45 Naughty And Nice Christmas Memes To Celebrate The Season

By Aakash M

Halloween is over, which can only mean one thing…Christmas is almost here! Sorry Thanksgiving, but nothing compares to the spirit and joy that the 25th of December holds. Heck, even before kids have had a chance to go trick-or-treating, stores are setting out their Christmas displays and the radios are pumping out jolly tunes.

In anticipation of the holiday season, the internet has also been laying out memes that are best appreciated come November/December. From dark humor to wholesome content, there is no shortage of Christmas content. Since there are hundreds if not thousands of seasonal memes, it can be overwhelming trying to find the good few that are worth reading. But we’ve got you covered…

So grab a glass of eggnog and a gingerbread cookie, and scroll down to see some ho-ho-ho-larious Christmas-themed memes. Enjoy!

Half-job done

It’s hard to pick a favorite part of Christmas, but decorating the tree is definitely in the top five. Everyone has their own method, style, and baubles — no two trees are alike. However, there is a certain trend some people are “guilty” of…

Image source: Genuwize/imgur

Yep, some people don’t bother decorating all sides of the tree. This method is less time-consuming, but that laziness comes at a price. You might think that guests won’t notice anything’s amiss, but, somehow, they just know. There’s no hiding that bare back!

A tree for everyone

Christmas is a time of coming together despite any differences that might otherwise keep us distant from one another. Truces are formed, and no one is shunned. And in this person’s household, that extends to the usually unwanted and uninvited guests, too.

Image source: wolfqueenkatie/Reddit

We bet that this person isn’t an arachnophobe, but even if you love spiders, this is going above and beyond. We wonder if the spider liked it. Perhaps this person’s mom left flies as presents under the tiny tree, too.

Christmas gone wrong

Christmas truly is a magical time. One minute, you’re handing out cups of hot chocolate and flipping through old family photo albums, then, as if a switch was flipped, there’s utter pandemonium. Suddenly the playful banter is verbal warfare. And where does that leave you?

Image source: manofmany.com

We have all been baby Yoda at least once at a failed Christmas party. It’s quite unfortunate, but this is a risk some families take during the holidays. If it happens to you, take comfort knowing that you’re not alone.

Merry Christmas to you too!

When you’re tight on budget, but you really need to decorate your house for Christmas, take a look around your home to see what’s already set up. But you can’t be lazy about it. You need to keep and open mind and get those creative juices flowing.

Image source: pianolessonsvancouver/Instagram

A pun can be your best friend in these situations. With a paper and a red pen, someone instantly turned a rusted sign into a cheerful greeting. Admittedly, this one doesn’t look all that aesthetically pleasing, but the sentiment is there.

Dad jokes

If you ask us, there’s nothing better than a dad joke. They might be super lame, but there’s always a part of us that can’t help but grin at the simplicity of dad jokes. For this one, we’ve got a fluffy Siberian Husky to deliver the punchline…

Image source: [unknown user]/imgur

Santa really needs to lay off the eggnog. Or maybe get a virgin drink instead. Even with the buffet of cookies he gets every Christmas eve, they are no match against a few strong glasses of that sweet seasonal drink.

With love, from IKEA

IKEA is amazing, but getting every single furniture item from there might not be the best idea. But the major caveat of IKEA products is that there is always assembly required. And sometimes, that just seems like more trouble than it’s worth.

Image source: BestMemeBot/Twitter

If you get your Christmas tree from IKEA, then good luck. Yes, there is a certain level of pride that comes from building something with your own two hands, but decorating the tree is already hard enough. We’ll get the $20 Walmart tree, thanks.

Whose tree is it?

There’s something about Christmas trees that grab the attention of cats each year. There are countless pictures of cats making a mess of the family tree. And it’s not the ornaments. Just as this cat; the tree itself is what’s enticing.

Image source: Fibutton/Twitter

Honestly, we’re surprised they lasted a whole five minutes. That has to be a record! Some owners can’t even get the base set up before the cat gets in the way. Maybe this kitty is trying to tell their owners that they’re the real star, not some silly tree topper.

This Christmas, stay fit

The holiday season is when we take a break from our busy schedules, spend some quality time with our loved ones, and reconnect with old friends. It is also the season when everybody gets together and enjoys delicious food. That’s important…but so is exercising.

