture on a blanket. Unfortunately, they got a blanket with another dog printed on it. We think another family received the one they were expecting.

A chance to reconsider your interest

Sometimes, our gifts get damaged before we even open them. It might be due to improper packaging techniques or total heedlessness during transportation and handling. Either way, it is a sight for sore eyes when it happens to the unlucky receiver.

Image courtesy of Reddit/bordengw

In this scenario, this person got a guitar for Christmas, but unfortunately, it got broken before they could play. It might be accidental, but it also has us thinking that perhaps the recipient should reconsider their interest in music.

Are these puppy pods?

When you receive iPods or anything electronic as a gift during the festive or holiday periods, the best thing is to keep them far away from damage, including the teeth of your pets. They are pretty expensive and get damaged under harsh conditions. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/juaninazio

This person’s AirPods that they received for Christmas got chewed by the dog. Perhaps it thought that it was a puppy pod. Let’s hope that the owner finds it funny like we do or else, the dog is getting some serious warnings afterward.

The breakfast got served

Getting served is not a favorite phrase that most people like to hear except perhaps when one is talking about breakfast. It’s the most important meal of the day, and as such, it deserves the most attention and care.

Image courtesy of Reddit/princessoftheriver

However, inevitable mistakes happen from time to time during the cooking process. Here, the person failed to notice an active burner and went ahead to place some snacks on it. The cinnamon rolls are burnt, but we hope Christmas isn’t.

A Christmas for raccoons

Long-distance relationships are unique in the sense that you do not allow the barrier of distance to diminish the affection between you and your lover. Rather, you employ several means to keep the love alive. This can include sending each other treats.

Image courtesy of Reddit/nocturnalnympho

One of the tactics used to ensure that the fire of affection continues to burn is to send gifts that show the significant other that you really care about them with something thoughtful, especially during the holidays. This person received theirs from their lover, but raccoons had other ideas.

Imagine there’s a gift

Siblings are known to play jokes of different kinds and levels with one another. However, some jokes are too expensive, especially when they’re played at the wrong time. This picture is evidence of a brutal and wicked joke between siblings. 

Image courtesy of Twitter/@heyileana

Her brother got an empty box with a sticker for his sibling. The word “imagination” is written on the sticker, and that’s all they’re getting for Christmas. Some would say that imagination is the best gift as the possibilities are endless.

Halloween cookies

Everyone loves good cookies during Christmas, but they’re not so easy to make. This was someone’s failed attempt at making some. First of all, we would recommend that they learn the difference between cookie icing and cake icing before they try again.

Image courtesy of Reddit/Banraisincookies

We would also recommend that they should put the icing on when the cookies are cold. All in all, it was a salvageable attempt as no one is perfect. However, it doesn’t take away from the fact that they resemble Halloween cookies.

I’m not ready to be opened

One of the biggest fails over the Christmas season is to get the corkscrew stuck in a bottle while opening because it creates several disasters. First of all, you might deny yourself and your guests some good drinks for the occasion.

Image courtesy of Reddit/elSamourai

Also, you might sustain gruesome injuries while you’re at it. We can’t stop thinking that the bottle is saying that “it’s not ready to be opened.” If not, the sight of TWO broken corkscrews is rare, especially during Christmas.

No more surprises

One of the best feelings that accompanies receiving a gift is the anticipation and surprise element embedded in it, no matter the holiday. When you take that out, the gift might not be appreciated as much anymore, which is unfortunate. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/roslyns

This family has a son that went to reveal all the gifts received by the family in the middle of the night. He didn’t do it in an orderly fashion and even took out the element of surprise for other family members.

Broken Ice

Christmas ice cubes are nothing short of amazing, especially when you pick them out perfectly. However, we have seen many fails like this where the ice pack gets broken in the middle of picking out the cubes for a refreshing beverage. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/zebraturret

The good news is that the situation is salvageable. You can still pick the cubes out of the broken part, but next time, it helps to put running water on the underside of the tray. Doing that helps them pop out easily. 

Someone isn’t happy

Happiness is one of the most crucial themes during Christmas. Hence, it’s a great failure when someone turns out unhappy for any reason during the fun and games. In this case, it’s a kid that got the wrong gifts.

Image courtesy of Reddit/eastereglegs

Many wouldn’t call it a wrong gift, but a spoiled kid because every gift should be appreciated no matter the worth. We do not want to pick a side, but we all agree that we shouldn’t jeopardize the kid’s happiness on such an important occasion.