Image source: thinteadetoxtea/Instagram

But there’s just too much good food! It’d be rude to turn down your friends and family when they spent so much time preparing a homecooked meal. And we can’t skip out on Christmas movie night in favor of putting in some hours at the gym. Fitness will have to wait until January 1st.

I am the list

A lot has happened in the past couple of years and at this point, we don’t know where we stand on Santa’s list. Every year we try so hard, but life tests our patience and we end up on a downhill path, right onto the naughty list.

Image source: memeg0dd3ss/Instagram

The naughty/nice list might be a simplistic way to keep kids in line around the holidays, but it seems that adults have found some use for it, too. Though, does that mean that being on the naughty list is a good thing? Please, don’t tell us the answer. We don’t want to know.

Mainstream things

Not everyone that celebrates Christmas is religious. In fact, there are plenty of people who simply enjoy the cheer and vibrancy the holiday brings. Of course, there are the Scrooges and Grinches, but none of them compare to the hipsters…

Image source: sayingimages.com

Well, it’s not just hipsters. This one goes out to all the Canadians who refuse to play along, though we doubt that there are many that fit this description. If you can tell us the etymology for “Boxing Day,” we’ll let you say it without rolling our eyes.

Dads doing what they love to do

The tradition is that parents get their kids presents, but thanks to school projects and helpful grandparents, kids are able to give their parents gifts in return. First of all, we’re proud of you, kiddos. But make sure to prepare yourself for the dad jokes that are sure to follow.

Image source: WholesomeMemer/Twitter

Given the chance, a dad will crack at least three to four jokes before even getting to the wrapping paper. By the time it’s unwrapped, the kids are all fired up, and then it’s time for the next round of jokes and trolling their kids.

Hey there good lookin’

Even if you hate Christmas — which we assume isn’t true because you’re reading this list — you gotta give people credit for the insane decorations they put up. We’ve definitely taken a drive around town to look at all the pretty lights.

Image source: foxxieface/imgur

And we’re not the only ones. This person was so good at spreading the Christmas cheer, even the wildlife couldn’t help but stop and stare. Poor fox doesn’t realize that its a doomed love. Come December 26th, its crush will be back in the attic.

Ear to ear

Christmas is a time when people come together. Even mortal enemies are willing to put aside their hatred and have a temporary truce for the sake of everyone else’s enjoyment. Just like this cat and dog duo. Normally, they’re fighting nonstop…

Image source: sayingimages.com

…but not right now. But even for one picture, they’ll take a rest, grit their teeth, and politely sit in each other’s company. But that cat is just asking for trouble. You should never force someone to smile. It’s bad for their health…and yours!

Four-legged tree

Let’s stay on the topic of animal memes. This doggo wasn’t feeling the Christmas cheer so their owner decided to get their lovable Golden involved in the decorations. Sure, the dog couldn’t help hang the decorations, but they could still play an important role.

Image source: foxxieface/imgur

We can’t tell what’s brighter: the Christmas lights or the lovable doggo’s smile. We think the latter. There’s nothing more heartwarming than a happy dog, and adding some holiday spirit on top of that is almost too much for us to handle.

The bright side

It could get really lonely if you don’t have anybody to celebrate Christmas with, and if you’re among those people, we only have one thing to cheer you up. We get how hard it is being single, but look at the bright side…

Image source: sayingimages.com

You will save some serious money by not buying gifts. Or, even better, you can spend all that extra money to get yourself the perfect Christmas present! You’re worth it! All in all, forget your ex; go crash your friend’s Christmas party instead.

Christmas spirit

This is the question of the hour, and if you ask us, we’d say 100/10. We’re as ready and pumped up for Christmas as ever. There’s no work, you can eat all the good stuff, and you’re spending time with all your loved ones. Things couldn’t get better.

Image source: queenxkenz/Twitter

This is certainly more wholesome than Joyce’s Christmas lights in season one. We’re sure there were significantly fewer people using those in 2016. Come to think of it, we’d love to see a Stranger Things Christmas special. Netflix, you readin’ this?

BC: Before Christmas

Santa did make our childhoods so much better, but so did The Flintstones. The show is set in the Stone Age, which brings us to a very important question. How did they celebrate Christmas before there was cause to celebrate? Could it be a writing error that went unnoticed?

Image source: kungfumilhouse/Reddit

Yes, there were Pagan traditions and celebrations in other cultures at this time of year, but that might be a bit too sophisticated for a simple 1960s cartoon. Perhaps the bigger question is: where did they get the candy canes?!

Cat owner problems

Cat owners have an extra hurdle to overcome when decorating their Christmas trees. Most people just need to worry about untangling the lights and making sure all the ornaments are in the right place, but anyone with a cat around knows to be extra careful…

Image source: [unknown user]/imgur

If you turn away for even a moment, that frisky feline will be ready to knock down those precious ornaments. We wonder if it would be better or worse to put up cat-specific ornaments. Would cats ignore them if they were supposed to play with the baubles?

Mariah Carey’s got competition

At the mere mention of Christmas, Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You” starts playing in the back of our minds. But this year, she might be outplayed on the radio by a new rapper, the legendary Ho Malone.

Image source: CapCap/imgur

The dad jokes strike again! Mariah Carey’s music is as important to Christmas as the 1990 classic film Home Alone. It might not be the most positive depiction of family around Christmas, we are always too busy laughing to care.

Cat problems

The internet loves cats, so of course there are multiple Christmas-themed cat memes. Earlier, we saw a meme about cats destroying Christmas trees. This meme is perhaps the answer to the whole situation. Cats love attention, and it’s almost as if they want you to worship them.

Image source: JJPaxton/Reddit

Even after they destroy our Christmas trees, we continue to pamper them. These guys are controlling us with their cuteness, and we’re giving in to it pretty easily. Then, when you’ve let your guard down, the claws come out, and the cycle starts all over again.

Happy or sad?

Pets are family, so when it comes time to taking pictures for the annual holiday card, it’d be rude not to include them in the photoshoot. But, just like with human children, it can be hard to get the perfet shot. There’s always that one person who just can’t smile properly for the picture.

Image source: girlsprobzz/Instagram

The dog on the right seems to be in the Christmas spirit, while the dog on the left seems to be out of it. The pooch just wants to cuddle with his human and go to sleep because it is so tired of everything.

Two types

Depending on your mood, Christmas activities can be a joy or a punishment. Shopping for your loved ones can be a blast, but after a while, it gets frustrating and overwhelming. You might be looking forward to decorating the tree, but when you pull out the tangled lights, you might regret your choices.

Image source: Movieclips and Eric Danielsen/YouTube

Every time something magnificent happens, from snowball fights to finding the perfect gift, we’re 100% Buddy the Elf from Elf. But when our fingers freeze from the snowballs or we wait for an hour at checkout, our inner Grinch comes out.

A magical time

We’ve spoken about cats and their propensity for causing trouble and messing up the Christmas tree. But, as this cat owner proved, that’s not always true Some cats feel just as entranced by the holiday spirit as we humans are.

Image source: ImAnElkShootMe/Reddit

Every year, this cat owner has the pleasure of watching their kitty rediscover the magic of Christmas. With those entranced eyes reflecting Christmas lights, we feel safe assuming that this kitty doesn’t even try to mess up the carefully placed ornaments.

Creepy much?

Of course this joke was coming; there’s no way to talk about Christmas memes without at least one mention of the classic Christmas song. We don’t know why they’d put it that way but come to think of it, that does sound really creepy. He knows everything.

Image source: verkoren/imgur

It kind of feels like a privacy invasion now and gives off an insecure vibe, but hey, it’s just a line. Santa isn’t like that. The people who wrote the song might have intentionally done this, or they might be documenting their bad dreams. 

The judge

That smile says everything. Life as Santa must be so good. Of course, you need to travel so much and deliver all the gifts personally, but when you’re flying first class on your own reindeer-pulled flying sled, it seems like you’d have a pretty fun time.

Image source: hitenlalwani27/imgur

Apart from the one day when he works, he’s spending his time tucked into his comfortable home at the North Pole. And he can’t even say he’s working. The elves make the toys, leaving him 364 days to chill and evaluate everyone’s morality.

“Changed my mind”

These memes are funny, but to be honest, we don’t think anybody can hate Santa. He’s the guy who brings you presents! He might just be a fictional concept parents tell their kids, but without the lie, we bet fewer kids would get those presents. We can’t hate that guy.

Image source: WholesomeMeme26/Twitter

Some kids might act like they do, but in the end, when it’s Christmas, they all turn into this girl. Doesn’t he look like a pretty decent guy? Something is wrong with those rhymes we mentioned earlier. The cheerful Santa we know and love doesn’t seem like the type to watch us in our sleep.

Santa’s best friend

The joy that you see on the dog’s face is that of an animal whose dreams have come true, and it couldn’t get more wholesome. It’s clear that this dog can’t get enough of Santa, from playing with his stuffed toy to meeting him in person.

Image source: ThePhantom777/imgur

We have gone through many wholesome dog images, but we have never seen a dog this happy upon meeting Santa. He has certainly become Santa’s best friend. This image also makes us wonder how our dogs would react upon meeting Santa.

Middle ground

It’s hard to be mad around Christmas time, but it does happen. With so much going on, emotions are high and some can easily get swept up in the stress. But you gotta stay cheerful, right? Well, this person found a good compromise…

Image source: rollingwiththetide15/imgur

While you sit and fume, you can carefully plot your revenge. You can even do it in plain sight. No one will think twice if they see you eating a candy cane. Just make sure you don’t hurt yourself while sharpening your minty awl.

Not in the mood

Different months, same moods. It is Christmas, but it’s also the end of a long and tough year, so if you’re tired as well, we understand you. The holiday spirit indeed exists, but sometimes, it drains us of our energy. Well, almost. There’s always enough energy to change our sheets to Christmas-themed blankets.

Image source: myunclesmemes/Twitter

We wonder why this kitty is so tired, though. We hope it gets back its energy and plays with its owner, but looking at the image of this tired kitten energized us, and we’re back in the holiday spirit. Looking at images of adorable animals seems to be the solution to everything these days.

We’re watching you

As children, you might or might not have liked the presents you got for Christmas, but there wasn’t any option back then other than accepting the gift. Everybody knows that Santa isn’t real, and your parents are right there watching you open the gifts!

Image source: Topshottamemes/Twitter

That’s actually how they look at you in anticipation of your first reactions while you’re opening your gifts. They’re right to do that because they’re only hoping that you liked the gift they bought for you. Baby Yoda does the expressions pretty well, but an older Yoda would’ve been more relatable for the parents!

Santa knows about your favorite gifts

When we get older, we realize that Santa is real, but when we were all little kids, we truly believed that some magical man knew exactly what we wanted. Surely he couldn’t have heard us talk about the video games we were hoping for. He lived in the North Pole!

Image source: megathiccmemes/Twitter

Just so the child didn’t stop believing in Santa, parents had to play along with the fiction. They’d pretend like they never knew how smart and accurate Santa was! It’s a cycle we go through. You start as the kid who believed in Santa, and then you become the parent who keeps the Santa secret alive.


Moms always played this trick before Christmas. Even if the kid already knew the truth about Santa — aka, knew who really bought the presents — there was still a lie parents told their kids. Every time presents were brought up, mom and dad would insist that you were not gonna get what you wanted.

Image source: Breyber12/Reddit

The next day, they’ll only be the ones waking you up and presenting the gift to you. Then they’ll sit in a corner and peacefully sip some coffee while they see you eagerly unwrapping your presents. So wholesome! That smirk is constant.


We’ll be the first to admit that we rely too heavily on autocorrect. After all, it’s a free tool, so why shouldn’t we take advantage of it? For reasons like this! We’re glad that Google didn’t autocorrect this person’s search query…

Image source: lenavalkyrie/Twitter

Santa hats on Santa bats are the cutest thing we’ve seen all day! Sure, not everyone likes bats, but it’s hard to resist those pleading eyes topped with a mini red hat. Thank you to whoever made those hats and dressed up the cute little bats.

It’s a trap!

Being in a relationship during the holiday season is both a blessing and a curse. There’s an extra level of joy that you can only get when you have a significant other. But, when it comes time to exchange presents, there’s a lot at risk.

Image source: buggabugg/Reddit

No one will openly admit that they want a gift, but we all know it’s a lie. What girl or guy doesn’t want something special from their significant other? You can play the mom game of “I didn’t get you anything” but don’t fall for the lie that they’re content with an empty box.

Good (?) boy

This doggo can’t help but guard his house and keep his family safe. It’s in his nature. Normally, it’s worthy of praise; no robber would dare target this house. But, sadly, the dog isn’t good at telling friend from foe.

Image source: 4Legs Doggy Daycare/Facebook

To be fair, if someone is coming over, they usually enter through the front door. Coming down the chimney is a hard no, and usually means that they are an unwelcome visitor. We can’t blame this dog now, can we?

Technically correct

Gingerbread houses are a Christmas classic. It’s always a blast building and decorating those houses. Some people prefer to buy the pre-made kit, while others enjoy baking the gingerbread from scratch. It’s not easy, but the satisfaction of making it yourself is certainly worth it.

Image source: RobertAMcClellan/imgur

We appreciate the sentiment, but someone needs to tell this person what a gingerbread house really is. We don’t imagine that the recipe is particularly complicated, but we do wonder how long it took them to perfectly balance the “roof.”


One of the classic tropes of Christmas is the puppy under the tree. It’s so popular it’s even made it into children’s movies — 101 Dalmatians and Toy Story, for example. But, just like any present, in order to make it a surprise, you need to wrap it well…

Image source: steelbeamsdankmemes/Reddit

That means using a box big enough to hide the angles and curves of the present. At least the dog had plenty of air to breathe, and we can tell that he’s a good boy if he let the parents wrap him up so nicely.


Some kids are just too spoiled. Even if their parents are open, kind, and honest, some kids can’t help but have a bratty attitude. While it’s difficult to explain to kids just how much parents do for their family, someone discovered a simple way to show it…

Image source: puppies_and_unicorns/Reddit

That’s right. Mom and dad didn’t just get you stuff for Christmas. A few weeks ago, they paid the water and electricity bills. At least once a week, there are fresh groceries. And we bet that there are plenty of home-cooked meals, too!

The Nutcracker

When buying decorations, it’s important to check the product details. You might want a small bauble, but what you get is too small. Or, on the other end, your decorations might be a bit too oversized — something this person found out the hard way.

Image source: CrimexNoir/Twitter

We bet the people in this house have The Nutcracker-themed nightmares on a regular basis. That life-sized statue looks exactly like the inspiration for the play, don’t you think? Heck; life-sized isn’t even accurate. That statue won’t even fit under the doorway!


Wrapping presents can be a real pain, but there is something even the most frustrated people enjoy about packing up those gifts. That sweet, smooth glide of the scissors as you cut the wrapping paper is one of the most relaxing feelings in the world.

Image source: memeomelette/imgur

Follow that up with a perfectly curled ribbon, and it is pure heaven! It’s the definition of sensory satisfaction. We hate the folding and taping part, but we’re always happy to help cut the paper and tie off those ribbons.

Burn baby burn

This is the kind of person that intentionally makes it into Santa’s naughty list. She simply doesn’t care if he judges you or thinks that you’re not worthy of a good-old Christmas present. But for those people, coal isn’t really the ideal Christmas gift.

Image source: Jhonkely/Reddit

It’s like a self-fulfilling prophecy. What do you expect when you give naughty kids coal? Good kids would know to use it to light the fireplace, but bad kids are going to spend December 26th earning their spot on the naughty list for the following year.

Confusion is in the air

It’s important to remember that Christmas isn’t celebrated everywhere in the world. While most cultures have wintertime holidays, Christmas is more of a Western thing. In fact, Christmas wasn’t even the original holiday. It’s derived from a pagan winter solstice celebration!

Image source: TheUnknown135/Reddit

So, in cultures where their only knowledge of Christmas comes from movies and cultural osmosis, it is understandable when they don’t get it right. We hope no one tells that Japanese store that they confused Santa with Jesus, because the imagery is too hilarious.

Be patient

It’s just like they say. The best part is right after the worst part. Although you have to think so much and write down all the presents you want, which seems tedious, but guess what? You’re more likely to get exactly what you wanted!

Image source: Chepko Danil Vitalevich/Shutterstock

There are just so many choices, and on top of that, your parents could have told you to only write down a certain number of things. It’s so difficult! So, consider yourself fortunate if writing down the presents is the worst part for you!

Tone it down!

At a party or any other occasion, when you’re with your gang, there’s always a guy who’s overdressed and a guy who’s underdressed. But, out of the two, the overdressed guy always looks funnier, and this meme is a great example of that.

Image source: philorpheed/imgur

Some people go all out on their celebrations as if they’ve never celebrated a festival before. A good way to tell who these people are is by looking at how they dress for an occasion or how overly decorated their houses are.

Almost there

Although this year wasn’t as bad as 2020, it was surely a hectic one. It’s understandable because although 2020 was difficult, we got a lot of time to rest in the comfort of our homes. Finally, we’ll get to rest for a few days again.

Image source: nunyabizmemes/Instagram

Some of us had mental breakdowns, and some of us had to work while having mental breakdowns, so now is the time we all give ourselves the breaks we deserve. It is now time to keep the work aside and focus on having a good time!